010224 Happy New Year & 20% Off The Entire Store!


Happy New Year!

Thank you to all of you who have emailed, texted, called and come in the store to show your support.  It means the world to me and my amazing staff!

I am still looking for warehouse/storage space for my eBay inventory.  I am looking for about 1,000 square feet with a small office in front.   Thanks for any help!

Here is a photo of what my office and warehouse space looked like in Palm Desert.  Would love to have something similar so that y’all can stop by and visit!

Just so you know, we plan to be open until the end of January.  Our last day will be January 31st.

The sale continues!  20% off until Sunday, January 7th.  Entire store is on sale EXCLUDING Fixtures and the brown sofa in the beachy room that just came in.   NO EXTRA discount on Fixtures:

The Promen Wooden Hangers in the Clothing Store are all for sale at $2 each or you can get 10 for $15.

9′ Christmas Trees are $295each
7′ Christmas Trees are $195 each

I will be pricing more fixtures as we go.

Don’t miss out!  You don’t want what happened to Corner Cabinet Karen to happen to you…….

For those of you who don’t know the Corner Cabinet Karen saga, one of our good customers came back to buy a corner cabinet on the day of it’s markdown and someone else had just bought it!

Once again, here are the details of the closing process for my consignors.

Consignor Instructions
1.)  If you have consigned a large furniture item and it has not sold, you will be contacted in order to arrange pick up, or per your instructions we will donate it to one of the following local charities: Habitat for Humanity or The Boys and Girls Club.
2.) If you have smaller items or wall art, please just come in to pick up your items no later than January 7, 2024.  My staff will do their best to assist you in finding your items.  Please bring BOXES and paper to wrap your items.
3.)  If your small items have not been sold or picked up by January 7, 2024 they will be liquidated at a discounted price.
4.)  If you have consigned clothing and it is still within the 120 day consignment period, you may pick up those items until January 7, 2024.  Once again, my staff will do their best to help you locate your items.
5.) Clothing items not stamped DND that have expired will be donated or liquidated at a discounted price.

6.) For those of you with items that sold over a year ago, your consignor credit has been converted to store credit as per the contract.

Clothing Store Hours
Weds & Thurs  11 to 3
Friday & Sat     11 to 5
Sunday              11 to 3

Main Store Hours
Tues to Sat        11 to 5
Sunday              11 to 3

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time.  Lynn & staff

P.S.  The store is 20% off this week

In this picture from left to right,  Katie, Sandy, Indiana, me, Val, Adolio, Peggy and Mor Mor.

P.P.S  For those of you who don’t live close to Ventura…don’t forget you can shop our store online!