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Hi Everyone!

eBay Live was so amazing! It was so great to meet you all in person! I am still in Las Vegas trying to get this written before we go and see Huey Lewis and the News tonight. How cool is that? But back to the ezine–and eBay Live. I met so many wonderful eBayers, learned so many new things, and talked to a lot of companies with great products that will help all of our businesses. I am going to review these products and get back to you in the next few newsletters with those that I think will help you.

In this issue, I want to talk about a way to help you increase your sales. Please read the section “I made $2,000 with my auctions during eBay Live” and listen to the Griff interview for some great ideas!

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June 17, 2006 Volume II, Issue 7

  • I made $2,000 with my auctions while I was at eBay Live!
  • Listen to my Griff and Lee Interview
  • Next e-Course starts June 19th – Don’t miss out!

I made $2,000 with my auctions while I was at eBay Live!

While I was exhibiting at eBay live, I was asked to do an interview with Griff and Lee for eBay WS Radio. I love their show and was honored to be included as one of their “eBay Gurus”. One of the questions that they asked was “What are two important selling tips for our listeners?”

There was only time to discuss one because we went into a lot of depth with my first tip… “When to Move Your Items Into an eBay Store.” If you want to know more about this, please follow the link to the Griff interview in the next section.

Since I didn’t have time to discuss the second tip, I thought my eBay Live Newsletter would be the perfect place. It is all about “Collections”.

When you are out buying, try and purchase entire collections. The first reason is that you can get a great price if you take everything and secondly when you list like items that a collector is interested in, you will get buyers that want multiple items and want to save on shipping. They are more motivated than a buyer of a single item. Motivation tends to drive your bid prices higher than you can imagine!

Great example, two weekends before eBay Live I was out garage saling. I typically will not drive to a certain area of my valley because I have never found anything great there. However, the advertisement stated that they had Royal Doulton and Limoge boxes. A collection! So, Indy (my daughter) and I made the 20-minute drive to the sale. We got there at about 10:45 and the two “Collections” were still available. Amazing! But in the Desert during June it gets really hot and there aren’t as many people out buying at garage sales. Also, it was in a bad area of town. Remember, don’t overlook a certain section of town.

The collections consisted of nine Royal Doulton Figurines and 19 Halcyon Days Battersea Boxes. They weren’t even Limoges boxes–they were Battersea. Even better! If you don’t already have my book Money-Making Madness you should definitely get it and read story #13 about Battersea and Halcyon Days. You can buy it here.

Anyway, I asked the gentleman the prices and he wanted between $100 and $200 for each Royal Doulton and $35 for each Halcyon Day Box. I asked “How much for everything?’ and he said that a dealer had told him that he would pay $1,500. I told him that it sounded like it was already sold. The man said that it wasn’t for sure and that he would sell it at a discount because “a bird in hand is worth two in the bush.” We agreed on $1,250.

As most of you know, I don’t usually spend so much for my items. However, these were high quality and I knew that it was a great price from my years of experience. I also knew that selling a “collection” INDIVIDUALLY would drive up the prices. Bidders want to buy multiples because then they can save on shipping. This is a huge incentive and something that I would mention in each and every listing. A kink in my plan was that the seller only wanted cash, so Indy and I had to drive another hour round trip to my bank to get the money!

It was so worth it. While I was at eBay live, I sold every item but two, for almost $3,000. I still have those two items left and I think that I can get $200 for them. That netted me $2,000 on that one purchase! To prove my point about “Collections”, every bidder bought at least two items except for three (out of 21 items). It was a very motivating factor that I had “collections” up for sale.

The item that sold for the most money was the Doulton Fortune Teller Figurine for $286.60 with 16 bids and it is going to Australia.

As a really neat ending note, while the auctions were going on, my Dad saw the Halcyon Days boxes in my office. He had flown down to Palm Desert to watch my kids while I went to eBay Live. What a great Dad! Anyway, he asked me if he could buy one of the boxes. And I said that no, they were all already listed on eBay and would sell for at least $100 each. After he walked out of my office, I thought “How rude was that?”

I followed him into the other room and asked why he wanted one. It turns out that he collects them and I didn’t even know that! I said, OK, which one is your favorite? Even though most of them had bid, I thought I could figure out something. Remember, Father’s Day is this Sunday. My dad never had much growing up and never asks for anything. He wouldn’t tell me his favorite. I said, “Fine, I will just pick one for you.”

So, he took a look and picked the one pictured here.

It says, “I may not be rich or famous but my grandchildren are priceless.” It was really neat because that is the exact one that I would have chosen for my grandmother if she were still alive. She collected little boxes and had many Halcyon Days pieces.

I quickly got on eBay to see how I could cancel the auction without making any bidders angry. Guess what? It was one of the only boxes without a bid! I quickly ended the auction with the notation that the item was no longer available for sale and I had a wonderful Father’s day gift for my dad! How cool is this? P.S. Please don’t tell him that this is what he is getting!

Interview with Griff During eBay Live

Listen to my interview on eBay Radio with Griff and Lee; the interview is great! Griff and Lee are pictured in my new book, Money Making Madness, story #81. You should hear them rave about the book. Please listen in because I guarantee you will learn something.

Here is a link to the interview in mp3 format, or you can access the page with other listening options here.

Here is a photo of us during the interview.

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Wow, week six already??? Time sure flies when you’re having fun… and it has been lots of fun!

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help these past weeks and for your fabulous e-course!

I had bought two other “How-To-Make-A-Million-Dollars-On-eBay” courses previously but never managed to do much more than get myself registered as a seller after reading them.

Your e-course gave me the swift kick I needed to get going and actually start selling!

There was something about having weekly assignments to complete and knowing that someone was out there watching my progress, that made a HUGE difference for me.

Having a logical step-by-step plan of action was a tremendous help. It wasn’t one of those “Buy my book then you’re on your own, quit bugging me” type of deals. You were there to answer questions and lend a helping hand every step of the way…

So, thank you, thank you, thank you for finally getting me going! Selling on eBay is fun!”

Karla Goble, Littleton, CO, and recent graduate!

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