03/01/23 It’s Party Time!…. & A New Ezine Lynn’s Latest #0002


Today is the day and I hope you will stop by and say Hi! Our 5 year anniversary is taking place today, Wednesday, March 1st. Can you believe it? I certainly can not!

Please join us today for food, drinks and door prizes. My mom is in town as well as my high school friends, Jo Dallas, Kathy Rutan and Leslie Arntzen.

We promise a good time will be had by all!

My good friend, Kimberly Wallace is driving up from Huntington Beach to take photos and my kids actually arrived last night! Houston, Indiana, Emma & Grandpa are in the house! All 8 of us went out to dinner last night….what a hoot! Minnesota? Kathy Rutan you are crazy!

Welcome to Lynn’s Latest #0002…
Wednesday, March 1st, 2023

I used to tell you what day to watch for it…but I have decided to be realistic…it will be there whenever it shows up. Hahaha!
Volume IV Issue 0002

The store still needs a bunch of stuff….I want to continue to do a mirror wall (it turned out super cute and we have been selling tons) and now want to add a clock wall. So, we need

Matching Table Lamps
Floor Lamps
End Tables
Side Tables
Coffee Tables

We really need Sofas & Sectionals in very good to excellent condition.

Please text pictures of larger items to my store manager Sandy for pre-approval prior to bringing in. 805-628-6025

Also, still need orange and yellow for the front windows!

And, artwork is selling like crazy from our newly updated walls. Please bring us some fun pieces!

Here is how the front yellow window looks so far.

February was another crazy month, so where to begin?  I think I should start with an eBay score…what do you think?

Bought this letterman’s jacket at a thrift store in Palm Desert for $20.  Sold it earlier this month for a best offer of $150.  Crazy!  Right?  Check out the original listing here.

Talking about selling clothes, leads me to the clothing store.  We are in desperate need of FUNKY clothes.  We have a lot of great staple type clothing basics, but we need STYLE!!!!  Fun Fashions needs some fun clothes.  Please go through your closets and bring us your funky fashions in excellent condition.

Here are some ideas for you.  Think BOUTIQUE and unique one of a kind items that you can’t find anywhere else.  We want to help you stand out!

We have opened up some appointments on days the clothing store is closed…..

This Wednesday, March 1st from 11 to 2
This Thursday, March 2nd from 11 to 2

Please call or text us for an appointment….

Main Store Phone 805-628-3289
Fun Fashions Land Line  805-628-9208
Fun Fashions Cell 805-470-6493

So February was a pretty fun month (as usual).  LOL.  Sandy had tickets to see a Prince tribute band and invited me at the beginning of the month.  I am not a huge Prince fan, but still thought it may be fun.  I was pleasantly surprised.

However, it is always hard to leave the Cha when I go out at night.  Check out this super cute photo of her wondering where I am going.

In my time hop earlier this month, up came this memory.  Ughhhh.  It was 11 years ago.  I had left Hospice House in Bellingham (where my sister was waiting to die) and went on a walk around the neighbourhood.

I ended up at my high school, Sehome, right above the hospice house.  I took a picture of the trophy case in the gym.  Seeing this again, brought back so many memories.  Especially, since I have been working on writing 3 different novels and one is about a Hospice House.  More about that later.

So for those of you who have been reading my weekly “new arrival” newsletters every Thursday you may already know that I had my huge tree trimmed recently.  It wasn’t cheap, but man was it worth it.  That Jacaranda tree has been ruining my outdoor furniture….ughhh

All Sunbrella cushions and very nice, but with that sap from the tree I can’t even get it clean.  Does anyone know how to clean it?

I only got to see one of Indy’s shows this month.  She is taking a small break from stand up to focus on her Groundlings courses which I think is a fantastic idea.  She has passed the beginning course and has taken the intermediate class once already.  If you don’t pass the classes, you are out of the Groundling trak, so it is very serious.

It is her goal to be a Groundling troup member someday and her intermediate course instructor told her he could have passed her, but it would be beneficial to take it again.  And then he asked her how old she was, and when she told him 23, he said “OMG you are a baby…take your time.”

Here are the bunch of us after her February 9th show.

The next day, I took Val and Sandy out for happy hour at Aloha Steakhouse for a mini work meeting.  Always something going on!

The next day was going to be a sad one.  We were going to be attending a funeral for one of our first consignor’s wife, Cara Kuzma.  George Kuzma came in and brought us consignments before anyone else.  He is consignor #9 which tells you how early he found us.  But, actually he didn’t find us, his wife Cara had read about it in the paper and sent him in.  We love George & Kara.  She battled cancer for 8 years. So sad!

