11/23/23 Happy Thanksgiving & A Sale!….Lynn’s Latest #00010


First and foremost….Happy Thankgiving!  I hope that you are having a wonderfully relaxing day with friends and family!

Indiana and I are doing Fit Buddha right now as you read this…Sandy is there with us as well!  We LOVE Fit Buddha 🙂

I am also in Ventura with my mom, my mom’s friend Donna, my daughter Indiana and her friend Larissa. Unfortunately, Houston and Emma are in Wisconsin with Emma’s dad.  I have NEVER spent a Thanksgiving without both of my kids (unless they were overseas)…I don’t like this.

Actually, news flash, their trip got cancelled and we will all be here together!  I am sooooo happy!

Here is a photo of Houston and Indiana from Thanksgiving in 2012….Boy do I miss those days.

Here is the text from that ezine back on 12/12/12….And here is a link if you want to read it all.

But this is what I wrote 11 years ago……”I hope your Thanksgiving was great! Ours was awesome! The kids did all the cooking and I TOTALLY lucked out with one of the best meals EVER!

We had ham (Houston decided to pass on trying a Turkey this year), green bean casserole, scalloped potatoes, Jello & Marshmallow salad, and a Caesar salad made just like the famous tableside Caesar from Hy’s Steakhouse in Vancouver, BC.

Then pumpkin and apple pie. Yum! And what great kids to cook for their mom! I did have to do all the dishes though. ”

Welcome to Lynn’s Latest #00010

Thursday, November 23, 2023
Volume IV  Issue 00010

So the big news for this ezine, is that our Black Friday and Small Business Saturday sale is happening tomorrow and Saturday.  YAY!

Save 10% off storewide and 20% off Annie Sloan, IOD and Redesign with Prima….And save big with items in our make an offer section.

Hope to see you soon!

Time for an eBay score!  I can’t even remember where I bought these…which is strange because I usually can remember.  LOL.  Anyway, probably paid $20 for the pair and sold them for a best offer of over $300.  Yippee Skippeee!

Check out the listing here.

As you know, I have been giving you little snippets of my life in the weekly “New Arrivals” emails, but to recap the last 4 weeks (OMG) I will do some highlights…
My last ezine was on October 19th and right after that a tragedy occurred to the Pepperdine family.

As many of you know, both my kids went to Pepperdine and it has a special place in my heart. On the evening of October 22nd, four Pepperdine students were killed on PCH by a driver who was going over 100 miles per hour. Devastating.

They were four sorority sisters from the Alpha Phi sorority and my heart just breaks for their friends and families.

If you want to read more about the girls, there is a great article about each one in this issue of the Pepperdine Graphic. I believe that reading it helps to honor those who were lost so young and tragically.  Uggghhh.

I promised you more from my Palm Desert trip in late October, so here goes.  I left on Friday morning and dropped Cha Cha off in Long Beach with my friend Marty so he could watch her on his boat.

He has a Portuguese Water Dog named Willy and I watch Willy occasionally, so I figured that it would only be fair for Marty to return the favor.

As I was leaving the pier where his boat was docked, there was this white dog running from the fishing boat to my car.  SHIT!  It was Cha Cha and she had wriggled out of her harness and did NOT want me to leave her.

I was freaking out and wondering if maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.  Marty said that it would be fine and that she just wanted to be with me.  I took a deep breath and drove away.  Fingers crossed.

Willy minds his owner (unlike Cha Cha) so Willy never has to be on a leash.  Marty had the most brilliant idea and tied Cha Cha to Willy for the next three days.  LOL.  I was cracking up.

When I arrived in Palm Desert I was going to have lunch with Tina Burke.  One of my best friends from high school and after 🙂  We were going to meet at Eureka and I was almost in the parking lot when I got a text..”Girlfriend…my country club restaurant is open, let’s meet there”.  OK!  She and her husband Jerry had just bought a home in the Lakes and joined the country club.

No one knew that it was open so we pretty much had the place to ourselves….so much fun.  Two glasses of wine later and we were cracking up and sharing old High School stories.

