012524 Today Would Have Been Cheryl Leaf’s 112th Birthday…30% Off & New Arrivals!


Happy Thursday! Today would have been my grandmother’s 112th birthday…isn’t that crazy?

She was such an inspiration to me and really helped me become the entrepreneur that I am today. Thank you Cheryl Leaf!

In honor of her, let’s share a few fun stories. This one is from my 3rd 100 Best Book…”Kaching” and it is about a nutcracker.

OK, in the envelope with that note she wrote me (“a little something for your Lincoln collection”) she had enclosed a $5 bill because Abraham Lincoln is on that currency.

For those of you who don’t remember, when I was 8 years old she asked me who my favorite president was and I said “Lincoln”.  That is the day my “Lincoln” collection was born..not by my choice…LOL.

From that day forward, all I got for Christmas and Birthdays, were Abraham Lincoln items.  Just kidding….she gave me other things, but too many Lincoln items so that at one point I wanted to say “no more”, but did not want to hurt her feelings.

Oh, and by the way I should have said that Grant was my favorite president…at least then I would have gotten $50 bills in every letter.  Hahaha…probably not!

Circling back to the story of my grandmother’s kitchen, I just found the cutest photo of my grandma teaching me and my brother Lee to bake in that very kitchen that smelled like love.

Here is another fun story about some Heath Pottery and my Abuela.  I called her many things….G, Abuela, Weird (I love unique & weird people and she loved it when I called her that :)) and Grandma.

My grandma was waaaaaay ahead of her time, so smart, kind, funny and beautiful.  I miss her every day.

This story is from my 2nd 100 Best Book, “Money Making Madness”.

And now, for what most of you have been waiting for….our new arrivals! Don’t miss out on these must-haves!  AND remember EVERYTHING in the store is 30% off through Sunday!

Naomi Home Perry Modern Sectional Sofa With Storage Cream White $395.00

Grimur Oval Solid Wood Dining Table Brown $1195.00

Bailes Living Room Loveseat Light Mocha $495.00

Bailes Living Room Chair Light Mocha $249.50 each – 2 pcs in stock!

Nobel House Rattler Teak Wood Wicker Outdoor Lounge Chair With Cushions Teak/Beige $195.00

Handy Living Fabric 3-Seat Full Size Convert a Couch Sofa Bed Blue $445.00

Project 62 Welton Arm Chair Navy Blue/Black Metal Velvet $195.00

Timeless Home Brass Modern Soft Corner Rectangle Wall Mirror $145.00

ALSO, we will be open until at least February 22nd. I won’t close the doors for good until the evening of March 1st…when we have our closing party on what would have been my dad’s 90th birthday.!

We may not be open to the public those final few days as we pack and clean, but again playing it by ear. Please mark your calendars for the big bash final party on March 1st starting sometime around 1 pm.

Once again, here are the details of the closing process for my consignors.

Consignor Instructions

1.) If you have consigned a large furniture item and it has not sold by our closing date, you will be responsible to pick it up, or per your instructions we will donate it to one of the following local charities: Habitat for Humanity or The Boys and Girls Club.

2.)  If your small items or clothing have not been sold or picked up they will be liquidated at a discounted price.

3.) For those of you with items that sold over a year ago, your consignor credit has been converted to store credit as per the contract.

Clothing Store Hours
Weds & Thurs  11 to 3
Friday & Sat     11 to 5
Sunday              11 to 3

Main Store Hours
Tues to Sat 11 to 5
Sunday 11 to 3

So today is also my good friend, Marc Kettle’s (Fit Buddha) birthday and he is probably going to kill me for this. However, this awesome throw back photo of us from our days back at USC showed up in my Time Hop from 3 years ago when my sorority sister Annie sent it to me. Happy Birthday Marc! Marc is on the left, then one of my sorority sisters Amy, me and then Greg Rutkin, who Marc thinks was one of his fraternity brothers. I am not so sure.

And again, in honor of my grandma’s birthday today, here are two of my favorite photos of us.  Me getting my first perm from her when we lived in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.   We loved to laugh together!  Miss you G!

I almost forgot, Sendia and I completely gutted one of the Christmas Windows today and did an entirely new window display.  I am exhausted….but come in and see it…so fun!

Feeling grateful for all the support from our incredible community as we embark on this new chapter! Thank you for your patience and understanding during these challenging times. ❤️

Some of my awesome crew…from left to right Sendia, Robin, Pamela Cole, Me, Martha, Indiana, Candy, Houston, Emma, Leslie Arntzen, Kathy Rutan, Jo Dallas, Val, Mor Mor, Peggy and Mary. OK, maybe that wasn’t exactly left to right, but you get the idea! See you soon!

Oh Crap…Forgot Cha Cha & Grandpa!

Thanks for reading my ezines!  I appreciate it….as always!

eBay with Heart, Design with Heart & Dress with Heart………Lynn

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