093022 Back From NOLA & PS….Where Next? Lynn’s Latest #007

Well, we are finally into Fall now, aren’t we?  That heat wave at the beginning of September almost killed me & our business.  LOL!  Wasn’t that awful?  Before we know it, it will be Christmas…I am putting up the trees on October 12th.  Can’t wait!

I am writing this from the Marilyn Suite at the Charlie Hotel in Hollywood (Charlie Chaplin once owned it)!  How cool is that?  Marilyn actually lived in this bungalow in the 1940’s.

Welcome to Lynn’s Latest #007…
Friday, September 30th

Watch for it every Thursday or every other Thursday, Friday or Saturday!
Actually, lets be honest…watch for it whenever I get one finished hahahaha
Volume III  Issue 007

As my last ezine was coming out, I was welcoming my mom and my nephews for a 10 day southern cal extravaganza!  They flew in on August 17th and my mom’s real birthday was August 18th.  And we had HUGE plans!  We had been invited to the Berlin/Boy George concert in Irvine as the guests of Teri Nunn (lead singer of Berlin).  We caravaned to Camarillo and Joanne & Jeff drove from there.  It was a BLAST!!!!  Here is my mom as Terri walked past her.  It was my mom’s actual 86th birthday and she had tears in her eyes during this time!

We had backstage passes for the concert, but made the mistake of waiting until after Boy George played and then the Berlin ones weren’t good anymore!  Drats!  But we still had such an amazing time.  I danced with both Kai and Zach during the entire concert.  So crazy, but my sister used to dance and sing around the house all the time!  She was ALWAYS singing and dancing…..The boys take after their mom and are both amazing dancers!  I was waiting to get a great picture of all of us backstage with Teri and since that didn’t happen, this is the best photo  I have from that night.

My mom and I were sitting close to the stage with her wheelchair and I got to take a photo looking back from left to right…. Zach, Kai, Jeff & Joanne with their daughter Alana.  Such a fun night!

After that super fun night, we were off to the races!  It was nonstop fun having the boys in town.  I don’t think we ever just “chilled” whatever that means anyway?  The next night was one of Indiana’s shows in West Hollywood with a dinner at one of my favorite LA restaurants, Spartina, first.  Check out this cousin pic from that dinner.  I LOVE that my kids and Kiki’s kids are so close.  It is interesting they are all exactly 10 years apart.

Let me explain, Houston was born in 1996 so he is currently 26 and Zach was born in 2006 so he is currently 16.  Indiana was born in 1998 and will be 24 this year and Kai was born in 2008 and is currently 14.  It makes it easy for my mom, brother and me to remember!

Enough about my super fun life…which it really is by the way.  Took me a while to get here.  There were some tough years when the kids were little and I was doing it all on my own and paying for everything on my own.  Nice to be able to finally breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy how hard I have worked.  Thanks for listening to that!

Time for an eBay score, don’t you think?  I bought this random book at an estate sale.  I paid about $2 for it.  I always try and buy “weird” things to list on eBay.  Check it out here.

I am not sure why it sold for so much.  I took a best offer of $160 for it last week.  I do know that it is a really specific item that someone must have been searching for.  A best offer of $160 on an item listed for $173.99 is a no brainer.  Right?

After Indiana’s show on Saturday night, the boys were going to go home with her and Houston & Emma and Grandpa to spend some time with them in Marina del Rey.  The next morning, Houston was dragging them out on a bike ride.  Gotta give the boys credit as they were up for the challenge.  And it was a challenge…I think Houston made them ride about 50 miles.  LOL!

So the rest of the time my nephews were here was a whirlwind.  We did A LOT.  I will share some of the highlight photos.  Two  days at the beach with Cha Cha, both boys working at the store helping with inventory/and ordering, working out at Fit Buddha with Marc twice and a farewell dinner at Casa Bella!

Then we met Indiana at the Academy of Art Museum in downtown LA. It is housed in the former May Company building where I was a department manager of housewares for a year. SUCH memories! And a Super fun day!

I used a photo from my time as a department manager in story #79 from “Kaching the 3rd 100 Best Things I’ve Sold on eBay” book.  Perfect time to share don’t you think?

