Head Vases for $360?…Lynn’s Latest #24

Just got back from a wonderful “busman’s” holiday in Bellingham!

A “busman’s” holiday is basically a working holiday.  I was in town to source for the store and eBay.  Think about a bus driver who goes on vacation with his family and spends the entire time driving…get it?

Here we are visiting my sister’s grave.

We may look happy, but of course, we miss my sister and the boys miss their mom more than we will ever know.  We were just so happy to see one another after a year of being apart because of Covid etc.

From left to right are Kai (age 12), their Dad John, Zach (age 14) my mom (we will leave her age out of this), my brother Lee, me, and Indiana.

Welcome to Lynn’s Latest #24…

August 14th, 2020
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Volume I  Issue 24


I shouldn’t have left my mom’s age out of the intro since we just got back from celebrating her 84th Birthday!

Her actual birthday is August 18th, but Indy has to head back to the Malibu area for school this week and wouldn’t be able to travel any later.  The party was a success!  About 15 people came in shifts and we were able to socially distance quite well.

Pictured from left to right, Sue (my stepmom), Anita (one of my mom’s good friends), Cole (Sue’s grandson and Indy’s cousin), Indiana, Brandon, Sharin (another of my mom’s good friends), my mom and my brother Lee (holding the screen door that he fixed for her).

But let’s rewind to the beginning of our trip.  Houston wasn’t able to join us because he was back in OKC getting ready to teach high school.  We had invited Brandon (Indy’s boyfriend) to go with us and we are sure glad he accepted the invitation.  The trip was a blast!

Here are the kids on the plane (which was super empty btw).

I have never seen LAX so empty!  The restaurants and bars were closed except for takeout.  When in your life have you ever been able to walk around with a “to-go cocktail”?  Try never!  I had to snap a pic of my screwdriver on my knee.  Crazy!  Some perks to this Covid.

Just a reminder of our current store hours…..
Tuesday to Sunday 11 to 3.

We do stay late if there are customers so if you are in the area check us out to see if we are still open after 3 pm.

Another reminder that this is what our front window looks like…with the neutral pallet of furniture that is staying in place (until someone buys something) like someone did a few days ago…..ugh! Just kidding! We appreciate any and every sale!

For the first two weeks, the window had red accessories.  It was a hit!  Here it is from the street at night.

Here it is from the side in red.  Check out that cabinet to the very left on the table (you can see just a corner of it)…that is the one that sold.

We changed the front window out to orange accessories before I left for Washington.  Here is a photo from the side.  I need to stay out past dark to get a good photo from the street.  If anyone reading this does travel past at night and can get me a good shot, I would greatly appreciate it!

Sandy and Doug replaced the cabinet that sold with a darling hall tree (entrance piece).  You can see it pretty clearly in this photo.  It really made the window POP even more!  Great choice guys!

Here is that Hall Tree for sale on our website.  But, please don’t buy it.  Just Kidding!

Sometime next week or the week after.  I will be changing the window to YELLOW.  Please look around your homes, go outsourcing and help me gather YELLOW accessories.  I look forward to seeing what you all can bring me!

One of my consignors brought in a carload of yellow while I was in Washington and we were too busy to take it all in, so PLEASE bring it back.  This is what some of it looked like.  FUN!

Time to share an eBay score before we get to some AMAZING news!  Check out this set of brass napkin rings that sold for $97.43 this past week.  Aren’t they cute?  Check out more about the maker at the listing here.

While we were in Bellingham, my time hop showed a photo from just 4 years ago.  It was my family (including my dad) at Dos Padres in Bellingham for dinner.  We typically go to Bellingham every August to make sure that my mom gets a birthday party!  So lots of memories and it just highlights how much I miss my Dad.

In this photo from Left to Right, Houston, Mor Mor, my stepmom Sue, Indiana, my dad, and me.

Here is another photo that popped up from that same day 4 years ago.  The kids standing outside Dos Padres with my dad.  Dos Padres is no more (what I wouldn’t give for one of their taco salads right now) and my dad is no more (what I wouldn’t give for one of his “What in the Worlds? right now).

