07/27/23 July Was A Whirlwind….Lynn’s Latest #0007


July started off with a bang!  I drove into Marina del Rey on July 3rd to spend the night at the kid’s condo before our flight to Cabo San Lucas at 7 am on Tuesday, July 4th.

We were debating about what to have for dinner, when I said “I have been craving Papa’s spaghetti”.  Houston decided he would make it!  So, off he and Indy went to the market to purchase the ingredients.  I text my mom and my stepmom for the recipe and drats!  Neither of them had it.  Darn!

Anyway, Houston & Indy did a great job and it was delicious!

Welcome to Lynn’s Latest #0007

Thursday, July 26, 2023
Volume IV  Issue 0007

In big store news, we are almost finished with completely flipping and rotating the store.  While, the store looks great we felt that the layout was a bit tired and we needed to change it up!  We wanted it to be a whole new experience for all of you that come in once a week.

Here are some sneak peeks.

Before I get into the Cabo Chronicles, I think it is time to share an eBay score.  Agreed?

I bought this one off (meaning just one plate, no multiples and not part of an entire set) for $2 in the desert.  Just sold it last week for $67.99 less 10%.  Pretty awesome!   Check out the listing here.

Just goes to show you that anything Beachy sells both in the Ventura store and also online.  Speaking of which, we can ALWAYS use Beachy consignments in the store.  Hit us up!

Before I forget, something so random happened a few weeks ago in the store.  Val and I were working and I looked up to see Emma (my son Houston’s girlfriend) and the first thing I was going to say was “I didn’t know you were coming to visit.”

But then, I did a double take….It wasn’t her.  I ran to find Val and said, “OMG there is an Emma…” and before I could finish my sentence she said LOOK ALIKE in the store.  You be the judge.  Which one is Emma and which one is her doppelganger?

I wanted to give you a recap and share some photos from Candy’s going away party.  Boy, do we miss her!  We are trying so hard to replace her and she just may be irreplaceable.  LOL. Actually, I am not really laughing.  We need HELP!

I sent out a Help Wanted email last week and we really do need someone in the main store who is great at display.  If that is you or someone you know, please reach out.

Here are some fun photos from the soiree.  Thank you to everyone who participated.  And just so you know, she is LOVING her new life in Northern California.

In the first pic, it is left to right, me, Sendia, Val, Sandy, Candy, Cindy and Robin.   Second pic is Sendia, Candy & Kelly.  Third pic is Jesse & Martha.  Final pic is me, Peggy, Val and Candy.

Sorry to get a little introspective here, but I must.  As I looked around at all of the people at Candy’s party (most of them my employees) and listened to their banter and laughter, I realized just how BLESSED I am to have such amazing people in my life.  This team of hardworking men & women bring their A game to Lynn’s Consignments EVERY DAY!  I couldn’t do it without them and I want them to know how grateful I am for them!

Also, so much fun for me to see the long lasting friendships and bonding that has happened because of this CRAZY store!  Now back to my problem, Who wouldn’t want to work here?  Sandy made this sign for the store….Hahahaha.

This reminds me of the great crew I had up in Bellingham at my grandmother’s antique store.  Most were friends of my sister Kiki.  They were Audrey, Mimi, Grace, Alexis and Missy.

Here is a story #89 from my 1st “100 Best Things I’ve Sold on eBay” book that tells more about my grandma’s shop and how hard it is to run a brick & mortar!  In the picture of Missy, Alexis and Grace you can see one of the jewelry cabinets beneath them filled with rings.  We had six huge display cases like this!

Reading that story again, reminded me of how much all of these people that have worked for me over the years have become family.  I just saw a post from Grace on Facebook a few days ago asking for donations for a pet shelter for her birthday, and darn if that didn’t pull at my heart strings and I donated. 🙂

OK, in super embarrassing news, do you remember that show in West LA that Marc and I went to see Indy in last month?  It was the show where I left my credit card at the bar afterwards?  No worries if you don’t remember.

