Finally An Ezine :) Happy New Year! Lynn’s Latest #001

Well, I did not write an ezine in November nor December….and it is no wonder!  We moved into our new home and I was a little bit busy!  Here is our Christmas Card this year…Pretty funny huh?

Welcome to Lynn’s Latest #001…

Tuesday, January 4th, 2022  (Happy Birthday Lee!)
Watch for it every Thursday or every other Thursday, Friday or Saturday!
Actually, lets be honest…watch for it whenever I get one finished hahahaha
Volume III  Issue 001


The move was horrendous!!!  However, I personally love to move.  We did it in stages.  But, I will get to that later.  First I want to tell you about the winner of the Breast Cancer Raffle in case you missed that in an earlier email.

Thank you to EVERYONE who participated in the Breast Cancer Ribbons of Life Raffle.  Together we raised $690 from ticket sales!  There were two additional cash donations, so grand total of $890 was going to be donated until Sandy threw in an extra $10 to make it a cool $900!

Jane, one of our favorites, won the raffle and she even rode the bike home!  LOVE THIS SO MUCH!

We had the president of Ribbons of Life join us on November 16th at the store to present them with their “big” oversized check.  Super excited to donate to such a great charity.  From left to right, me, Sandy, my mom, Karen (Christine from Caphrodite’s mom), and Sylvia.

Shall we start 2022 off with an eBay score?  I think so!  I bought this super interesting piece back in April at the Avenue Thrift Store (the one that benefits the boys & girls club) for $20.  I put it on eBay with an asking price of $600 because I thought it was super cool.

Finally sold earlier this month for the best offer of $300.  Yipppeeeeee!  Click here if you want to check out the listing.

At the beginning of November, before our crazy move, I was fortunate to attend an Ali Brown Iconic Conference in Scottsdale.  It was a room of 70 women who gross over $1 million per year.  I am not at that level….yet!  It was super inspiring and I came away with some very actionable ideas.

Here I am with Ali at the cocktail party.

The first thing I did when I got back to Ventura, was to hire a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines.  I had been trying for months, if not years, to hire someone locally to do data input, update the website, etc., and could not find anyone!  As you may or may not know, it seems like no one wants to work anymore….could it be all that free government money they are handing out?  Whatever!  I am over it and was able to find an incredible gal, Dulce, who is a game-changer!

I hired her full time and it has been a challenge to keep her busy because she is just too darn efficient!  The first thing I had her do was put all of my store newsletters into a blog format so that it will be easier for people to find back issues etc.  I just had a great idea!  I also have 15 years of eBay newsletters that would also be great in a blog format.  I may have just found something else for her to do!

In any event, here is a link to the BLOG…..sooooooooo exciting!

As you know, we hired the best Instagram gal, Rachelle.  She is doing an amazing job.  Please Please Please follow us @LynnsConsignments on Instagram.  Check out some of her recent posts.

That reminded me that all Christmas is 50% off through Saturday, January 8th.  Some great deals are waiting for you!

OK, I know Halloween has passed, but I have to share this video of Indiana from 6 years ago.  She absolutely killed the Sadness bit!

Check it out here under my Lynn Dralle Instagram account.

Just a reminder of Our CURRENT HOURS:

Tuesday through Saturday 11 am to 5 pm
Sundays 11 am to 3 pm

On the subject of Indiana and her comedic timing, she has now been in two “paid” comedy shows in West Hollywood.  The first one took place on November 6th at the Comedy Nook and was called Character Roulette.  Indy played a nun and an angry LA cyclist (based loosely on her brother hahahaha).  She killed it!

There were 8 of us who attended from Ventura and then a bunch of Indy’s Pepperdine friends. It was a blast! From left to right…..Sandy, Val, Hayden, Marty, Evatt, me, Joanne, Indiana, Clayton, Cat, Emma, Bella, Houston, Jeff, and David. Not sure who the masked man is to the left of Houston….hahaha!