Palm Desert was a blast.  As usual…I got to eat at my favorite restaurants with my best girl friends.  First night was the Old Spaghetti Factory….LOVE this place from my childhood and growing up in Oregon.  Monmouth, OR where my dad taught at OCE…Oregon College of Education.

Next night was Skip’s Little Bar….the best hamburgers outside of In and Out.  Here are Kel and I at Skips.  Mo hates to be photographed so she is not in the photo!

The Best part of my trip was that I was there for Friday and Saturday Estate Sales.  I bought so much great stuff for eBay and for the store….That is the beautiful part of being in the desert at this time of year.

I typically drive out to the desert on a Saturday morning and miss all the great sales.  I am working on redoing my store schedule to get out there earlier, so I don’t miss the Friday/Saturday sales.   One of the first sales that Mo and I went to was run by Desert Resources and my old friends Nanette & Connie.  OMG.  Such great stuff.  I bought a dinner set and a bunch of Capodimonte which will be in the store this week.  I got it all for about $75  Score!

Here is a photo of my SUV filled up 🙂  I got about 14 sets of flatware and 3 sets of dinnerware this trip.  It was a total success!

I even had time out in the desert to stop by and see my former neighbor, Sandra Klein.  She is always so great to hang out with as she is a department store executive from back in the day when I was at May Company.

In fact, her husband, Alan Klein, was a GMM (General Merchandise Manager) when I was a buyer at May Co Los Angeles.  Small World!  It is always such fun to pick her brain and she has the best ideas for my store.

Here is a photo from a few years back when Emma and I stopped by to see Sandra.

This visit, Sandra told me about her horses that she had back in Michigan.  I got to see the hunt map that hangs on the wall in her garage.  I found it fascinating.  It shows all of the different areas for fox hunting with the names of the spots listed below.

She also has her riding helmet and the bit from one of her horses with the map.  I think I found it so interesting because I would love to ride horses someday.

I left Palm Desert on Monday morning and I drove home through Long Beach to pick up the Cha.  When I got there, Marty had a funny look on his face and said….”I have to tell you what happened”….What the F?

“So you can see how the boat is about 2 to 3 feet from the pier….and Cha Cha needs to jump from one to the other.  Well…..She didn’t make it one time.”

OMG!  Cha Cha hates the water and doesn’t know how to swim.  AND it was about a 20 foot drop.  I was so freaked out I didn’t even ask him how they got her back into the fishing boat.  I watched Marty pick her up and jump with her in his arms onto the dock and  I grabbed her things got her into my car and drove back to Ventura.

I asked Marty to send me a photo of where she fell, but he would not do it.  So here is one that I recreated.  LOL.  But, you get the idea.

As I was driving home, I thought to myself, How did they even get her back on the boat?  Did she hurt herself?  Did she almost die?

I text Marty and asked all the hard questions…LOL.

After all of that drama, let’s check out an eBay score.  Bought this set of flatware in Cathedral City about 3 years ago and paid $125 for the set.  Just sold these 4 forks for a best offer of $160.  Sweet! Now you see why I LOVE stainless flatware.   Check out the listing here.

After returning from the desert it was back to the store and celebrating Halloween.  The first ever Halloween front window was a huge success.  I LOVED all the little kids who came in to see the Monster!

While I was in Palm Desert, Emma (Houston’s girlfriend) and Isabel (Indy’s really good friend and fellow comic) came out to Ventura.  I was so bummed to miss them, but they sent me this cute photo in front of the Halloween window!

In case you were wondering…the Stranger Things Monster sold for 1/2 price at $118 and went to the home of a 5 year old boy named Midnight.  How cool is that?

Next up on my docket, was getting my Casista fixed up.  If you know anything about me…I have to be super busy and always have one major project in the works.  LOL.  Sad, but true!  Sandy calls it “Lynn & her spinning plates” Hahahaha.

First thing to fix on the Casita were the door locks.  My friend Janette, asked her husband Ryan, to come over and install key less locks on both doors.  What a sweetheart!  It was fun to watch!  Thank you Ryan & Janette!

Next up was the Paint Your Own Piece Class.  I think it was a huge success and Flea, Connie, Sendia and Robin all participated.  We should be announcing a new class for December next week.  Watch for the email!

