012324 The Store Is Now 30% Off….See You Soon!


The store is getting empty….crazy, but true!  We still have a few more things from storage coming in this week, so don’t forget to stop by.

Thank you to all of our wonderful customers and consignors for making this such a great experience.  Me and my incredible staff are going to miss y’all very much!

Check out this shot from the back of the store.  Amazing!

And, good things are coming.  Moving the business back online is going to allow me more time to focus on new ideas and businesses.  Sandy, Val and I have been brainstorming ways to keep the Lynn’s Consignment store shopping experience alive for you without having to own a brick & mortar.

There are more details about our plans going forward in the ezine from last Thursday.  If you missed it, you can read it here. 

Here is a photo of the store back in 2018 before we opened.

We have made the decision to be open until at least February 11th, but we may stretch it to February 25th.  Please watch for my emails with more info.

When my grandmother passed away and we decided to close her store after 50 years, we had no idea how long the liquidation would take.  It ended up taking 2 full years and we closed on the 2nd anniversary of her passing, August 2nd, 2002.  This is NOT going to take that long, but I appreciate you all being flexible with us as we navigate this closing.

My grandmother always told me that the antiques/collectibles business was cyclical.  An example, maybe oak and Asian antiques aren’t popular today, but they will be again.  I also believe that retail is cyclical, and right now is not the best time for brick & mortars.  Hopefully, it will swing back that way in the near future, but for now (just like we did 22 years ago), my business is moving back online.

The sale continues!  30% off until Sunday, January 28th.  Entire store is on sale EXCLUDING FixturesNO EXTRA discount on Fixtures:

The Promen Wooden Hangers in the Clothing Store are all for sale at $2 each or you can get 10 for $15.

There is one 7′ Christmas tree left at $95.

I will be pricing more fixtures as we go.
Don’t miss out!  You don’t want what happened to Corner Cabinet Karen to happen to you…….

For those of you who don’t know the Corner Cabinet Karen saga, one of our good customers came back to buy a corner cabinet on the day of it’s markdown and someone else had just bought it!

In happy news, Jo Dallas will be flying in on January 28th to help with the store.  Can’t wait to see my friend!  Kathy, why aren’t you coming to visit?  LOL!

Once again, here are the details of the closing process for my consignors.

Consignor Instructions
1.)  If you have consigned a large furniture item and it has not sold by our closing date, you will be responsible to pick it up, or per your instructions we will donate it to one of the following local charities: Habitat for Humanity or The Boys and Girls Club.
2.)  If your small items or clothing have not been sold or picked up they will be liquidated at a discounted price.

3.) For those of you with items that sold over a year ago, your consignor credit has been converted to store credit as per the contract.

Clothing Store Hours
Weds & Thurs  11 to 3
Friday & Sat     11 to 5
Sunday              11 to 3

Main Store Hours
Tues to Sat        11 to 5
Sunday              11 to 3

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time.  Lynn & staff

P.S.  The store is 30% off this week

In this picture from left to right,  Katie, Sandy, Indiana, me, Val, Adolio, Peggy and Mor Mor.

P.P.S  For those of you who don’t live close to Ventura…don’t forget you can shop our store online!