Remember in the last ezine I was looking for a picture of my brother in the Snake Pit at my grandmother’s store.  Well, I finally found it and it was in one of my 100 Best Books….”The 1st 100 Best Things I’ve Sold on eBay” and it was story number #28.  So time to share it here now!

This picture cracks me up because the snake pit was called the snake pit because there was a 3 foot high cement crawl space under the floor for my grandmother to store more of her “goodies”.  We had a brilliant idea to have my brother stand in the “pit” portion and put his shoes where his knees were to make him look super short.  I know right?  My grandma would have called this “indoor sports for lightheaded people”.   LOL!

I just got some terrible news. Ughhhhhhh. My friend, Audrey Angel Mortensen, just called to tell me that her ex-husband John Mortensen (Lead Singer of the Mono Men) passed away yesterday. Audrey was my first employee at Leaf’s Antiques and she and John lived in the upstairs apartment over my grandmother’s home & store. They are my very dear friends.

John helped me back in 1995 to get our first Leaf Antique web page up and running (back then it was Pacificrim/leafantiques etc…no www) and he also filmed many of my training videos. I am so sad that he is gone way too young, but mostly for his two daughters. John and I share the same birthday and I had mistakenly called him from my mom’s birthday party this past August. It cheers me up a bit to think that we just had that fun conversation. RIP.

And I just found story #19 from “The 100 Best Things I’ve Sold on eBay” that shows he and I during filming of our “Trash to Cash” series.  Heavy heart here today…..

OK, thank you for letting me share all of that…..After the whirlwind that was my 10 days with my mom & nephews, I chilled for the first part of September and worked on my taxes, organized my house and read a lot of books.  It was a great reset from my CRAZY summer!

We also did a new front window at the store.  I LOVE the neutral fall colors and so did Cha Cha!  We have already sold the console out of the window.  Things just don’t last very long!

We just got tagged in an Instagram post for one of our customer’s amazing garden.  Check it out!  I think she bought the buddha from us.

Speaking of Instagram, Rachelle is doing an amazing job for both @lynnsconsignments and @lynnsfunfashions.  Please follow along.  I had to laugh out loud at this recent post.  Sooooooo true!

Check out this sectional that just came in….Charcoal Grey by Thomasville.  Priced at only $1195!  You can view it here on our website.

Indiana had a ton of shows in September.  I wasn’t able to make very many of them due to my travel schedule for the last half of the month.  I did manage to see one show “The Comedy Embargo” which was fabulous!  She is really doing the work and it shows!  She is also taking the intermediate Groundlings Course this month!

The highlight of September for me was heading to NOLA (New Orleans) with Sandy for Annie Sloan’s Big Paint.  So much fun!  Great to meet all of the talented painters, hang out with other stockists, spend time with Annie herself and enjoy the crazy city!  When I returned home, my mom pointed out that New Orleans is now known as the murder capital of the US.  Good to know.  NOT!  Check out this beautiful piece that Sandy did before we arrived and Annie reposted it and called her a fabulous painter!  Sweet.  Click here to see it for sale in our online store.

Here are some fun snaps from that weekend!  First pic, Annie Sloan, me & Sandy.  Second pic is me with Kacha (super talented and famous painter) with her husband Carlos.  I was telling them about my instagram account for @carlosnchacha and we were laughing because it was so close to their names, Carlos and Kacha!  Check her out on instagram at @kachafurniture.

Third pic is Jonathan Marc Mendez who is a painter in residence for Annie Sloan.  Check him out here on Instagram.

Fourth pic is Brushed by Brandy (sooooo talented and a California girl) standing next to Quita Allen (also so talented) from All Shabbed Out and that was the piece that Quita painted in front of us.  It was my favorite piece!  I am trying to get Brandy to come down to the store for a Saturday workshop sometime this Fall.  If any of you follow her please let me know if you would be interested!

Final photo is Sharon, the Redesign with Prima Rep, and we are thinking about adding some of their products to the store. Please let me know your thoughts!