Here is everyone at the class and and if you look closely you can see their before pieces.  Flea has a table to her right, Cindy has a chair (behind her), Robin has a tray and Sendia has a white cabinet.

Here they all are with their after pieces.  I just love what an Annie Sloan transformation can do to revive ANY furniture piece.

Here is one of my favorite Annie Sloan transformations that one of our customers did with her outdated 1970’s oak entertainment center…yuck.  She used Aubusson Blue (one of my favorite colors)!  And what a beauty!

Peggy and Sandy were working on a similar oak transformation for the store.  I LOVE the way this table and chair set turned out.  Unfortunately, I can’t find a before.  But check out the set and then check out a recent post by Annie Sloan herself!  Great minds think alike!

Oh, before I forget….let me interrupt this program for a word from our sponsors 🙂

The store still needs a bunch of stuff, but we are super full right now, this is a wish list for later…..Main Store

Small Mirrors
Matching Table Lamps
Floor Lamps
End Tables
Side Tables
Coffee Tables  (I do have room for coffee tables now)
Cool Garden Pieces
Metal and Wood items

We will eventually need Sofas & Sectionals in very good to excellent condition.

Please text pictures of larger items to my store manager Sandy for pre-approval prior to bringing in.  805-628-6025

For the clothing store….

Larger Size Tops
Designer Purses (have been selling really well so thank you for those!)
Higher end shoes/boots
Fall Colors
Long Sleeves
Knitted Sweaters
Lightweight Jackets..think Fleece & Denim
Ventura LOVES Casual Dressy!

Great Selling Brands: Cabi, Free People, Johnny Was, J Jill, Ann Taylor/Loft, J Crew, Chicos, Eileen Fisher

Hours in Fun Fashions

Weds 11-3
Thurs 11-3
Fri 11-5
Sat 11-5
Sun 11-3

To make an appointment please call or text.
Land Line 805-628-9208
Cell 805-470-6493
Next up was getting Christmas out and up in the store. We had 4 trees hidden way up high in Fun Fashions. Now, that was a challenge to get down. Sandy and I did two of them. Then my friend Rob and Jesse got another two down. Here is that work in progress. FUN FUN FUN!

The two front Christmas Windows are Amazing……if I do say so myself!  I have been hearing such great comments about how fun and festive they are…especially at night when folks drive by.  A little happiness brought to you from Lynn’s Consignments!

OK, so it is finally time for me to finish my Outstanding in the Field story.  I know, I know…many of you have been dying to hear how that traumatic episode ended.  LOL.  Seriously though, I think it was only my mom that was waiting with baited breath for the finale.  Hahahaha.  Here is a link to the beginning of the story if you missed it.

My story ended with us finally getting another place to stay the morning of the OITF (Outstanding in the Field) event.  The actual event was going to start at 2 pm, but Tere had signed us up for an Oyster shucking class and tour of the Hog Island Oyster Company beforehand.  Yay!  It all gets better from here.

We quickly changed and headed out to the venue for the class/tour.  So much fun, Marlin was our guide and he was amazing.  I had no idea that Oysters took so long to grow.  1-3 years if I remember correctly.  Here are a few pics.  The first one is Marlin schooling us on Oysters and the 2nd one is him showing up how they begin to harvest oysters.  So tiny and they harvest millions!

OK, After that part of the tour, we went and saw where they process the oysters.  So fascinating….they put them on a conveyer belt and spin them so that the smallest ones fall out and are not sent for harvest.  Here are Tere and I in front of that and then another photo of Marlin teaching us how to shuck oysters.

I am such a HUGE fan of oysters after this trip.  I will tell you more about that later.  LOL.

Oh crap…forgot to tell you, but Tere had been telling me about this Outstanding in the Field super fan, Diane.  OK…that is cool.  Tell me more.  Apparently, she is a venture capitalist and has a ton of money and so she attends EVER SINGLE Outstanding in the Field that she possibly can.  WTH?  LOVE this!

And she has special hats made for each event.  OMG!  She was at our table for the shucking class and you can see her and her amazing hat in the photo above!  I had a blast getting to know her and here is a photo of her with her oyster hat and a photo of her at one of the OITF events in DC.  Can you even handle those hats?