I think it is time we tackle the move and all of its moving pieces….wait…not yet!  Let’s check in on another eBay score first!  Just thinking about writing about the move wears me out 🙂

This was an amazing sale for full price!  $434.99.  OMG.  But, we couldn’t find the item as it had been listed since August of 2015 and was originally on a shelf in the BR.  Stands for the Bathroom at my old office….hahaha!  Luckily, Cindy asked Sandy if she had seen it and Sandy found it on the floor of my current office.  Seriously?  It had been damaged in the past 6 1/2 years and Handy Sandy got out her trusty tools and reframed it!  Saved me a huge sale….Thank you, Sandy!

Here is a link to check out that eBay listing

OK, time to talk about the move.  We got keys on the 11th of November, but it had to be tented for termites.  Still didn’t keep us away and we checked it out with Emma who was seeing it for the first time.  Not much to see though!  Check out that dirt in the backyard though….remember that because we did something cool in it’s place.

The termite tent came off on 11/14 and it was GO time! My mom wasn’t supposed to fly down until Thanksgiving, but she said if I could get her here she would help.  I found her a ticket from Seattle to Burbank and after a super long day of traveling she was in the house.  Thank the LORD!  She single-handedly packed my entire house & the garage…I am not kidding!

I also had Adolio and Sunny all lined up to start moving my eBay merchandise from the old house to the new house.  About 2,500 items that are currently listed had to be moved in addition to about 60 boxes of unlisted eBay merch.  Yikes!  Here they are with my mom after day 1 of the moving process.

Then Indiana decided she wanted a new bed.  She has always had a full size and decided it was time for a Queen.  I am the Queen of Auctions you know!  Crazy, but the bed she found on Craigs List and sent me a photo of was EXACTLY like my bed.  What in the World? (my dad would have said)!

Check this out.  Here is my current King size bed that is a four-poster…can’t really see the whole thing but you get the idea…..and you get to see Carlos get some serious air!

Here is the picture of the bed from Craig’s List that she wanted.  Too funny!

We drove to Camarillo to pick it up in my SUV.  Big Mistake!  Next time I am borrowing a truck :).  Check us out…..well, check out Indiana.  Somehow we got it into the SUV and had to drive with the back door open.  But when we got to Ventura, we could NOT get it out!  Almost broke a window!

Once it was out, time for a celebratory drink and we found our new favorite neighborhood bar….Gigis!  Love this place and it is within walking distance.  Didn’t have a picture from our first night there so will share this one with all of us there at a later date.

Next step in our 2-week long move, was to get all of the outdoor furniture moved over.  Yikes!  Didn’t realize we had sooooooo much stuff!  I do own a furniture store ya know?

My friend from high school, Marty, had mentioned that he had a 25-foot trailer that he uses for his boats.  I thought “oh cool…Indiana and I can load that up no problem”.  Hahahaha.  I didn’t realize that 25 feet was so long and we would need professionals to tie it all down!  In any event, Marty dropped it off and Adolio and Sunny loaded it up and tied it down like the experts they are (thank God for these two!).  What a masterpiece!

You can even see my Costco metal racks that I use for my eBay stuff on this load.  They are huge in person, so this really puts it in perspective.

Adolio and Sunny were with us almost every step of the way on this move.  I honestly don’t know what I would have done without them.  Such troopers!  Love these two!

Here is how my garage looked once the eBay shelves were put in and the eBay items unloaded.

That makes me feel like it is time for an eBay score!  And in some fun news…I was super honored to be included in the first EVER Best of eBay for Business Podcast show.  Pretty cool!  You can listen here.

Check out this eBay score! If you don’t remember I bought a bunch of David Winter Cottages at a Tattoo Mark sale in Palm Desert back in October (I think). I also bought those wooden white house eggs there. More on that later. In any event, when I was at the sale I text Diva Dawn (my cottage expert), and here is our text exchange…..

What I failed to notice, and what I failed to tell Diva Dawn, was that most of the pieces were signed by Mr. David Winter himself!!!  Huge game changer.  Luckily, I didn’t remove the 12 or so cottages from my box when I had heard back from her and this one just sold for $135.71.  (the reason the price is different from the asking price is because I had sent an offer of 22% off).  BTW, those send offers really work!

Maureen (Mo…my eBay assistant extraordinaire) listed these cottages for me and when I saw the high prices I was like WTF?  But then I calmed down and realized she researches the hell out of everything and she must have known what she was doing…that made me pleasantly surprised!

Click here to see the actual auction and learn more.

