031424 St Patricks Sale 20% Off, Carlos Almost Died Ughh & New Arrivals!

Happy Thursday!  Our St. Pats Day Sale starts today at 11 am and goes until 3 pm on Sunday, March 17th.  20% off the entire store!  In Person ONLY….

Save some Green this Weekend!  We appreciate you Ventura and want to offer you some shamrockin deals!  LOL  Corny, I know!

Check out this picture from back in 2021..One of my favorite green vignettes EVER!  That I did with Indiana and Cha Cha!  LOL 🙂

I was out in Palm Desert this past weekend getting stuff for eBay and the store.  Cha Cha was up in Carp, and I had a neighbor take care of Carlos.  They didn’t feel comfortable turning off the security to get into my home, so I had her feed Carlos on the deck outside.

I left on Friday morning and Indiana was still at the house and locked up and left around noon.  My neighbor told me when I was driving home that she hadn’t seen Carlos, but the food disappeared so we thought everything was OK.

I arrived home on Monday and I heard Carlos trying to get out of Indiana’s room.  OMG!  When Indy left she didn’t realize that he was asleep under her bed and she shut her door.  CRAP!

Three days without food and water and I was freaking out.  Thank GOD Indy had left a large glass of water on her desk.  He is a smart, scrappy little cat and figured out how to drink most of it.  If not, he would have most likely died of dehydration.

I am beside myself and will NEVER let someone just feed him outside again. I have been apologizing to this special little kitty nonstop. He is just fine and soooooo happy to have his freedom and food again. What a scare!

This cat really does have 9 lives. Remember him getting chased up the tree last year and being rescued by the fire department?

I am so excited to announce that I have rescheduled the eBay class.  This is a short 4 hour class and you will leave with an item or 2  listed on eBay.  You will also learn some of the most important things to know and do when selling on eBay.

I will be sending some lessons to you by email in the days leading up to the course so that we are all on the same page.

To be eligible to take this class, you must be computer savvy and own a laptop which you will bring to the class.  You will also bring several items to list!

It will be Tuesday, March 19th from noon to 4 pm.  There is only one seat left.  Price is $297 and you will receive a goodie bag.  Fun Fun!

I won’t be offering a class this reasonably priced in the future, so if you are on the fence, you should jump in!

It will be a blast and I am so excited to get back into teaching others how to make extra money from home.  Please email me with any questions.  Space is limited so here is a link to sign up.

It will be modeled after my 6 week on-line Six Step Course, but since it is in person you will still get the same benefits.  And yes, that is a really OLD photo of me!

Here is more info about the course……

Maybe you need to earn some extra cash; maybe you just want to clean out your garage but don’t want the hassle of a garage sale. Maybe you inherited some antiques and don’t know how to turn them into money, or you need to supplement a fixed income. Whatever the reason for needing some extra CASH, Lynn Dralle has the solution! AND she is going to share her tips and tricks so you can make that solution work for you!

Lynn is offering her first ever live in Ventura course to teach you the basics of selling on eBay. Even if you have been selling on eBay for a while, this course will still teach you more than enough to make it worth your while.

In most classes, the teacher lectures while the students listen. Not in Lynn’s course! Lynn actually expects you to list something in front of her :).

What has been keeping you from making a go of selling on eBay? Maybe you found the listing process overwhelming. Maybe you couldn’t find the time to acquire all the technical knowledge eBay seems to require. Maybe you just found the whole prospect intimidating. Maybe you have sold things on eBay, but didn’t have much success getting the prices you hoped for. If so, then this is just the course for you. Lynn Dralle will show you just how easy and profitable selling on eBay can be.

Here is what some of Lynn’s recent graduates have to say about her course:  Keep in mind that these testimonials are about my ecourse….but you will be getting this knowledge in PERSON.  Even better!

“I enrolled in Lynn’s eCourse and turned my business around completely. By following Lynn’s carefully written instructions and applying them to my eBay site I now have over 1100 listings and continue to grow both in sales and knowledge.

Let me share with you one of my sales – I found a dinnerware set – Villeroy and Boch, Riviera pattern at a local resale shop. I paid $12.00 for the entire set, including lots of serving pieces. To date I have sold over $700.00 of this pattern and still have some pieces available. This was truly a remarkable experience.

Lynn’s eCourse showed me how to enhance my listings, how to take better pictures, where to look for merchandise, how to pack and ship to prevent breakages and much, much more. And now, the Queen of Auctions has her own binder on my bookshelf. I constantly refer back to the materials that I printed and I count her as one of my friends. She is always there to help.