After the oyster class/tour, Tere and I had to drive up the coast to get gas.  OMG….the adventure never ends.  There were no gas stations in Marshal…like seriously, where in the world were we?  We finally got to the OITF event about 1:30 and it was packed.  Here is the blurb for the actual event.

The lines for oyster ourdourves were out of control.  But we met up with some of our friends from the class there.  It is always a fun time at on of these events.  You make long lasting friends…which seems so weird, but it is true.

Here are some photos of the new friends we made.  LOL!

And the highlight of my day/night was getting this photo with Jim Denevan. He is amazing and is the founder of Outstanding in the Field.

And then there is this photo of Jim and Houston & Emma at the OITF we went to at Hearst Castle back in 2021.

Back in 2020, Sandy and I went to the opening/premier of Jim Denevan’s movie in Santa Barbara.  If you have not seen it…I highly recommend that you do.  Here is a link to learn more about it. 

My mom and I watched it on Tuesday night.  Soooooo good!

I have been to three Outstanding in the Field events so far and can’t wait to go to more, but I have to tell you that the food at this one was beyond amazing.  I will share the menu with you, but just know that everything was perfect….I don’t typically like Cod, but it was phenomenal.  Oh my God…am I becoming a foodie?  I seriously hope not.

After dinner we headed back to out hotel since I would be flying back home first thing in the AM   Tere drove me to the Oakland Airport bright and early!  I grabbed lunch and finished writing my new arrivals email which was the one labeled “Where the F am I?”   That is why you didn’t receive it first thing in the AM.  Lol

I had to change planes in Las Vegas and finally arrived to Santa Barbara at 5 pm.   That had already been a super long day, but there was more to come!

I grabbed an uber and arrived home about 6 pm.  Thank God Sandy had picked up Cha Cha from doggy day care because I really missed that puppy!

Thirty minutes after arriving home I got in another Uber and headed into West Hollywood to see not one, but two of Indy’s comedy shows!

She did her LA Cyclist character which I love!  By the time I got in an uber home it was midnight.  On the way home I got a text from a friend who was having a drink at Gigis and they wanted me to meet them.   So at one am I was having a drink with a friend.  Let’s just say I was dragging that next Friday at work!

I was exhausted and would end up working three days in a row…which can be tough!

A few days later, Indiana came home to get her hair done!  Look how great she looks!  Yay!  Love it when the kids roll out to Ventura…We went out to dinner in downtown Ventura on a Tuesday night and it was dead….just wondering if the lack of parking has something to do with that.  In any event we had a blast!

Next up was Sandy’s Birthday party at the Saloon on Friday, November 17th.  So much fun!  And about 20 people showed up!

From left to right, Cindy, Connie (a consignor), Sendia, Val (Thank God Val showed up because we haven’t seen her in two months), Jesse, Martha, Sandy (The Birthday Girl), Doug, me, Captain Brad, Susan, Steve and Robin…Robin’s husband is out of the frame…sorry!

The second photo is Jeff, me, Steve & Joanne.  Third photo is us at Leashless Brewery to see the band “Top Shelf”.  Such a fun night!  Thanks Sandy for having a birthday!

And then I had Saturday off and I worked Sunday.  Sunday night I had a date and my mom was flying in.  During my date at Brophys, I got a text message that her flight was delayed and she was going to miss her shuttle.  I text Indiana and had her pick up Mor Mor at LAX and get her to their condo in Marina Del Rey so that they could put her in an Uber.  Always an adventure!

But my mom is here for Thanksgiving!  Yay!  And she will be doing gift wrapping and also wrapping up your purchases during your super fun shopping experience for Black Friday and Small Business Saturday.  We really appreciate you shopping with us this Holiday Season!  Thank you!

Here is her wrapping station…..

My Monday after that Friday night was crazy!  I had a work call first thing in the morning and then did Fit Buddha at 12:15 then rushed off to meet Gina Cole, her daughter McKenna and her baby, Desi….OMG!  I am in LOVE with this baby.  Gina, was one of my first friends and consignors at the store.  Whenever I see her, I say…”Gina Cole…Bless my Soul!”.