OK back to the move! I will wrap up the move as quickly as I can.

It was kind of fun to move in slowly…well to take 2 weeks to get out of one house and into another is moving slowly if you ask me! So, here is a photo of the inspiration for my new office! Sooooooo excited to finally have a space dedicated to just an office.

This fun all happened before our BIG REAL move on 11/23.  The Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  Yikes!  I hired a local moving company…..the same one that I had used to move the kids to Marina del Rey.  All I can say is this….they did a great job moving my kids…not such a great job moving me…..actually it was a total shit show after how well my move had been going with Adolio and Sunny.  Ughhhhh!

They took FOREVER and the owner convinced me to have 4 guys there instead of 2 and it COST a FORTUNE!!!   Won’t do that again.  Here are my kids being crazy at 5 pm that night after almost 8 hours of what should have been a 4-hour move.

We enjoyed a really low-key Thanksgiving at the house on 11/25 and then it was back to the MOVE.  We still had a lot of odds and ends in the house and the BARN to move.  Here is a super fun shot of the kids cleaning out the BAR N and packing up Houston’s trains.

On the last day of the move, I had Adolio and Sunny show up to grab the odds n ends. Why are there so many odds n ends? In any event, they were supposed to be there at 9 am. I was ready to go and by 9:15 no Adolio. He is NEVER late by the way. I text him and no response. I was starting to get worried. Maybe he had given up on me. Seriously? I would not have blamed him. This was an EPIC move.

Finally, he rolled in at 9:20…they had had a flat tire. I said “I am so sorry” and in typical Adolio style he said, “Why?” It is not your fault and these things just happen.

Well, those boys & my mom are troopers and they got it all loaded. OMG, we were almost out of the house! Here are my mom and the boys enjoying one last lunch in the old house.

They put the last few pieces in my SUV and I was ready to roll….when everyone noticed I had a flat tire.  Seriously?

Called AAA and guess what?  My spare was flat as well.  The driver tried to fill my tire with the hopes I could make it to the new house.  But to no avail.  I left my SUV at the house waiting for a flatbed, called Houston to meet my mom there and Adolio, Sunny and I left in Adolio’s cool vintage truck.  Just so you know, I had always wanted to ride in his truck, but DEFINITELY under different circumstances.

The good news is this….America’s tire fixed my tire for free and I was back in business.

Also, we were almost out of the old house!  Indiana was in town and helped me clean it up and leave it in amazing shape.

AND on November 30th at 6 pm, we found ourselves at Kinkos/FedEx returning our Dish and AT&T hardware.  While I was inside dealing with that shit show, Indiana was out in the car with Cha Cha making a Tic Tok that went viral.  So much fun!!!  Check it out here.

She has over 1/4 million likes!!!!!  YES!  The surprise is at the end!!!!  Wait for it……

So, we are loving the new house.  Especially the Cha…or Cha Cha as you may know her.  She loves her new front yard, where she gets to run around like crazy.  We call it “the zoomies”.  Check her out!

So before I wrap up the entire moving shenanigans, I must show you what we replaced that dirt in the backyard with.  Remember the photo of the termite tenting and I said…wait for it?

Well here it is…turf and we LOVE it!  Thanks Carlos from VC turf.  You did an awesome job!

The day after the turf was put in, was my last day working at the store before I left for Palm Desert and a wedding.  Yes, my life is a bit crazy and busy, but I love it so much!  That night was the Ventura Inspiration guide dinner at Brophy Bros.  So excited to be a part of this guide for the second year!

Our picture in the inspiration guide is soooooo cool!  All the gals were telling me how much they loved it!  I asked them why?  And they told me that it was a picture that they wanted to be a part of…or visit or be in that same space.  They loved the green, they loved Indy holding Cha Cha, etc.  It made me super happy to hear!  And drum roll please…here is our page in the current Ventura Inspiration guide.  LOVE THIS!

The day after that party, I left for Palm Desert and a wedding.  My super great friend Kel’s son, Zak, was marrying his love, Ellie.  Had to be there for that!  I am thinking that I may need to cut this ezine short.  As in, there is no way I can cover my nephews and our awesome Christmas inn this same ezine.  It will just be too long.  So, I have decided that after my coverage of the wedding and my amazing time in the desert I will call it a day and finish the rest of my Christmas story in a few weeks.