In any event, apparently one of the comics thought the bit where she made fun of Marc and me was worth it’s own Reel.  Here is a link to that on Instagram if you really want to see it and it is called “Intruder Romance”….  You can hear Indiana laughing hysterically in the background while her mom gets made into a laughing stock…. LOL.

OK!  One more eBay score and it is time for me to recount our Cabo Caper.  I had about 8 of these horse prints kicking around the back office and Cindy kept saying to me, “What do you want to do with them?”  I really didn’t think they were worth anything so never had a good answer for her.  Hahaha.

Last month, Mo was here from the desert for a visit and to work so I suggested she just list them and see what happened.  Well, lo & behold, we have sold two of them!  This one sold for $33.92.  Amazing!  Check out the listing here.

OK!  Cabo!  Our flight was at 7 am on Tuesday, July 4th.  OMG too early! And we got the most random Uber driver.  He kept saying “It’s too early for this and talking about some girl he was dating that was giving him mixed signals so he had insomnia and that is why he was driving UBER at 4:30 in the morning.  Whatever?

We made it to LAX and got our bags checked & were walking to security when Indy says “I know that woman”.

I was like “Huh?  and How?”.  Turns out Indy thought she was the Improv coach from Cal Lu.  Well, Indy was right and we had a regular “Meet Cute” with Lisa Frederickson at 5 am in LAX.  Interesting start to our trip!

Even more interesting, she and her husband were on their way to Greece.  My dream vacation for my big birthday had been Greece or Croatia….business has been tough, so I decided to postpone that trip for a later date and Cabo turned out to be AMAZING!  God works in mysterious ways!

I hadn’t been to Cabo in 11 years.  I used to go all the time.  With Hank, Peter, Jo Dallas, my sister Kiki and my ex husband William.  The first time I went to Cabo was in 1987 with my friend Hank.  He got us some crazy deal.  $500 per person to stay at Las Palmillas and it was all inclusive.  I need to find a picture of us on that vacation.  We had steak, lobster & champagne every night!  It was epic.  🙂

Now, that hotel is called the “One and Only Palmilla” and it is $1,000’s of dollars a night to stay there.  Oh, the good old days!

One more interesting tidbit from that original Cabo trip.  I had just started dating Peter (the love of my life until another one comes along haha) and he had spent the night at my apartment in Brentwood.

At 7 am, Hank and his dad Jacob Maarse (of the famous Pasadena Florist that Hank runs today) came to pick me up to go to the airport.  I shoved Peter down the back stairs and met Hank and Jacob at the elevator.  LOL.  Peter thought I was cheating on him, but of course I wasn’t (I am not a cheater) and Hank and I have always just been the best of friends.

Jacob was such an amazing man.  Here is a blog post I wrote back in 2011 to honor him when he passed away.

Remembering Jacob Maarse

by Lynn Dralle on February 3, 2011

Right before Christmas my friend Lori called me and said that she had just read an article in the LA Times that Jacob Maarse, the famous Pasadena florist, had passed away.

Super sad news. Jacob was my very dear friend (Hank’s) father. My mom, Houston, Indy and I had just visited with their family at their Orcas Island home during the summer of 2009.

Here we are in the kitchen.

The memorial service for Jacob was to be held on January 8th. My mom was still in town so we all drove over to Pasadena for the event.

What an amazing service it was and for an amazing man. There were 1,000 people in All Saints Church that Saturday, the Pasadena Symphony played and the flowers were amazing.

The next day we were invited to the family luncheon at their home in Sierra Madre. We got to walk through Jacob’s beloved rose gardens and share a meal with his wife, four children and eight grandchildren. It was a very special and sad day.

Here is the “Celebration of Life” photo from the service.

Oh, but I reminisce. Back to reality, I had forgotten how quick the flight is and how great it is to arrive in just a little over 2 hours for Vacation!