I was so happy to meet this precious baby and here is a photo of all of us.  Can’t wait to get to see that little guy soon!

After that fun afternoon, my mom and I rushed off to Lure to meet Chris Wade for Happy Hour.   So much fun!  Always love to see Chris when he drives through Ventura.

And now, for what most of you have been waiting for….our new arrivals

1967? Zenith MCM Am/Fm Stereo Console/Record Player $795.00

Pub Height Dining Room Table $395.00

International Concepts Shaker Bookcase Unfinish (Natural) $295.00

Currant Bamboo Six Drawer Dresser $995.00

Dex Upholstered Side Chair Smookey Walnut $95.00 – 4 in stock

Joss &  Main Vegan Leather Bucket Swivel Chair Cream – $395.00

Threshold Stanton Dining Chair White/Neutral $95.00 – 4 in stock

Louisa Abaca Cushioned Seat Dining Chair Mahogany $95.00 – 3pcs available in stock

Fireplace Screen Antique Vintage $195.00

MCM Teak Dining Table w/ 2 Leaves $795.00

MCM Teak Dining Chair $149.50 – 4pcs available

HD Buttercup Grey Button Back Chairs $195.00 – 6 available in stock

Large Driftwood Mirror $179.50

Christmas is coming up, so come by our store for a bunch of cool ornaments. We’ve got a bunch in stock, and here are some of the options available!

Santa Claus in Kayak Christmas Ornament $24.99 – 3 in stock
Santa’s Furry Friends Glass Christmas Ornament $29.99 – 3 in stock

Santa’s Puppy Love Glass Christmas Ornament $26.99 – 2 in stock
Believe Santa Glass Ornament $17.99 – 3 in stock

Chimney Stop Santa Glass Christmas Ornament $21.99 – 5 in stock
Surfer Santa Glass Christmas Ornament $19.99 – 6 in stock

Here are some crafted unique ornaments from recycled magazine pages, each one is a handmade work of art!

Recycled Magazine Love-Heart Ornament $7.95 – 3pcs available
Recycled Cat & Moon Ornament $7.95 each – 4pcs

Recycled Reindeer Ornament $8.95 – 5pcs left
Recycled Pine Tree Ornament $6.95 – 7pcs in stock

Not sure what to gift this Christmas? No worries! Gift certificates got your back. Swing by and snag ’em in 100, 50, 25, and 10 bucks.

Gift Certificate $100.00
Gift Certificate $50.00
Gift Certificate $25.00
Gift Certificate $10.00

As I end this ezine, I just want to say THANK YOU so much for reading these and mentioning it to me in the store or by email.

I LOVE to hear that you enjoy reading these and it makes my day!

Again, thank you all for supporting me, my family and my businesses as I work on expanding….as you know I am building my empire!

eBay with Heart
Decorate with Heart
Dress with Heart

I try and do everything in my life in a big way and with a lot of heart!  Thank you for joining me on this super fun journey.  Take care and we hope to see you soon!

Sandy, Val and me.  Sandy is back in the store, thank goodness!  Val is still out and needs all your prayers and good thoughts for her family.  We miss her!

Thanks for reading my ezines!  I appreciate it….as always!

eBay with Heart, Design with Heart & Dress with Heart………Lynn

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111623 Christmas At The Store & New Arrivals!


It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas….. at Lynn’s!  Super fun and festive…come in and check us out!  Our two front windows are now both decorated in the spirit.  The neighborhood kids are LOVING it!

Bring in your little ones for some early Christmas magic and bring in your furry friends for doggy treats.  We LOVE dogs & kids at Lynn’s.

It has been a group effort to get the 2nd Christmas window done.  Sandy, Susan and I all worked on it and then late yesterday, I had Martha come up from Fun Fashions to try her hand at it.  Martha has never worked in the main store before.  Cross Training at it’s finest!

Last week’s newsletter with new arrivals got A LOT of comments.  If you missed it, you can read it here.

People seemed to love my Airbnb adventures….Check out some of  the comments.