My friend Wayne was here at the house recently helping to build a banquette for my kitchen and I asked him, “Do you receive my newsletters” and he said “Yes”.  and I said “Do you read them?” and he said, “They are really long”…….That pissed me off…because I pour my heart and soul into these and if you don’t care to read them, unsubscribe!  Oh well, because of that, I will try and do more of them and make them less LOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNG!

NOPE, just thought about it…not going to make them shorter to please anyone.  I write these mainly for my kids to have a “baby book” or record of their lives.  So, I am just going to keep doing me!

But let me show you that banquette that Wayne was building.  First, here are the church pews I bought from a store consignor.

Here is the work in progress with JB and Wayne and finally the finished product! Gonna be so cool once I paint it with Annie Sloan (either Pure or a green to match our kitchen tile) and get those cushions recovered.  Anyone know a good upholsterer?  I really need one!

OK, but back to the wedding.  Here was my first stop on my way into town.  LOL!

The next day was me hitting garage sales and then getting my eyebrow tattoo touched up.  OMG, the first garage sale I went to had a set of flatware and from their ad, this is what it said.

OK, what does “Sterling Silver Plated Silverware Set” even mean?  LOL.  For one thing, if your item says either “Sterling” or “925” on it…it is STERLING SILVER.  There is no such thing as Sterling Silver Plated.  I felt bad for the ladies having the sale, but whatever.  I bought a ton of other stuff and even spent $60 on their hand-sewn tea towels.  So, long story short, I walked out with a Sterling Silver set of flatware that cost me $20.

I immediately drove to my favorite jeweler and he weighed it all out and offered me $685 for the pile.  SCORE!  My mini-vacation and wedding attendance were turning out to be super fun!

The next morning, Sherry Mesa cut my hair and it was go time. Wedding is at 3:30.  Such a fun time with my girl posse.  I got to stay at Candy’s house in the Casita.  Candy and Ron are the best hosts and they plied me with champagne before the ceremony.  Here is my post from Instagram.  LOL.

The wedding was AMAZING!  Here I am with the mother of the groom (Kel) and Candy before it got CRAZY!

Unfortunately, we didn’t get any more pictures of us…my best girlfriends, but here is a super cute one of the bride and groom.  LOVE you Zak and Ellie!

So the morning after the wedding, I wake up in Dunphy’s casita and walk into the main house and they are like….”Bloody Mary?”….I fought it for like an hour and finally, I caved in….LOL…such great friends and such a fun time!

OK, so next up is my nephews coming for Christmas. They were scheduled to arrive on 12/20. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!! Here they are after they first arrived.

That night we FINALLY got to celebrate Indiana and Emma’s birthdays with a dinner out to Prime.  Super fun evening!

Sorry, didn’t get very many good pictures from that dinner.  Our biggest mistake was taking them after the meal….when the table is a mess.  But later that night, I got a fun shot of all of the “kids” chilling in Houston’s Villa watching a Marvel movie.  This new house has a separate living space that is now Houston’s room when he visits and the kids have dubbed it the “Villa”.  Cracks me up.  It will get decorated soon, so consider this the “before”!  And YES!  That is my grandmother’s couch that they are all sitting on…except for King Houston who is in his bed.  LOL!

The next day we left for Disneyland!!!!  OMG, I haven’t been there in ages.  We stayed at the Disneyland hotel and spent the first day in California Adventure.  Here we are visiting Santa Claus.

Later that afternoon as we returned to the hotel, there was a wedding going on complete with a pumpkin carriage.  I think Kai got a kick out of seeing it…I know I did!

After dinner, my mom decided to stay in (it was cold) and the 7 of us (me, Lee, Hous, Indy, Zach, Kai and Emma) all headed back to close down the park!  While the big kids were on the roller coaster, Kai and I did the Inside Out Ride and then we all met up for CARS (so fun) and our final ride of the night, Tower of Terror.  I have NEVER been on that one and only did it because Kai guy was a bit scared.  I guess it is now called Guardians of the Galaxy.  In any event, it was super scary and SOOOOOOO much fun!  I LOVED it!

Although, Kai and I look pretty scared in this pic!