So, we also managed to have some non-paint related fun while in NOLA.  Vicki Penne my friend from Idaho was there for the stockist Monday event so we went out to dinner with her at Two Sisters and also did a tour of the city.  The cemetaries in NOLA are crazy interesting.

What a whirlwind!  I was happy to be back in Ventura though when I arrived home on Tuesday evening, September 20th.  However, my time at home would be short lived as I had plans to stay in LA on Thursday night for Indy’s show and to attend the first LIVE eBay Event in 3 years on Friday in downtown LA and THEN….head to the desert for a thrifting weekend.  Yes, I  am CRAZY!

But, I will tell you who I missed the most….Cha Cha and Carlos!

I actually really missed my kids as well, but for some reason, not as much as the animals.  Strange, but true.  It was National Daughter and National Son day this past week, so let me share those posts with you so that you can see I do love my REAL kids!  LOL!

As I was looking for old May Company California pictures, I came across some pictures of Melanie Souve’s (my best friend from high school) ex-boyfriend Bart.

She met him back in 1987 and moved to Los Angeles because of him….well mostly!  Anyway, Peter (my boyfriend then) and I used to hang out with the two of them all the time.  While I was in NOLA, Mel text me to let me know that Bart had passed away.  UGHHHHHHHH.

Too many men in their 50’s & 60’s are dying from heart attacks.  I have heard that it may be related to Covid or the vaccine.  In any event, it is super tragic and my heart breaks for Bart’s family and his young boys.

Here are a few pics that I found of Bart & Melanie and then me and my gang at Gino’s East in Brentwood back in the day.  The blonde next to me was Jay Payes (my best guy friend at USC) who passed away at 35 from an accidental drug overdose.  OMG…the ezine is getting really depressing…..I promise to change it up in the next section!

Our next calligraphy course is Sunday, November 13th from 12:30 to 2:30 pm.

Her last class was a huge success and my mom took it and LOVED it!   and these are being taught by one of my very first consignors…Joy Goldowitz!

She is a teaching dynamo!  Her course “Calligraphy:  The Art of Beautiful Lettering” will be offered on Sunday, November 13th from 12:30 to 2:30 pm.

The course is just $59 and includes a gift box full of calligraphy supplies!  What?  This is unreal 🙂

Joy is a retired (after 37 years) elementary school teacher.  She is a lover of the relaxing art of hand lettering, beautiful inks and stationary of all ilks.  She is a passionate teacher who happily loves sharing her techniques with others.  She will guide you on a journey creating lovely letters to embellish words, names, addresses, cards, gift tags etc.

Sign up here.

OK!  Just as promised some good, uplifting news!  Time for an eBay score!  This amazing pin cushion came out of my grandmother’s personal collection.  The lady who bought it made me a best offer of $300 and said “I would love to have something that belonged to your grandmother”…gets me every time!  Sold!  Check out the listing here for more great pictures of it.

After my brief two days home, it was time to hit the road again!  I had reserved the Marilyn Bungalow in Hollywood as you read at the beginning of this ezine (where I actually started writing this).  If you can’t figure it out, it takes me DAYS to write these.

But I do enjoy it and am practicing for my first novel that I intend to start writing in October.  I signed up for a bunch of Master Classes with famous authors and will hit that hard!

I also teased in the title of the newsletter that I would be off somewhere else soon…that was the idea…as I had a business trip planned in November, but I just cleared my calendar and will be staying close to home to write through the end of the year.  That is the goal…One fiction novel by year’s end!  Wish me luck!

We had a little pre-party in the bungalow before Indy’s show.  Quite a few of her friends and co-workers showed up and my friend Chris Wade drove up from San Clemente and brought rum infused pineapple (nice party favor :)).  Always a fun time to see Indy perform.  Here are some fun photos from that night!

The next morning was the first eBay open LIVE event in over 3 years and they held it in only 3 cities, Austin, Downtown LA and New York.

I was happy to attend and catch up with some old friends & meet some new ones.  Although, Brian Burke (Sr. VP Seller Advocacy & Engagement) did not know who I was.  LOL!  He had to read my name tag….and then he claimed he hadn’t seen me in 3 years…Whatever…we follow each other on Instagram, but yes, I did call him out!