We had a private SUV pick us up at the airport to take us to Pueblo Bonita Sunset Beach.  But first, Airport drinks!  BTW, It was now only 10 am.  Hahaha!

We arrived at our hotel about 40 minutes later and the lobby was packed!  Somehow, the concierge found us and whisked us into a private check in room.  How lovely!  I booked through Orbitz and picked one of their featured hotels and by doing this we got VIP service.  Sweet!

Starting at noon our all inclusive would kick in but it was only 11:30.  I wasn’t sure about flying so early in the morning, but it turned out great and really gave us an entire added day at the resort that normally would have been written off as a travel day.

We headed down to the Bistro for lunch and here is the view from the balconey.  It was lovely!

Then we headed down to the adult pool.  Here are the kids at the swim up bar and hanging out in the pool.  The weather for our trip was AMAZING!  Seriously….dry heat and in the 80’s.  On our last day it got humid, but for the most part it was paradise.

On our way to check-in to our room, we had to stop and take the obligatory rocking chair photo.  You see, 12 years ago when we were last in Cabo on a cruise, we had a day room at Pueblo Bonita Rose, a sister resort to Pueblo Bonita Sunset Beach and my brother, Houston & Indiana took the shuttle bus over to check it out.

Big changes in 12 years, but the chairs are the same!

We settled into our room, which had it’s own private jacuzzi and rooftop patio…sweet!  Then we headed down to the sushi restaurant for dinner.  What a long, but super fun day!

The next day was a pool day and we had a blast at the upper pool.  Then it was a chill night and room service for dinner.  They even brought me a piece of birthday cake that evening, since my birthday was the next day!

The next day (my birthday) we checked out the lower main pool which was a little too busy and crazy for me.  I did manage to read 5 books while on vacation though.  It was such a great recharge to not be staring at my computer the entire time!

After some pool time, I headed to the spa for a massage and then we had dinner at the Quivira Steak Restaurant that night.  What another perfect day!

The next day was another pool day, but this time we tried the middle pool.  It was my favorite!  The most comfortable lounge chairs and a great serving staff.

I had purchased these daisy sunglasses as a joke so we all posed with them.  While we were hanging out at the pool, I got a dm on Instagram from my friend Kel’s daughter Riley.

“The best resort ever.  We stayed at the adults only hotel on that same property.  You have got to try the Chinese food restaurant at your hotel.  It is the BEST”.

So that night, we did go to the Chinese restaurant and had the best bus boy ever.  So much fun!

On our final full day, we decided to go into Cabo.  I shared a bit about our lunch at Squid Roe in one of my weekly arrivals emails, but we also visited Pueblo Bonito Blanca and Rose, where we sat for a drink.  Bittersweet for me because this is the hotel pool where we swam with Kiki (my sister) and her boys back in 2011 when we were on that cruise before she passed away.  Ughhh.

The next day we had breakfast in the Bistro, checked out of our hotel room by noon and then sat out by the middle pool until it was time for our shuttle to the airport.  So sad!  The return trip was just as easy as the arriving one and we got to LAX by 9:30 and Emma picked us up.

I would be spending the night again in the Marina with the kids, because the next day was Houston’s 27th birthday and I was taking everyone out to breakfast!

Just for fun, I have to show you the bike room in their condo before our trip on the left (I thought I had a better pic, but you can see the disarray behind the kids as they cook the spaghetti) and the bike room after our trip on the right.  Thank God for Emma and her taking the time to organize it!

Here are two of his gifts.  First this amazing Dachshund Paper Towel holder that Sandy painted with Annie Sloan paint to match Grandpa.  It is uncanny how much it looks like the puppy!  Love this sooooooo much!

The next morning we headed to Cow’s End Venice Beach Restaurant for breakfast. It was really good and he opened a few of his gifts there and then we headed back to the condo for him to open the rest!

And then Houston modeling his new cycling outfit. Nice!