Whenever we go to Greenacres Memorial Cemetery in Ferndale, WA, I have quite a few folks to pay my respects to.  Of course, my sister, my grandma, my grandpa, and my dad.  Here we are at my Dad’s final resting place in the Veterans section.  Miss you Papa!

One of my best friends from high school is also buried at Greenacres.  Usually, I can find her right away as she is under a huge tree (probably the one right behind me in the above picture).  But, for some reason this time I couldn’t find her.  I had everyone helping me and we walked round & round with no luck.  Jodi Cadman, I know you know that I was there to pay my respects.

Another way to keep Jodi in my heart is to share story #38 about her from my book “eBay Money Making Madness More 100 Best Things I’ve Sold on eBay”.

The picture on the cover of her funeral program was taken on a cruise to Mexico that Jodi talked me into going on with her husband Bob, and our good friends Kathy Rutan and Jo Dallas. It was just the five of us and we went on that cruise in 1998 just two months after Indiana was born. I still don’t know how Jodi talked me into leaving my newborn to go and celebrate her cancer remission, but she did! She passed away 5 years later. One thing that sticks out in my mind about Jodi is it’s “I hope you dance!” Don’t forget that!

BTW, Kiki, my dad, and Jodi all died from Cancer. CANCER SUCKS.

Time for an eBay score that could have happened, but did NOT. This cameo belonged to my grandmother and was the pièce de résistance in her collection. She wore it almost every day on her jacket lapel. The reason she loved this cameo so much is that it had two things that were very special to her Cherubs/Angels and playing marbles. What a great hand-carved antique shell cameo.

Here is a link to the listing.

This is a super rare cameo and while we were in Bellingham, I got an offer of $4,500 for it.  I conferred with my mom and brother and we decided to take it.  The buyer NEVER paid!  I hate it when that happens on eBay and it happens A LOT!  I guess my grandmother wants us to keep this little piece of her for a bit longer.  Fine with me!

Here is a photo of her wearing it at my 2nd graduation from USC (this time for my MBA).  Left to Right….Lee, Kiki, Cheryl Leaf (my grandma), me, my mom, my dad, and William (my ex-husband).

OK, back to the store!  See what happens when I go on a “busman’s holiday”…I forget all about my super fun store.  Check out some of our new arrivals and don’t forget we try and upload as many new items as possible each week to the website.

For those of you who are consignors and for those of you who are not…just a huge heads up!  We need DESKS and anything that can be used as a DESK.  All of this homeschooling and work from home has created a HUGE shortage.   Please help us out!

Exciting News! Baggu (who makes those amazing reusable bags that we sell), also makes masks! The masks are now IN STOCK. $32.00 for a set of 3. My kids LOVE them! Come in and check them out!

While in Bellingham, I stumbled across an estate find in one of the local stores.  36 Head vases!  What pray tell is a Head Vase?  Well, let’s find out together.

This is from Google….

“The terms “head vase,” “lady head vase,” or “head planters” refer to a style of ceramic vase popularized during the 1950s and generally featuring the head or bust of a person, usually a woman. … Originally, head vases were produced by florist companies to hold the bouquets they sold.”

Nice!  I bought 36 of them for $10 each or $360!  Here is a photo of them while I was packing them up for shipping on my mom’s deck this past Tuesday morning.  Seriously?  Was that only 3 days ago?  Yikes!  No wonder I am exhausted.

I ended up shipping 25 of them and I took 11 of them on the plane with me in my carry-on.  OMG!  The Bellingham TSA had to search my bag and take each and everyone out.  Give me a break!  Here is one that I already have listed on eBay.  Fingers crossed that I make 10 times my money.  That is ALWAYS my goal on eBay.  By the way, this got a bid right after I listed it.  Now, this is going to be FUN!

Check out that listing here.

For those of you who want to follow along with my “head vase” auction drama, here is a link to see them once they are all listed.  It may take me a few days….the box hasn’t arrived yet, so check back often.

