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Wow, it has been hard getting back to work after recovering from bronchitis. I am so grateful that I am feeling better because the amount of energy required every Saturday morning to find treasures is enormous. I did hit a great charity sale this past weekend so please read on to learn more about the best strategy for charity sales.

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March 22, 2007, Volume III, Issue 11

Dear friends,

I am so happy to be feeling almost 100% again. When I don’t feel well, it is a lot harder to get things done quickly and efficiently.

Thank goodness; my high energy level was back just in time for an amazing charity sale this past Saturday. It is held every year at a church here in town. I have missed the past two years because of baseball tournaments so you had better believe that my mom and I were some of the first folks in line at 7:30 am!

My feature article is about making a plan of attack for these incredible sales–the ones that come along once in a blue moon! Don’t miss reading this one.

You must have a plan of attack for a charity sale!

Also, the Bellingham footage is ready! I am so excited to announce this to you all. I just know that it can help you all even more and that is my goal–to have each and every one of you just as successful on eBay as I am. Just don’t move to Palm Desert! We may have to have a turf war. Just kidding!

This week we have another great story about the things you all have sold on eBay. This one comes from my friend Sally. I met Sally last year at BEA (Book Expo America) in Washington DC. It is always so fun for me to meet you all in person. I hope that you can stop by our booth at eBay Live! in Boston this June to say hello–Booth #528! Click here for more about eBay Live!

Finally, I am hard at work on the audio CDs for the 1st and 2nd 100 Best books. Don’t miss out on our introductory pricing. These 12-16 CDs are a lot of fun and I know you will learn great things!

Here’s to Successful eBaying!

Lynn Dralle, ‘The Queen of Auctions,’ Creator of the best-selling eBay Boot Camp in a Box.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, can you imagine how much a moving picture is worth? We are excited to be adding that much value to our Boot Camp in a Box.

Something special has been brewing this month at the behind-the-scenes office of my brother, Lee. I am happy to announce that it is done percolating! We have uncovered never-seen-before footage from my Bellingham Boot Camp. It is all video–not just audio.

It is ready to go and it is awesome! We are offering a special pre-sale price for one week only. This low price will expire at midnight on Thursday, March 29th.

By the way, It will only be offered to the current Boot Camp in a Box owner. If you are a Boot Camp owner–please watch for a special email coming to your inbox.

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And keep in mind that this is a completely different event than the LAX audio included in the Boot Camp in a Box. Different people, different experiences and actual garage sale footage will show you many more important lessons and dimensions to help your eBay business grow and grow! We even have a half-hour presentation by a book expert!

Boot Camp in a Box…Wow!

I am well into my 4th disk, (I just had to stop and email you before continuing) and I am so excited and that emotion doesn’t even come close to what I feel. You have opened up a whole new world for me!…What I am trying to tell you is this I have so much hope and faith in your course, knowing that it is going to help me succeed financially. You have so much knowledge and information that I needed to help me grow my business.

Carmen S., Staten Island, NY

I am really excited about this and can’t wait to ship the “Lost Bellingham Footage” to my Boot Camp in a Box Owners–So join their ranks and order now! I know it will help you grow your business even more!

Charity Sale–Plan of Attack

by Lynn A. Dralle, ‘The Queen of Auctions’

A charity sale plan of attack must be different than a garage sale plan. There are several reasons. First of all, charity sales can be huge. Second, they can have many employees/volunteers. Third, there can be long lines waiting to get in, and finally, they can be overpriced.

The sale at our local church was huge this past Saturday. Most charity sales will never open the doors early. Out of 100+ charity sales that I have attended, only six have opened the doors early.

So, here goes:

#1–Just in case, be in line at least 15 minutes if not 1/2 hour prior to the published opening time. You must be one of the first ones in.

We were in line at 7:30 am for ours that started at 8:00 am.

#2Have an empty box or bag in your hand. You will want to immediately start picking up items. You can always edit later, so have an empty box or two ready to use. If you have to waste time finding a box once you are inside you could miss valuable merchandise.