After that, they all wanted a photo through the vintage TV.  How cute is this pic?

We lasted until the very end and left the park as it was closing at 10 pm. Not to end the evening early, the kids all opted for some CRAZY shakes! They were seriously HUGE!

The next day we were at the front gates of Disneyland right at 8 am when they opened and we ran to the newest ride Star Wars:  Rise of the Resistance.  But if you can believe it, it was closed for repairs….Ughhhh!  So we went on Galaxy’s Edge instead.  Not a fan!

But then, it was on to Thunder Mountain.  I am a huge fan!  This was one of the first rides we took Houston one when he was 3 years old because he loved trains.  Not a good idea!  He was scared of it for a few years after :).

Then it was time for Pirates of the Caribbean which is my favorite ride at Disney.  So much fun and on a whim, I asked at the Blue Bayou on the way out if there was any chance that they would have room for the 8 of us for lunch?  NO WAY!  They did!  Such a fun experience.  And I won’t tell you how much that cost!

Then it was time for Splash Mountain, the Haunted Mansion, and back to the hotel for a quick break before dinner.

We had dinner at the Tiki restaurant in the hotel.  Super good and fun cocktails and then it was back to the park to get in line for the Star Wars Resistance ride that was back up and running.  Wooo Hooo.  Wait time was going to be 200 minutes.  Seriously?  Houston and Emma had been on it and said “we must do it”.  OK!

With lots of time in line, we talked a lot and took goofy pictures.  Our wait time turned out to only be 90 minutes when it was all said and done!  Not bad!

Snapped a pic of my kids’ hair colors.  Crazy!  Houston’s is bleached out from all of his cycling and Indiana just had hers colored blonde.  Isn’t it amazing how similar they look?

Back to that ride, I  have to agree with Houston and Emma, it was definitely worth the wait!  Then we went on the carousel and I called it a night.  The next morning we had reserved a cabana at the pool!

Well, the next morning it was pouring.  Luckily, I had booked us breakfast at Storytellers Cafe, and off we went and I canceled the cabana!  My older kids still love the character!  Zach and Kai couldn’t be bothered as they were busy building a tower of Watermelon rinds.  I accidentally threw away Kai’s first 7 so we all had to eat a TON of watermelon!  You can see the finished Watermelon brigade in the last photo.  LOL!

After breakfast, it was the perfect time to grab a family photo in front of the Grand Californian Tree.  Don’t you agree?

Even though it was raining, we all decided to go swimming anyway! Why not? We were at the most magical place on earth…right?

We checked out at noon and headed back to Ventura in the pouring rain.  Luckily, traffic was not too bad and it was back into Christmas mode!  I had something very special planned for all of those involved….stay tuned!

Christmas Eve day, Zach, Kai, Mor Mor, Cha Cha and I manned the store so that all the girls could have some extra time off.  We had fun!

Emma was flying out on Christmas morning, so we celebrated with her on Christmas Eve.  Funny story…well aren’t most of them funny?  My mom did not know what to get Emma for Christmas so she asked Houston for some ideas.  Being the “boy” that he is, he texts her this….Color Block Mid Century Cookware.

OK, what he really meant was this she loves Color Block clothing, anything Mid Century and needs cookware.  There were no commas between any of the words.  My mom took it to heart and actually found Emma a Dansk Kobenhavn Cooking Pan in a bright color-blocked Yellow.  LOL!!!!  It was a HUGE hit!

Christmas day was going to be very special to me this year.  You see, ten years ago was the last Christmas that my sister spent at home with her boys.  They were 3 and 5.  She was dying of cancer and knew that it would be their last one together.  She scraped up all of the money she could and bought them the most expensive Wi Game Console and games that she could.  Then to make it super special, she made a scavenger hunt for them.

As you can imagine, I wasn’t writing my ezines during this time, but I did do an update while we were on a cruise right before Christmas.  If you want to read that one, here is a link.

This is what Kiki and the boys looked like in November of 2011 while we were on that cruise right before their last Christmas with their Mama.  Such little buttons!

I decided that not only would I do a scavenger hunt for the boys, but I would also do one for everyone!!  So as I watched everyone open their packages, I couldn’t wait for them to finish so that I could tell them all that their BIG gifts were not under the tree, but would be waiting for them at the end of a very special scavenger hunt!