I left for Ventura right after the birthday festivities and as I was driving away, I was thinking back on what a fun time we had all had.  And how blessed and grateful I am to be able to spend time with my kids as adults.  They have such busy lives, as do I, so it was a really special gift that they chose to spend my birthday week with me.

I forgot to tell you, but for my birthday gift, they each wrote me heartfelt letters.  I cried.  Then they asked which one I liked better?  LOL!  I said “They were both perfect, special and very different in their own unique way….just like you too!”.

Then this popped up on my Instagram feed.  Sooooooo true!

I am sure you are tired of hearing about my birthday, but I promise I will never go on and on like this until the next big birthday in 10 years!  LOL!  And just so you know, I am not done talking about it either, because of what happened when we returned from Cabo.  OMG!

The week after Cabo was crazy.  I worked almost everyday in the store.  Then Wednesday night I went out for drinks with Marty, Thursday I had a date and Friday, Indiana had a show in North Hollywood.

Marty went with me and I picked up Corrales Burritos for us to eat on the way.  We stopped off at the Federal Bar first for a drink and then hit the show.   Indiana is getting so good!  She never looks at her notes/phone and is really funny….Always a fun time!

On our way into North Hollywood, I was telling Marty about this “stupid” work party that I had to go to on Saturday night. I was (of course) grateful that my employees wanted to grab a drink to celebrate my birthday, but why did it have to be Saturday night?

I had just gotten back from Cabo, had a super busy week, was going to be out super late Friday night, work all day Saturday and the last thing I wanted to do was go to Gigi’s Cocktail bar at 5:30.

He said, “That is nice of them and you have to go”. Ughhhh! I knew he was right.
Back to the Story…..

Well, I survived my late night Friday in NoHo and made it to work on time on Saturday.

Then on Saturday, for some reason, Val wanted to ride with me. Whatever! We stopped off at my house first so that I could feed the pets and as we got in the car to drive over there, Sandy texts me….

I looked at Val and said “Are you fing kidding me?  I am NOT going there because there are only 3 people there.”  She was like it will be fine.  Whatever!

And I started thinking to myself…WOW!  For Sandy’s big birthday we had a boat cruise around the harbor on the Monday before and then we had champagne in cemetery park on the actual day followed by drinks at Lure and this is what I get?  4 people at Gigi’s.  Hahaha….I am not like that at all, but I was soooooooo tired so please forgive me, but I really did start thinking like that.

So, I walk into Gigi’s and it is really dark and then I see A LOT of people, balloons and Marc Kettles & Adolio.  Now, I am really confused!

Finally, someone says surprise and they all start singing Happy Birthday.  I was literally in SHOCK!  Here is the invitation.  I have NO CLUE how y’all kept it quiet, but you did.  I had absolutely NO idea!

After the shock somewhat had worn off, I was talking to Sandy and she said “I text your kids, but never heard back.”  Typical.  Oh, Well.

Then, 5 minutes later, the door opens and Indiana, Houston, Emma, Alex and Grandpa walk in.  Awwwwww….be still my heart!  The kids were there!

Here is a group picture.  Unfortunately, the lighting in Gigi’s is awful!  But, from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone who showed up!  It was so amazing and special.  And a HUGE THANK YOU to Sandy for pulling off the surprise of my lifetime!

And now I will share a bunch of random photos from the party….again THANK YOU all!  The karaoke was a HIT!

The Monday after the party, Mo came out from the desert to work and hang out.  We had fun, but it has been a crazy month!  She stayed until Thursday and the only picture I have is from cocktails at Water’s Edge.  She does not like having her picture taken, so it is what it is!

Then Ventura rolled into the X Games on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  There was supposed to have been so much traffic and business, but I have to tell you….it was dead!

Streets were empty and no customers.  Sandy and I decided to head downtown on Saturday night with the dogs and grab a few cocktails.  At least downtown was happening.  I took Cha Cha in an uber for the first time.  Pretty fun!