My mom and I each had an empty box when they opened the doors at 8 am sharp this past Saturday.

#3Take a deep breath and do not get overwhelmed. My adrenaline gets going the second they open the doors and sometimes, even I (yes it is true) get a little overwhelmed. Remember to take a deep breath and continue breathing.

There is usually sooo much merchandise that there is plenty for everyone. AND most important of all–Have fun! It is a treasure hunt and you cannot make a mistake. The prices are usually so low at these events that no matter what you buy–you will come out “smelling like a rose” as my grandmother would say.

This was certainly the case this past weekend. I started putting things in my box in the regular area and didn’t see much value. I decided to check out the boutique area first.

#4If the regular area does not look promising–head to the boutique. Typically, the boutique areas are overpriced but you may find the best merchandise here. Remember story # 90 from MMM? That was from the boutique area of this same sale two years ago! So, always take a spin through the boutique area early just to gauge the caliber of the merchandise and the pricing.

Last Saturday, the boutique area did not let me down. It was quite overpriced but there were some interesting items. I made a note to come back after I had exhausted the main area.

#5Find an employee immediately that will set aside an area for you to stage your items. If you are going to be buying full boxes–which is what I typically do–find someone who looks like they are in charge and ask them where you can stage your items. Tell them that you are a dealer and will be buying a ton of merchandise.

I did this at the sale last weekend and a nice gentleman named Bruce had me start staging by the grand piano. This charity sale actually had a classical pianist and music was being played. Wow! We had to branch out from the piano area and stage my items underneath the bake sale tables.

By the time I was finished I had boxes under six tables and the ladies running the bake sale said, “Honey, you should really have on a name tag so that we know you are a volunteer”. I had fun telling them that I was actually shopping and was going to buy everything under the tables! They even got a special person to add me up and those 18 full boxes only came to $280! What a score.

#6Look under every table. I am not kidding! This is where I find some of my best items.

Remember the Baccarat chandelier from MMM # 57? I found that under a table at a charity sale. At the church sale last Saturday, I found a ton of stuff under tables.

#7Do NOT pass over As-Is items. If they are cheap enough, please buy them.

My mom cleaned out my kitchen for me a few weeks ago. She made a pile of things throw away. In that pile was a Quimper Faience salt and pepper shaker set that was very As-Is. There was a huge chunk missing from the base and my mom said, “Throw it away.” I said, “No way! Please write it up for me to list on eBay.” My mom said, “I won’t do it.” I begged her and she relented. You won’t believe what it sold for. Click here to find out.

My As Is salt and pepper shakers

#8Find the person in charge of the boutique and chat with them. After you are all done shopping and paying for your items in the regular area, go back into the boutique and chat with the volunteers.

I did this last Saturday and the ladies were so nice! It never hurts to make friends. There was a chocolate pot set that I loved. It was priced at $170.00 for the pot and the 5 cups and saucers. I said, “Do you think they would take any less? I just spent a lot of money next door.” The ladies said, “Yes, we saw you. Let’s get Harriet over here and I am sure she will make you a special price.”

Well, Harriet and the ladies gave me deals on everything I wanted. Here is the chocolate pot set that I ended up paying $100 for. I am just showing you the pot, but I have five more auctions with the c/s sets being sold individually. I have already got my money back and maybe even more by the time this newsletter gets to you!

The hot chocolate pot – mmmm!

Click here to see the current bid (or finished auction.)

Be prepared for the Charity Sale season! Want to know what to be buying?–Check out my Boot Camp in a Box. Good luck to you!


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I am happy to present our sixth story for The 100 Best Things You’ve Bought or Sold on eBay! This week’s story is from Sally–Kimbesa’s Closet. I met Sally in person last Book Expo America in Washington DC. She keeps me posted on her finds and even sent an Indiana bumper sticker for my daughter (Indiana) with a Christmas letter this year! Thank you, Sally! Click below to read…

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