Here is a picture of George when he first came into the store and a picture of the doves that they let go after Cara’s service.

After Cara’s service, Val had invited us to her friend Kenny’s party.   Ken lives in a converted warehouse by the fairgrounds and I had always wanted to see his place.  It is super awesome!  It was nice to attend a fun party after the somber event of the morning.

It is time for an eBay score, don’t you think? I am going into the archives for this one.  Back to 2003 and one of my all time greatest finds.

 I just wanted to remind you about our clothing store!   If you missed the email saying what we are looking for in clothingplease read it here before you come in.  Thanks!

A new change, we will be taking 10 of your items so please bring your best ones!

And just to reiterate….AND in great news.  If you are a clothing consignor we have extended the term to 120 days and if we are still showing your items and they have not been donated…you will receive money for them!  We want to be more than fair and soooooo appreciate all of your consignments!

Wanted…SPRING Items….think early spring…as we transition here in Ventura!

Call or text the girls to set up an appointment Two appointments per day at 11:30 and 1:30.  Thanks!

Land Line  805-628-9208
Cell Phone  805-470-6493

Remember the clothing store is open Friday and Saturday from 11 to 5 and Sundays from 11 to 3.

I just hired the company that did my Fun Home Furnishings website to do the Fun Fashions website.  So with some time, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will be driving more traffic into the store and hopefully we can open back up 6 days a week.  Fingers crossed!

In the meantime, if you have any testimonials regarding the clothing store or some fun anecdotes, I would really appreciate getting those.  In fact, I would love any testimonials or fun stories about the main store as well.  Thank you in advance!

Check out how the clothing boutique looked exactly 1 year ago today as we were getting ready for the grand opening the next morning.  Can’t believe it has already been a year!

Saturday, February 18th I was headed out to Palm Desert for the Presiden’t Day Holiday.  This time I wasn’t going to be working very much and was going to spend two full days with my besties.  Yay!

I arrived around 1 pm on Saturday and hit some thrift stores.  I had plans at 3:30 to meet my former neighbor Sandra at her house for “French Boy” cocktails and to catch up.  As I walked into the Eisenhower thrift store on 111, a man chased me up the stairs.  He comes up to me and says “Are you Meghan Trainor”?  LOL…No!  But I will take it since she is 29 years old.  I had just had my hair done and apparently it looked like Meghan’s hair.  You be the judge.  hahahaha.

After thrift stores, I headed to Sandras to catch up.  Sandra is an amazing businesswoman and mentor.  She has been helping me with my three novels and is a great sounding board.  I have three in progress, one is “The Girl in Room 13” about my sister’s time in hospice.  Another one is about my 30 years on & off with the love of my life, Peter, and the 3rd one is loosely based on one of my girlfriend’s crazy life and 4 marriages.

Sandra liked the Peter one best, but I really feel drawn to the Hospice one especially since I started writing that one 11 years ago when my sister Kiki was actually in hospice. So we flushed out an outline and came up with some chapter ideas. I am really excited to get going on it again once the Anniversary festivities are over. I left Sandra’s feeling motivated! I always bring Sandra flowers or a plant and this time I took her white roses. Who doesn’t like white roses?

The next day was brunch with my girls at Le Vallauris. Always a super fun time. We drank champagne all day and then headed out to a rooftop bar. Then Candy got a wild hair and decided we needed to walk to Melvyns. What the heck! It was a long night, but fun!

The next day was the hockey game.  How cool is that Palm Desert has a hockey arena and a hockey team?  We saw so many people we knew and it was a blast.  I walked in with a vodka drink in a plastic cup and security said “Is that water?” and I said “of course”.

Then the security gal came up to me and said, “I need to smell that”. Oh shit…I was a little worried, but she smelled it and said “Yes, it is water.” Hahahaha…..Mo just looked at me and rolled her eyes and said “Only you”

I headed back home to Palm Desert on Tuesday morning and grabbed Cha Cha from Carpinteria and then went to work.  This really cute couple came in from Chicago and decided they wanted to buy some of my cool artwork that we put up for the film crew.

They settled on a funky Mid Century piece of yellow art.  I bubble-wrapped it for them and they were going to carry it on Southwest Air back to Chicago.  So fun!  Spreading California sunshine from coast to coast!

That Thursday after I got back home from the desert my mom was flying in for the anniversary party.  Yikes!  I drove into LAX to pick her up since it is too hard on her to have to take the shuttle.  I tried to make it back home in town for Fit Buddha at 12:15 but it was a rainy day and there was no way I was going to make it.