I asked them to all leave the house so I could place all 42 clues Oh My!…why not take Cha Cha on a walk?  Here they are returning to the house!

I think they all had fun! I did mess up a bit when I couldn’t remember what one of my rhyming Christmas clues was…eventually I remembered that it was pots and pans and Houston was able to find his final clue. LOL! My mom even teared up when she opened her gift (a solar generator). Honestly, I think it was the best Christmas EVER!

The next day was back to the store!  Indy, Zach, Kai, Mor Mor, and I ran the store so that the girls could have more time off, and besides it was FUN!

Indy and Kai redid the black and white vignette.  Seriously nice work kids!

And Zach redid all of the Baggu and updated inventory counts!  Seriously, my sister would be so proud of these boys!

Well, you may be thinking that a wrap…but wait…there’s more!  LOL!  We still had our trip up to the Madonna Inn.  We left on the 28th and stopped in Pismo Beach for lunch.  I LOVE that little beach town.  We arrived at the Madonna Inn around 1 pm and were headed to check-in when Houston wanted to test a theory.

He has been watching Tik Tok’s about tipping the front desk person when you check-in and saying to them “If there is anything you can do to make our stay more memorable I would appreciate it”.  He claimed that you needed to tip at least $50 and that supposedly you would get extra service, free chocolates, maybe a bottle of wine, etc.  I was NOT buying it.  I am a good tipper, but only after something has been done that is worth tipping for.

Houston said to test his theory he would be willing to pitch in $20 if I put in another $20.  So off we went.  Handed the money to John and said “if you can help us get dinner reservations for all 6 of us that would be great”.  He giggled and was pleased with the tip.  After trying to arrange an early dinner for all of us didn’t pan out, he tried to give the money back and we said: “No, just help make our stay memorable”.

We headed over to wait in the bar area for our rooms to be ready and I noticed that there was someone at the Alex Madonna steak restaurant front desk.  I asked Ethan what he could do for the six of us and “voila” he had us down for a table at 5 pm.  I don’t think John had anything to do with this, but you never know….that was about all we got for our $40.  Whatever!  The dinner was amazing!  So much fun!

After dinner, they all went swimming again (in the rain) and had a blast!  We had brought a beach ball and they had so much fun getting to 100 consecutive touches.  It really amazed me how well the cousins got along.  You see, my kids are exactly 10 years older than Kiki’s boys.  Houston is 25, Zach is 15 and Indiana is 23, Kai is 13.  It was a really special trip!

The Madonna Inn is famous for its theme rooms. When I booked the hotel back in October, I wanted one room that had a rock shower (thought the boys would love that) and then a bigger room for more of us to stay in. I decided upon the Madonna Suite and The Country Gentleman. Crazy! My brother stopped by on his way home to Berkeley and we both commented on how much the Madonna Suite reminded us of our Grandmother, Cheryl Leaf. Pink, Roses, Cherubs, very ornate. And then we realized how much the Country Gentleman reminded us of our Grandfather, Elmer Leaf. Pheasants on the walls, fireplace, warm wood tones, etc. My grandfather was a hunter and my grandmother a collector. Such irony!

The next morning, we went to have breakfast in the Copper Kettle but it was booked.  We figured out that we could also order breakfast from the bar, so we were there right at 10 when it opened.  I am sure our server Shelby wasn’t happy but we tipped her well!  As we were waiting, Kai mentioned that he really wanted to take home one of their champagne cakes…which are epic by the way!  So he and I headed over to the bakery to get one.  But before we left, I snapped this pic of the boys and their breakfasts.  Yes, Kai is having a banana split…that was my dad’s favorite thing in the world!

We get up to the counter and they are completely sold out. Apparently, you have to be there at 6 am or reserve one ahead of time. Ughhhhh. I asked if we could order 4-6 slices and she said sure. Kai had this look on his face that I just can’t explain. He was sooooo upset and did not want a few slices…he wanted a whole cake and Jerene who was working that day could see the pain on his face. I asked him what was up? He couldn’t even tell me. Jerene saw that this was really important to him and off she went to find out what she could do.

