021324 We Got Our Miracle On Main Street…..& 40% Off Again This Week


The past two months have been a roller coaster.  The decision to close the store was a very difficult one to make.  And the gravity of this decision has weighed heavily on myself and my incredible staff.  I am so grateful for the amazing COMMUNITY we’ve managed to build with y’all over these past 6 years on Main Street.

Throughout the liquidation process, amidst countless tearful exchanges between us at Lynn’s and our beloved customers and consignors, we can’t escape the simple truth that we LOVE this COMMUNITY far too much to just let it go.  That said, some things need to be tweaked, simplified, and in some ways changed to affect the bottom line.  As we have continued to strip things down around here, we’ve learned so much, and have gotten such great input from all of you.
Long story short….I am pleased to announce that we have chosen to stay open and explore a new business model!  Some things will be different, but our commitment to exemplary customer service, and community will never change, so don’t worry…everyone will still continue to win when they shop at Lynn’s… just in new and exciting ways.

Thank you Ventura for this MIRACLE!

We are going to need your continued support to help make our new beginning a success!  We are looking for the following items for consignment starting on Tuesday, February 20th…

Please text photos of larger items to me at 760-880-3535.  We will be asking all consignors to make an appointment.  Watch for appointment times in my next email on Thursday.

Pairs of Table Lamps
Floor Lamps
Area Rugs in Great Condition
Sofas and Sectionals
Wood Items
Metal Items
Night Stands
End Tables
Coffee Tables
Dining Room Tables
Outdoor Furniture
Wall Art

We plan to take in new items the week of February 20th and close the doors on Sunday, February 25th (as originally planned) but this time, we will reopen with a whole new fresh look on Friday, March 1st! Our 6th Anniversary. It will be a PARTY and celebration! Can’t wait to see you all under happy circumstances.
Before I get into more details about what is happening to the store, Corner Cabinet Karen strikes again. For those of you who don’t remember the Corner Cabinet Karen saga, one of our good customers came back to buy a corner cabinet on the day of it’s markdown and someone else had just bought it!
This past weekend it happened to her again!  She had seen this stool in my weekly email and came into buy it, but when she rounded the corner, someone was already sitting on it and had decided to buy it!

Green Stool $49.50

Moral of the story….and as my grandmother always said…”The time to buy it is when you see it”.  Here is Corner Cabinet Karen with the proud new owner of “what should have been” her stool.
The store is going to remain at 40% off (10% off on Baggu) for in store shopping only for this week ending on Sunday, February 18th.  We want to continue to clear out the store to make room for new and exciting inventory.  Thank you so much for your patience and understanding during this transition.

There will be no more storewide sales going forward after 2/18 as we transition back into “business as UNUSUAL—gotta mix it up” so if you have your eye on something…Now is the time to buy it!

Here are some sneak peaks at the new Baggu that came in last week.

3D Zip Set Orange Trees $36.00
3D Zip Set Gingham $36.00

AGAIN, we will be open until February 25th, a Sunday.   Then the doors will close for a revamp and we won’t open again, until Friday, March 1st at 11 am for our big reveal and party and to celebrate 6 years in business!

I am thinking about providing the beverages, but may ask y’all to bring one of your favorite dishes and we will make it a potluck?  Thoughts!

Store Hours
Tues to Sat        11 to 5
Sunday              11 to 3

Check out this Charcuterie board that my friend Kimberly did for us last year.    I don’t think a potluck can rival that, but who knows?  Ventura has the best people in the world!

Feeling grateful and a little bit overwhelmed with the decision to stay open.  I know it is the right decision, but it is going to require a tremendous amount of work.  I have called on the cavalry and I think I am going to have some extra hands soon.  Thank you again for all of the love & support…..Let’s do this!

Had a fun night out with my friend Janette and her husband Ryan this past Friday night.  My friends have been amazing with their advice, insight, ideas and support these past few months.  Thank you all!  You KNOW who you are!

Some of my awesome crew…from left to right Sendia, Robin, Pamela Cole, Me, Martha, Indiana, Candy, Houston, Emma, Leslie Arntzen, Kathy Rutan, Jo Dallas, Val, Mor Mor, Peggy and Mary.  OK, maybe that wasn’t exactly left to right, but you get the idea!  See you soon!

Oh Crap…Forgot Cha Cha & Grandpa!

Thanks for reading my ezines!  I appreciate it….as always!

eBay with Heart, Design with Heart & Dress with Heart………Lynn

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