I text Indy and said, “Are you working today”?  She is a barista in training at Cafe Luxxe and my mom and I really wanted to visit her at work.  She was working, but not until 12:45.  So we had an hour to waste.  Since Indy was working in the Palisades,  I figured we could grab some lunch at Gladstones, but I had brought Cha Cha with me for the drive to the airport so wasn’t sure how this was all going to work.   And it was raining and freezing and I didn’t want to sit outside.

Here is Cha Cha at LAX…she wanted to make friends with EVERYONE!  And here is one of Indy’s practice pours.  Pretty darn awesome!

As we were driving towards Gladstones, I said “Chin Chins” to my mom.  She couldn’t have agreed faster!  We LOVE Chin Chin’s Chinese Chicken Salad and I hadn’t had one in a few years.  The Brentwood location (was directly in front of my old apartment building on Dorothy St.) and right on the way to the Palisades.  I figured we could leave Cha Cha in the car for an hour so off we went.  Score!

I have been going to that restaurant since I moved to Brentwood back in 1985 after USC.  Crazy!

After lunch we headed into the Palisades to find Cafe Luxxe.  I have never visited Indy at work before so it was a fun treat.  And she got to make her grandma (Mor Mor) some coffee with LOVE!

Speaking about making food with love, I can’t wait for our party today!  My friend Kimberly (who is also our photographer) is also putting together one of her world-famous Charcuterie Boards for the festivities.  You won’t want to  miss this!  Can you believe how gorgeous this one is?

Then on Saturday, Jo Dallas flew in to Burbank.  Thank God she took an uber to Ventura.  This driving to airports is getting exhausting!  Jo and I worked in the store on Saturday and then Sunday I had a date in Westlake Village.  So I dropped off my mom & Jo at a restaurant and I went to meet my date at a different restaurant on the Lake.  Stealth.  And a very interesting day!

The next night we went out to an Italian restaurant in Pierpont with Sandy.  I am exhausted and the 5 year celebration hasn’t even begun!  LOL.

So for those of you who don’t know about our new neighbors, let me tell you something!  Zach and his wife Ashley own Edenic Smoothies and have operated out of a food bus for the past year or so.  They decided to open a retail location and Zach came in to ask me about the space right next door to my shop about 6 months ago.

I immediately liked these kids and loved their vision. When he was talking about a grand opening day, I suggested March 1st (since that is always a big day for us) our anniversary and my dad’s birthday. And guess what? They are having their grand opening today as well! So excited for them. Stop in and show them some love. They open at 7:30 am today and will be there until 2:30.

Before I get into new arrivals, I do want to share one of my favourite photos of my dad on what should have been his 89th birthday. This photo was taken right before his 75th birthday when we flew up and surprised him. Happy Birthday Wayne Dralle!

And now for some new arrivals….- the Devon & Claire: Berrone Leather Armchair Camel Nailhead Trim! Grab it now for just $556.00!

Feeling blue? Brighten up your day with the Yaheetech Arm Chair Blue! This chair is the perfect addition to your home, adding a pop of colour and comfort. But hurry – there are only 2 left! Get yours now for just $79.50 each.

This Crate & Barrel Media Console is in perfect condition and priced at only $595.00.

Vintage Steiff Replica 1953 Jackie Teddy Bear $99.50

Baxton Kimberly Mid Century Modern Dining Chair Brown/Walnut $115.00

Acme Furniture Table Base Chrome $495.00

Perfect for storage or as a decorative piece, this pottery is gorgeous.

Lidded Talavera Pottery With Handles

Large Window Box Planter with Vines and Birds $69.50

Relive your childhood memories with this collector’s item! Get it for only $125.00.

Steiff 1985 Suzanne Gibson Limited Edition Goldilocks and the 3 Three Bears

And if my life couldn’t get any crazier, the Friday after our anniversary party, I am driving to Vegas for a few days with my high school besties. OMG! I am already exhausted, think I may have bronchitis, but am still going. To commemorate the trip, I am sharing the craziest photo of Emma in Vegas with Houston from last October. She is playing Roulette, but her hand looks super large, long and strange!

Thank you all for supporting me, my family and my businesses as I work on expanding….as you know I am building my empire!

eBay with Heart
Decorate with Heart
Dress with Heart

I try and do everything in my life in a big way and with a lot of heart!  Thank you for joining me on this super fun journey.  Take care and we hope to see you soon!  Some of my current & former crew!  From left to right, Shawnna, Kailen, me, Houston, Peggy, Indiana, Mor Mor, Candy, Val, Susan, Cindy and Jo Dallas!  We appreciate y’all so much!

Thanks for reading my ezines!  I appreciate it….as always!

eBay with Heart, Design with Heart & Dress with Heart………Lynn

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