“Oh Lynn, I love reading about your adventures!  You remind me a bit of myself. My daughter says ‘I can’t take my mom anywhere without there being a story to tell.’  I love people and so love to converse and you do too. We are meant for fun and adventures, even a trip to the Trader Joe’s can be a hoot. I love how it turned for you.  Keep having fun adventures!  Love, Judy”

“I’m so happy you weren’t shot at!  Scary and funny at the same time.  The evening has me in suspense!  Looked gorgeous and the weather was perfect !  XO  Robin”

“OMG! Only you could handle a crazy adventure like that! Ha Ha Glad it turned out okay. Emoji Val”

And my favorite one…which had me laughing out loud.

“Crazy story Lynn.  I’m going to read it to my husband tonight instead of watching an adventure film!  I have never tried these funky b&b places.  I bet you’d be willing to do it all over again (not?)….Rosemary”

And then this classic one from my mom, who is flying in for Thanksgiving on Sunday.  Can you believe it is almost Thanksgiving?

“Thanx for getting me the link to the ezine!!!  That is really one for the books!! Can’t wait for the ‘rest of the story’!!  Mor Mor”

And you would think that my mom could just come straight to the source and ask me how it turned out…LOL!  But she would much rather read it with pictures.  The end of the story will be in the full length ezine coming out on Thanksgiving for your reading enjoyment.  Hahaha!

And here is a photo from that crazy adventure!

I have so much more to tell you about my crazy fun life, but it will have to wait for the full blown ezine next week.

But for now, Indy came home this past Tuesday to get her hair done and we had a fun night out in Ventura.  Love seeing my kids!  Look how great her hair looks in the 2nd photo…

And now for some new arrivals!   Y’all have been wanting me to sell the pink Christmas tree and I have finally decided to let it go!

Vintage Pink Christmas Tree $75.00

Harstine Leather Sofa Camel (Brown) $895.00

Wine Rack $195.00

Three Piece Annie Sloan Painted Table Set $295.00

White Dresser with May’s Roses IOD Transfer $295.00

Rusty Metal Pirate Ship $125.00

Sphere Hanging Lamp $695.00

Phoebe Palmer Red Guitar $195.00

Kennedy Print $165.00

Red Poppy Artwork/Collage $29.70

Framed Vanity Fair Print Nymphs  May 1926 $49.50

Hearth and Hand Round Shaker Drink Side Table Black Rubberwood $49.95

Mermaid Wall Hooks $26.50

Oregon Accent Chair Antique Espresso $115.00 – 2 available in stock

Lagoon Toppy Stackable Dining Chair White $59.50 – 2 qty in stock

Get into the holiday mood with these festive cocktail napkins for only $5.95 each!

Blitzed Christmas Cocktail Napkins
Christmas Calories Cocktail Napkins

It’s Worth a Shot Cocktail Napkin
Never Too Late Cocktail Napkin

Instead of Gifts Christmas Napkins
Love You to the North Pole Christmas Napkins

Check out more Shannon Martin Design Christmas Napkins by clicking on this link.

Thanks for checking out our new arrivals!

Remember to drop by our store or browse our website. We’ll keep you posted with more cool things, and as usual, we really appreciate your ongoing support!

Shop LOCAL!!!  It hasn’t been easy for small businesses this past year and we really appreciate you…..

Sandy, Val & me

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110923 Where The Fuck Am I & New Arrivals!


Howdy!  OK, I am writing this ezine from Marshall, CA.  Who even knows or cares where Marshall, California is?  I certainly did not, until Tuesday.  Rewind….Let’s start this story at the beginning.

On Monday, I got a text from one of my favorite customers, Tere Cruz, asking me to call her.  If you remember the Outstanding in the Field event that I went to this past May in Rincon, Tere & her sister Tina, were the ones hosting it and it was off the charts!  If you want to read more about it, you can here.

When I got home from Fit Buddha, I gave her a call.  Long story short, she had tickets to another Outstanding in the Field Event in Marshall, CA at the Hog Island Oyster Company that her sister, Tina, was unable to attend.  She invited me!!!!  Short notice, but I was going to make it work!

Thank you Sandy & everyone else for filling in for me at the store, thank you “Send Rover on Over” for taking Cha Cha and thank you David for watching the Los (aka Carlos).