Without this course it would have taken me years to learn what I now know. I am so very grateful. Time = Money and that’s what I got from this course – more sales, sales, sales!!!

– Auntie Suzi”

“I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the work you have put into this course. I taught at the College Level and you are one of a very few who knows how to transfer knowledge into learning -hallelujah!!!

– Cauleen Viscoff, Canada”

“My goodness, what a home run you hit with this lesson! It is so full of great information that I had to go over it several times. You are an outstanding teacher; I have put some of your lessons to use this week and that saved me a few costly mistakes. Thanks again for giving us such valuable information.

– Margaret (Peggy) McIlvain Texas”

“Just wanted to let you know I am really enjoying the lessons. As the Young people would say, you have really ‘turned me on’ to this eBay thing.

-Shirley Jones, Texas”

And just for fun, check out this listing for some flatware that I purchased in Cat City for $300 this past weekend.  I paid about $4 per piece for it and they retail for about $50 to $85 each piece!  You don’t want to miss my class to learn why I bought it and how I am marketing it.

Click here to see the actual listing.

Indiana has two shows this weekend and I am super excited for both!  If anyone is interested in attending, we would love to see you there!  OK, I am a little bit confused…if her show is Friday 3/16 (not 3/15) is it really Friday or Saturday?  OK, she just got back to me it is Saturday.

I think the St. Patrick’s Day Show on Sunday, March 17th is correct..in any event, can’t wait to see both shows!

And now for some new arrivals!  Don’t forget these will be 20 % off for the next few days!  Threshold Brown Wicker Loveseat Tan $395.00

Osp Home Furnishings Davis Fabric Arm Chair Blue/Walnut $195.00

Antique Vanity With Mirror $495.00

Meridian Furniture Sherpa King Headboard Green $395.00

Nobel House Rattler Outdoor Lounge Chair With Cushion $195.00

Sone more new arrivals and we have gotten in some amazing pieces!  AND DON’T FORGET, they are all an additional 20% off!  Yippppeee!

Palm Desert Moreno Nightstand Hickory/Brass $495.00

Corliving Lennox Trestle Bistro Table Black/Clear $115.00

Carterton 52” Console Table Natural White $395.00

Moe’s Yoon Slipper Chair Fired Rust Orange $495.00

Contemporary Nightstand With Shelf Beige/Brushed Nickel $395.00

Kitty Cat Basket with Lid $49.50

Antioco 65” Upholstered Loveseat Sky Blue Includes 4 Toss Pillows $895.00

Aqua Lamp w/ Shade $125.00 = 2pcs in stock

Mid Century White Wicker Side Table $95.00 – 2pcs available 

Bird in Cage Wall Hanging $49.50

Alaterre Furniture Country Antique Chairside Table Blue $135.00

Vase w/faux Flowers $49.50

Large Metal Wood Open Clock $65.00

Stylewell Cedar Rectangular Sable 2-Drawer Coffee Table Brown $195.00

Steve Silver Conway Serving Cart Mango/Copper $149.50

Jofran Living Room Kona Grove Cocktail Table Brown $195.00

Large Metal Mirror $95.00  – 2 in stock

White Ribbed Vase with Faux Flowers $125.00

Leander 78.5” Media Console Brown $695.00

White Rolling Office Chair $95.00 – 2 available

Brichler 58” Sideboard Black/White Marble / Granite Marble / Granite $695.00

Large Painting of Birds $125.00

Home Decorators Collection: Winchester Wool Area Rug Cream/Black $195.00

Hearth & Hand Area Rug Cream & Gray Textured Stripe $149.50

Before I forget, all Annie Sloan Wall Paint in the Gallon Size is 40% off!  Stock up now!  WITH NO ADDITIONAL DISCOUNT.

And as we make space for more new arrivals, we will be having some SUPER BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL deals.  Check out this small white sectional that is now priced at $195.  NO ADDITIONAL discount on this one.

Don’t forget about all of our carefully curated clothing displays and our amazing stylists (Martha, Whale, Emily and Tina) ready to help you pick out your next amazing outfit!  And it is 20% off through Sunday…see you soon!

Still so grateful for all the support from our incredible community as we embark on this new chapter! Thank you for your patience and understanding during these changing times. ❤️
Another pic from the party! Let’s celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and 20% off the entire store!

Thanks for reading my ezines!  I appreciate it….as always!

eBay with Heart, Design with Heart & Dress with Heart………Lynn

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