122123 20% Off Entire Store & New Arrivals!


The Holiday Sale Continues!   20% off both stores…furniture and clothing!  Come in and get your Lynn’s Fix this week.  Sale goes Tuesday 12/19 to Sunday 12/24.  See you soon!

Do you love this customer testing out our awesome rocker in the front window?  LOL!  Can you find him?  Where is Waldo?

We had our company Christmas party (very low key this year) and hosted by Sendia at her home this past Monday…It was so fun!  We talked about death, animals and played Left Right Center….Know it sounds crazy, but it was bonding and a great break for all of us.  A car alarm went off the entire time.  LOL.

Although, we sure missed Val, Peggy, Candy, Martha, Emily & Whale.

Then, my friend Chris Wade showed up at the store on Tuesday, to take me to lunch.  It was a nice distraction.

Now for some new arrivals…sorry not too many.  It was busy in the store with the sale!

Check out this darling table that Sandy and my mom painted with pure white and capability green. It’s priced at only $69.50   So cute!

This awesome bar top and 2 stool set just came in and is priced at $195.00!

And finally, one last cute little side table priced at $75.  Don’t forget about our 20% off sale!

And then, before I forget, it was Carlos’ Gotcha day a few days ago.  We adopted (not shopped) for him 4 years ago.  I love this little scrappy kitty so much.  But, I must tell you that ever since October when I have had so many random dogs staying in my house….he has been living outside.  It breaks my heart.

I try and bring him in every day and only feed him inside, but at this point he is even scared of Cha Cha.  I feel like I have a rescue kitty and am totally blaming myself.  If any of you have been through this and have some advice…I would love to hear it.  I want my kitty back who isn’t afraid of the Cha.  Ughh.

And then here is the “evil” Cha Cha….who really isn’t that evil, but is acting like a typical dog.  I just want everything back to normal.  In more ways than one!

Thanks for shopping LOCAL!  Cha Cha, Indy, Carlos & Houston……

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