101223 Finally, I Went To A USC Game & New Arrivals!


With the way this month is going, I probably won’t do a real full length ezine until the end of the month.  Val won’t be back in until November…I miss her!  Cindy is still on vacation and Sandy is back part time.

Indy was supposed to be in the Alumni Pit (Pepperdine Improv Troupe) show during parent’s weekend on Saturday in Malibu.  I LOVE this show!  It is one of my favorite shows of the year.  Unfortunately, she text me on Wednesday and said that she had been exposed to Covid and wasn’t sure if she could participate.  Ughhhhh!

Oh well, the next day, Marc Kettles called and asked me to be his guest to the USC/Arizona game.  I said “For sure…but only if Indy can’t do the show.”.

Well, it turned out that she decided to err on the side of caution and I got to go to my first USC game in years!  My dad used to say that my blood ran “cardinal”, because I am such a die hard USC fan.  Our colors are Cardinal and Gold Hahaha.

I must share this photo of my Dad wearing a USC jacket when he was helping to drive the charter boat during my Wedding Weekend back in 1994.  My dad was a total Gonzaga and Husky fan so to get him in a Trojan jacket was quite the accomplishment.

And what goes along with this photo is story #13 from “Money Making Madness”.  So let me share that now!

OK, enough reminiscing and back to real life.  I drove Cha Cha down to Marina del Rey to spend the night with the kids and then I ubered to the Coliseum to meet up with Marc, his friend Molly Maier and her husband Ed.  Molly was a Pi Phi and I was an AD Pi and I always remember her as being super nice.  So it was fun to reconnect at the tailgate party!

The game was super close.  OMG!  We should have won it at the very end with 2 seconds to go when we were on the 6 yard line and kicking a field goal.  I said to Marc, “There is no way they can F this up” and he was like “Noooooooooo….don’t tempt the Football Gods” and he was right, they missed it!  UGHHHH.

The game went into overtime, then another overtime and we finally won it in triple overtime.  It was a nail biter for sure!  Marc and I had excellent seats.  Here we are at the game.

After the game, Molly, Ed & Marc drove me to the 901 Club (our favorite bar from back in the day) so that I could catch an Uber back to the kid’s place.  The 9-0 was packed, so instead I walked down the row (such a memory lane trip for me) and wound up at my sorority.

It was like 12:30 at night, but since it was parent’s weekend I went in and was given a tour by a current sorority sister.  What fun!  Nothing has changed…I am not kidding.

Here is a picture of the stairs from last Saturday night and a throwback picture of me on those stairs back in the day.  Crazy fun memories!

It was obviously a mariner/boat/nautical/sailor themed party that we were dressed up for….can you tell which one is me?  I am in the front row.  Apparently, I like to be the center of attention.  LOL.  And, to make sure you know it is the same stairs, check out the window in both pics.

In fun store news, I had the cutest dog come in to see us yesterday.  His name is “Otter” because he likes being held like an otter.  Just so you know, we LOVE dogs at Lynn’s Consignments and have a treat ready at all times for your furry friends.  Bring them in!  We especially love Mike the Golden Retriever.  Mike, where have you been?

And then in more fun customer news, one of my favorites “Kaden” brought in her mom and grandma to go couch shopping.  What a good looking family!

We need COFFEE TABLES….We only have 2 left in the store.  Please call, text or come in and tell us about your coffee table that you want to consign.  We NEED YOU!

Also, just for fun I want to share what I did last night.  Indiana and her friend Larissa are in Ventura visiting and we carved pumpkins…so crazy fun!  It made me feel like a kid again.  If you haven’t carved a pumpkin in years, I encourage you to go out and buy one to carve.  It is just like riding a bike…you NEVER forget!  Such a blast!

Can you guess which one is mine?

The Halloween Window is beyond amazing.  Please stop in and see it and say “Hello” to our favorite new “Monster” in residence.  If you have any little ones, they are welcome to push the “Try Me” button to see what this animated guy can do!

And to get up close and personal…say hello to this new addition — Netflix Life Sized Stranger Things Animated Giant Demogorgon Grey/Red Tones – $395.00

Come see it in person!

Teak dining table 5′ but extends to 9′ – $295.00

Cal-Style Furniture 1975 Table with 4 Yellow Chairs – now marked down to an incredible $447.00!  Seriously, this is such a great set!

Powell Furniture Willow Dining Table Teal/Grey – $225.00

White Tall Skinny Lingerie Cabinet $125.00

Fabienne Jouvin Porcelain Fish Vase – $295.00 each

Antique White Dresser from Ventura Farm 1900’s – $195.00

Velvet Distressed Stool – $85.00

Vintage Glass Arrowhead Puritas Water Jug with Crate – $69.50

Ariat Cowboy Boots- $95.00

Ikea Floor Mirror $125.00

Round Side Table – $195.00

Thanks for checking out our new arrivals!

Remember to drop by our store or browse our website. We’ll keep you posted with more cool things, and as usual, we really appreciate your ongoing support!

Take care and SEE YOU SOON! Me, Houston, Emma, and Indy!

 Thanks for reading my ezines!  I appreciate it….as always!

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