And, I don’t have any pictures of Sandy and I from the Surprise Party ….She who worked her magic and surprised the HELL out of me.  I told her that now she is “One of my best friends”.  LOL!  If you know, you know!

To make up for no pics of us from the party, here we are in downtown last Saturday night.

Oh, before I forget….let me interrupt this program for a word from our sponsors 🙂

The store still needs a bunch of stuff…..Main Store

Small Mirrors
Matching Table Lamps
Floor Lamps
End Tables
Side Tables
Coffee Tables
Cool Garden Pieces
Metal and Wood items
PINK/PURPLE (yes the next window will be PINK & PURPLE) & NAVY BLUE for the front windows

We really need Sofas & Sectionals in very good to excellent condition.

Please text pictures of larger items to my store manager Sandy for pre-approval prior to bringing in. 805-628-6025

For the clothing store….

Larger Sizes
Designer Purses (have been selling really well so thank you for those!)
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To make an appointment please call or text.
Land Line 805-628-9208
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One of Houston’s favorite baseball coaches, Jason Beck, came out to visit us in Ventura a few years ago. He and his wife Mary are amazing people. It was so great to see them and we grabbed lunch down at the harbor. Unfortunately, Jason was experiencing some health issues and the doctors couldn’t figure it out.

He has been in our thoughts and prayers for the past two years.  Then I saw this Go Fund Me on Facebook.  It is not getting better.  Ughhhh.

Here is more info from the Go Fund Me Page written by Coleen Call.

“Jason’s story – Jason and Mary Beck.

I have known Mary Beck and her husband Jason for at least 10 years. When you know Mary, you know Jason. They are a team. Husband and wife. Best friends. They are high school sweethearts who have basically grown up together. They have raised three boys and they have three adorable grandchildren.

In July 2019, Jason had an incident at the gym which left him with balance problems and weakness on his left side. Initially, Jason went to Eisenhower Medical Center for diagnosis and treatment. After numerous tests the neurologists there could not find the cause of his symptoms. The doctors at Eisenhower referred him to the University of California, at San Diego. After tests and MRI’s, Neurologists there could not determine a diagnosis as well.

Because of his continuing health circumstances, Jason had to medically retire after 15 years of teaching in the Coachella Valley Unified School District, where he worked as a high school English teacher.

Jason has since moved on from UCSD to Loma Linda University Medical Center, with hope they could determine the cause of his deteriorating health. After nearly a year at Loma Linda, Jason is currently receiving IVIG treatments of gamma globulin to improve his immunity, and hopefully improve his quality of life. That has not improved his symptoms. They continue to progress, and he now is dependent on a walker and wheelchair to aid his mobility as still, there is no definitive diagnosis as to what the cause of his health conditions are. Mary recently had to take leave from her job to be Jason’s full-time caregiver, and to support their family.

Many people that need help cannot ask for help because they just don’t know how. Because of my relationship with Mary and Jason, I am asking anyone and everyone that reads this to please help in any way you can, or see fit. Your thoughtful donations will help them cover any unexpected expenses, current medical bills, and potentially future medical expenses that may not be covered by his medical coverage. As their search for answers continues, they are considering their next step. City of Hope, and UCLA is Jason’s potential next step. He truly believes there is ONE brilliant mind out there, ONE medical professional that is going to say, “Here it is! This is what you have,” and then he will really be on the mend with a definite diagnosis, and a path to reclaiming his life.

With his current treatment his prayer is that he will have the stability and strength to stand up and be out of his wheelchair to dance on their 33rd wedding anniversary this October. My hope is the same for them. When that anniversary dance comes around in October, my hope is that it will also be a victory dance. That the cause of his health struggles will be identified, and he will be receiving a treatment that is conclusive and related to what he has, and be on his way to a full recovery.