First pic is me and former Queen’s Court Member Janet Z, 2nd pic is Brian & me and final one is the new head of US, Adam Ireland.

Before I get into my recent Palm Desert trip,  I just wanted to remind you about our clothing store!   If you missed the email saying what we are looking for in clothingplease read it here before you come in.  Thanks!

Wanted…Boots, Furs, Jackets, Coats, Sweaters anything WINTERY

Also, start collecting your Fall items and Adult Halloween Costumes. We are taking in FALL/Winter now.   Call or text the girls to set up an appointment.

Land Line  805-628-9208
Cell Phone  805-470-6493

So, I left from the eBay event in downtown LA to head to Palm Desert at 1:30 pm on a Friday.  Took me 3 1/2 hours to get to the desert.  Ughhhhh!  But it was all good.  Had a lot of fun catching up with Mo, Vicki (from Idaho who was out there after Nola as well), Carmen and Kel.

Unfortunately, Candy was out of town…but next time!  Actually, the girsl are all headed out here on October 14th for VIP seats to see Tim McGraw at Surfers Point!  Can’t wait!

Here are some fun pics…1st one is Vicki, me & Mo at the American Legion after having brunch at Le Valeruis.

2nd one is Mo, Carmen and me at Skip’s Little Bar for dinner.  But, yes we did do A LOT of thrifting and working in addition to  the fun festivities.

So check out these plates I found while out thrifting…seriously?  $125 for a set of 8 Godinger Salad Plates.  NO Fing WAY!

But later on that same day, I did find a set of Lunt Silver Stainless Flatware that was also prices at $125, but I will sell it for close to $2k.  Life is great!

Speaking of life being great…just found out that we took 3rd place in the Ventura Reporter’s Best of Ventura County in Home Furnishings.  1st Place went to For your Home and 2nd Place went to Couch Potato (can’t really figure that one out) and we were 3rd.

Please let me know how we can improve during the next year to make it to the #1 position.  That is my current goal…among other things!  LOL!

Since I have been very introspective and reminiscing these past few weeks, I thought I would share a funny text exchange with my friend Marty from High School.

He texts me this picture the other morning.  OK, it is a class photo from Fairhaven Middle School in Bellingham (where we also went to school together) and I say super cute….and you are standing next to Mike Stewart.  Marty is upper left with the super black hair and Mike has the “Rex Smith” do with braces.

Then I remember that darling Mike Stewart was killed in Alaska right after high school.  So I ask Marty about it and he gives me more details and I find this story in People Magazine.  CRAZY!

You can read it here.  I am so sorry that this ezine has been about people passing away…However, I guess that is just a fact of life.  But on a funny note….Marty asks on Facebook (really?) if that red head in front of him is me?  Seriously?  Do I even look like that person?

So I answer him on Facebook…and say “LOL, not me?” and then he write…”I hope I am not in trouble”…well guess what? You are! Hahahaha!

Attention Consignors:

What we need for the main store…..

Anything Beachy
Chair Sets
Pairs of Lamps
Floor Lamps
Farm House Dining Tables
End Tables

Also project pieces for painting!!!!

Thank you all for supporting me, my family and my businesses as I work on expanding….as you know I am building my empire!

eBay with Heart
Decorate with Heart
Dress with Heart

I try and do everything in my life in a big way and with a lot of heart! Thank you for joining me on this super fun journey. I appreciate you!
AND a HUGE reminder. We have Annie Sloan’s NEW SATIN paint in and it is a game changer according to Val! No waxing is required and it goes on smooth as silk!!!! Yippppeee…I was only able to order 2 cans of each color so come in and grab them before we sell out! So much fun these days at Lynn’s! Because you know, “Everyone Wins When They Shop at Lynns!”

Take care and we hope to see you soon!  Some of my crew!  From left to right, Shawnna, Kailen, me, Houston, Pegg, Indiana, Mor Mor, Candy, Val, Susan, Cindy and Jo Dallas!  We appreciate y’all so much!

Thanks for reading my ezines!  I appreciate it….as always!

eBay with Heart, Design with Heart & Dress with Heart………Lynn

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