As she walked back up to the counter she said…”Oh my are you lucky…someone just called in and canceled their order”. That was a lie for sure, but boy did she make a little boy happy! I pulled out $10 to tip her and Kai said “No Auntie Lynn, you have to give her $20”. He gave me a $20 out of his own wallet to give her. Seriously, both Kai and I were tearing up…well, actually I was crying. I told Jerene how this Christmas was so special this year since his mom had passed away 10 years ago. She mentioned that her mother had passed away six years ago and that this was a hard time for her as well. I think we were all crying…but Kai got his cake! Another Christmas miracle. I swear Kiki was looking over all of this year. We had perfect weather when we needed it and everything was just amazing!

We went thrifting in SLO after checking out of the Madonna Inn…I am sure I will have some great scores to share with you soon!

The next morning Zach and Kai hit the gym (The Vent) and did a fun workout with Bree.  Houston and Indiana left that day to go back to the Marina.  Ughhhh, didn’t want this holiday to end it was so special!

That night was their (my moms and the boys) last night in town, and we were invited over to my friend Steve’s house to see his remodel.  Steve lives in the house where Peggy (who works at the store) grew up.  It is such a cool house, but he completely redid it and I have to tell you….it was and is amazing!  His house should be featured in Architectural Digest (although he did say it will probably be in Dwell Magazine which is actually way cooler than AD)!

And that pretty much wraps up our amazing holiday!  Sad to see them go, but it is time to get back to reality, unpack my house, and work on my new clothing consignment store!

Yes, I have secured a location and y’all are going to LOVE this!  We are going to open up on February 1st in the back paint room.  We have 500 square feet back there and once we have upgraded it with hardwood floors, a white ceiling, chandeliers, and changing rooms…it is going to be PERFECT!  Watch for an email soon asking for clothing submissions–we will tell you what brands and styles we are looking for…so fun!  Here is what the paint room looked like when we held classes back there.  And yes, we will be announcing paint classes soon for this January!

Oh, I almost forgot…we have gotten in sooooooo much amazing furniture.  I just haven’t had time to photograph it and get it on the website, so please stop in.  Sofa’s galore…leather, cloth, sectionals, reclining, velvet, etc., etc.

This sectional in Navy Blue for $995 has sold, but we have the exact same one in a beautiful gray for the same price.

This antique secretary just came in and at $295 it is a steal!!  This one won’t last.

This beautiful leather couch is in our front window and is down to $716!

Sooooo, to get ready for the new clothing consignment store in the back, we are going to need to get rid of a LOT of outdoor furniture, etc. from the double garages…nothing new from the paint room though.  So, I am thinking about doing a 50% off sale back there once I go through everything.  Watch your emails for the announcement!!!!

In super sad news, someone who was very important in my kids (and my) life passed away on Sunday.  Father Jack from Xavier College Prep in Palm Desert (where my kids went to high school).

Here we are with Father Jack back in 2016 after a boat ride around Lake Mirage.  He was a part of our family!

He was a doll.  He wrote the song “Teddy Bear Hero” and was just an all-around wonderful man.  He will be very missed!

Oh crap, I was almost done but wanted to share some of my favorite photos of my sister, Kiki. With the boys here, we pulled out a bunch of old photo albums and they picked some photos to take back home with them. I scanned them all in and here are my top 4 favs from this trip. We will need to do this EVERY time they visit. I have 1,000s of photos. I LOVE photos and I LOVE and MISS my sister.

Let’s end on a happy note with a final eBay score….Check out this super cool dancer figurine that I sold for a Best Offer of $175.  I paid $20 for her.  SCORE!  You can read more about her here.

Alright, once last score…well potential score.  This amazing pair of Baccarat Candle Holders came in from two of my favorite consignors, Pat and Bill Clark.  They found them at a garage sale here in Ventura.  Fingers crossed that they sell soon!

Check them out here!

Take care and we hope to see you soon!  Sandy, Peggy, me and
Val!  Also, Candy (not pictured)….

Thanks for reading my ezines!  I appreciate it….as always!

eBay with Heart & Design with Heart……Lynn


P.S.  All of the professional photos I use on Instagram, Facebook, and in these newsletters were taken by my friend Denise’s daughter, Jaclyn Sabo.  She is amazing!   To learn more about Jaclyn….

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