Here is a shot of Tina, Tere, me and Chris at the OITF event this past May.

I couldn’t miss that much time out of the store (tis the season you know), so I decided to ride up to No Cal with Tere and then fly home after the event on Thursday.

She picked me up on Tuesday morning at 9 am and off we went.  It was going to be 6 hours to Marin County and then another hour or so to Marshall.  The first part of the trip was uneventful…but just you wait.  It got CRAZY!

We arrived in Marin right at the 6 hour mark….3 pm and proceeded to the Cantina for an early dinner.  So much fun, great food and I got to meet Juan Carlos.  LOL.  Such a cutie!

Then we headed up the back roads to Marshall….OMG…where were we?  So crazy. Winding roads, no street lights and no houses for miles.  I had NO idea that there was this much unspoiled land in California.  It was a trip!  We arrived in Marshall at 5 pm.

This is where the story gets CRAZY….we had the address to the Airbnb that Tere had rented, but no code to enter.  OK…small problem, but we could handle it…NOT!

We found the property and it was darling.  Right on the water.  But it had a keyless entry and we had no code.  No cell service either.  This was about 5 pm.  We rang the next door neighbors “ring bell” and asked her if she had the code.  NO!

We finally found some cell service and called the manager of the property.  He gave me the code!  I said, “stay on the phone to make sure it works”.  It did NOT.

I was then explaining to him about the keyless entry and he said “NO, it is an old school lock box with a real key on a hook under an abalone shell by the gate”.  WTF?  I can’t make this shit up.

I finally said, “What is the address?” It was NOT the address where we were apparently trying to break in.  LOL.  Keep in mind that it is now about 7:30 pm.  OMG!

We got the correct address and off we went.  Could not find the correct address & had no cell or internet service and stopped at the cutest restaurant, Nick’s Cove, to get in touch with the owner AGAIN.

He pointed us in the right direction and here is house #2 that we tried to break into….which also turned out to be the wrong address again.  OMG…Calgon take me away as my sister would have said.

Poor Tere driving in the dark and having to turn around on super skinny gravel roads with the ocean literally to our right.  It was pitch black and we did hit a few things….succulents and a shed.  LOL…not funny!

Then we remembered what the owner had told us.  That the lock box was under an abalone shell.  As we were turning around for the tenth time, we spotted an abalone shell on a different house and thought that must be it.  This time Tere tried the code for the lock box and it didn’t work, but the door was open.  We almost went in, but thought better of it!  Here is House #3.

Then we rechecked the correct address, got out a flashlight and finally found the house with the abolone shell and the key underneath.  Score!  Or so we thought.

Unlocked the door and went in and it was super creepy.  Dirty towels all over the bathroom, sheets on the floor, beds not made and it freaked me out.  There was no way we could stay there.

Here is a photo of that property in the daylight and the abalone shell.  Apparently, everyone in Marshall hides their keys and key lock boxes under abalone shells.  Hahaha.

By now it is about 9 pm and we had been looking for our airbnb for 4 hours.   Hahaha.

So we headed back to Nicks at the Cove to regroup. Thank God both Tere and I have a sense of humor.  I labeled this trip CFS…or Can’t find Shit.

Thank God even though Nicks was closed they let us order two chardonnays.

It turned out that Nicks had lodging and we got the last available cottage for the night.  It was amazing!  Silver Lining.

The next day was the Outstanding in the Field event (that I haven’t even talked about yet) LOL….We had decided to spend another night at Nick’s, but unfortunately they were sold out!  Of course!

They told us about the Lodge at Marconi that may have rooms so Tere tried to call and make a reservation.  Cell phone service was non existent. So we packed up early and drove up the road to find a room.  Such the adventure!

Here is our 6th and final lodging option.  OMG!

I can’t wait to tell you more about the Oyster tour & class we took…we learned how to shuck oysters and the amazing dinner later that night.  It will have to wait for my next ezine as I am worn out just telling you about the first day in No Cal.  LOL.

But I will leave you with this amazing shot of the OITF table set up.

.And this photo of me, Tere and some of our new friends!

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