Many of you have asked me if I would teach a “How to Sell on eBay” course here in Ventura.  The response has been phenomenal.  I will be announcing a course in the next few weeks!

But for now, we are going to announce a PAINT YOUR OWN PIECE with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Class.  Socially distanced in my back parking lot!  You bring the small piece (approved by us) and we provide the paint, the wax, the brushes, and the guidance.  Can’t wait to see 8 of you on Tuesday, August 25th from 3 to 6 pm.  $99 per person.

You can sign up here NOW before we sell out!

Here is a recent Instagram post for a GORGEOUS Turquoise piece that has got me excited to teach the upcoming class.  I might even attempt this in front of my 8 students! FUN FUN!

Don’t forget that you can always order your paint supplies on our website.………

Shop Annie Sloan Here

Carlos was beside himself that we left him alone for almost a week.  I am kidding.  He had someone (Cindy’s son) come in twice a day for the 6 days we were gone.  He still missed us like crazy as we did him.  Here he is when we got home.  Not taking his eyes off of us!  LOL…we LOVE you King Carlos!

Indiana was so upset when Pepperdine announced their news two weeks ago regarding in-person classes. I can’t blame her. We did find her a place to move into that is Pepperdine adjacent and that has cheered her up a lot. She has been doing a floor plan (just like my mom and grandpa used to do with graph paper etc.). Here is her layout and Carlos just knows something is up and is not happy about it. He couldn’t stop rolling all over the graph paper. LOL.

Last photo of our “King”. Yes, he is really cute and regal and he knows it. Here he is just being “Carlos”…the best cat ever!

Before I forget, let me wrap up my recent Bellingham trip.  We usually head over to Lummi Island on the Ferry for lunch or dinner during our stays.  Unfortunately, the Beach House Cafe was closed…so we decided to take a picnic over that we ate at Legoe Bay.  So much fun!  This might become a new tradition.

For mother’s day, my kids gave me a Fire Stick. So awesome! Now, I can watch Netflix and Amazon prime shows on my tv and not on my computer. I love it! So, I decided to get my mom one. However, I knew that it would be hard for her to change from HDMI 1 to HDMI 2, etc. When I was ordering I saw that there is a FIRE stick TV. OMG! Problem solved. I would just buy her a Fire TV to put next to her regular TV. She loved it! AND a great gift idea for anyone in your life that is remote challenged. All my mom has to do is say “play Casablanca” or “play dirty dancing”.

Final update from our Bellingham trip.  One of my best friends, Jo Dallas, came out to spend the last night watching the sunset on the beach with us.  Check out this crazy photo we took!  Love the sunset in the background.

There is some AMAZING news that I have been waiting to share!  Indiana is getting a Goldendoodle puppy on October 3rd!  We found an amazing breeder in Ventura County and we are over the MOON!  Check out the mama dog with her puppies.  One of these will be coming home with Indiana soon!

In more Indy news, I helped her move into her new off-campus apartment last night.  I am exhausted as I am sure she is and also Sandy who loaned us her truck and helped us tie down the furniture!  Sure helps to have a mom that owns a furniture store…right?  Here are Sandy and Indy with the truck loaded and ready to go to Agoura Hills!

Here is Indy in her new room after her bed was made.

Here is Indy in her and Syd’s new room with a sectional (she bought it at Lynn’s Consignments)!  The sectional was originally left-facing and I am beyond proud of my daughter who was easily able to change it to right facing.  Way to go Indy!

I am going to end this ezine with a photo of Hous the Goose and Emma on their road trip back to Oklahoma City!  I miss you two!  Come back soon 🙂

Thanks for reading my ezines!  I appreciate it….as always!

eBay with Heart & Design with Heart……Lynn


P.S.  All of the professional photos I use on Instagram, Facebook, and in these newsletters were taken by my friend Denise’s daughter, Jaclyn Sabo.  She is amazing!   To learn more about Jaclyn….https://www.jaclynszabo.com/

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