My pledge to Jason and Mary is that we will help them. Starting with this Go Fund Me page. Please help our friends in any way you can, including supporting them during this unsettling time. Any contribution is greatly appreciated, and all thoughts of love and prayers are welcome.
Here’s to Hope. From all their friends!”

Wow, that was a tear jerker.  If you are able to donate, it would be greatly appreciated!  Here is a close up of the baseball photo from 16 years ago!  Jason is third from the left among the coaches.  Can you guess which one is Goose?

And now, for some amazing news!  My nephew, Zach, scored a perfect 36 out of 36 on the ACT.  OMG!  I am so proud of him.  My sister would be so proud as well!  Way to go Zach!  This picture was taken of him and his mom on that Mexican cruise back in 2011.

And now, in even more amazing news….Indy passed MILK training!  And you may be asking yourself WTF is Milk training?

Well, let me tell you.  For the last six months Indy has been driving to Gardena 2-3 times a week to learn how to properly steam whole & nonfat milk and pour latte art.  It is a lot more intense than you think.

I am so proud of this little barista who can be found working at many of the Caffe Luxxe locations in the Southland.  Here are some fun photos.  The first one is from Indy’s final test.
For those of you who care…..Whole milk on the left side of the table, non fat on the right side of the table….those designs are called rosettas.

The second is Indy celebrating passing Milk!  Way to go!

And now, for what most of you have been waiting for….our new arrivals!

Bryant Sectional Sofa Set Grey $2495.00

Framed Downtown Ventura David Schwartz $145.00

Small China Cabinet $295.00

Coffee Table With Wheels $195.00

Wisteria Smaller Stained Glass Lamp $495.00

MerryThought Large Anniversary Bear $95.00

Blue Chair With Pot $49.50

Dollhouse Style Cabinet $249.50

Bridgett Yellow Swivel Adjustable Bar Stool $69.50  There are 4 available!

Mermaid Statue $145.00  There are 2 available!

David Salk Eagles Butterflies Idylwild $395.00

Yokuts Bowl David Salk Idylwild $269.50

Yokurs Bottleneck David Salk Idyllwild Design Inside Neck Vase $395.00

I will end this ezine with a photo of Sandy’s kitchen after the surprise party.  Not only did she organize the party, invite everyone, plan it and have to reschedule it (Indy had a show LOL), she also made almost ALL of the food.  Hats off to this wonder woman!  We LOVE you!

As I end this ezine, I also want to share something that made a big impact on me this past week.  I took 7 books to Cabo and read 5 of them.  I did not read the “Diary of Anne Frank” as I was looking for lighter fare.

I brought it home with me and finished it last night.  I had read it when I was younger, but I have to say, it definitely begs for a second, if not third read.  So touching, poignant and timely…especially after just seeing the Auschwitz exhibit at the Ronald Reagan Library.  I had also visited the secret Annex in Holland when I was six years old with my parents.  That alone, made a HUGE impact on me.

Please read or reread this book.  She was a bright shining light and so wise for her 13-15 years of age when she wrote it.  We can learn a lot from Anne.  I was crying my eyes out at the end.

Again, thank you all for supporting me, my family and my businesses as I work on expanding….as you know I am building my empire!

eBay with Heart
Decorate with Heart
Dress with Heart

I try and do everything in my life in a big way and with a lot of heart!  Thank you for joining me on this super fun journey.  Take care and we hope to see you soon!  Some of my current crew.  Kimberly asked us to be crazy in this photo!  Lol!

From Left to Right (kind of) Sendia, Pamela Cole, Robin, Cha Cha, Indiana, Leslie Arntzen, Martha, Kathy Rutan, Candy, Me, Jo Dallas, Houston (with his eyes closed), Valerie, Adolio, Emma, Grandpa, Peggy, my mom and Mary!

Thanks for reading my ezines!  I appreciate it….as always!

eBay with Heart, Design with Heart & Dress with Heart………Lynn

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