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eBay Live was so much fun! We had a blast and it was wonderful to meet so many of you in person! We’ll have fun pictures to share soon.

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June 21, 2007 Volume III, Issue 23

Dear friends,

First of all, I want to thank all of you who wrote to me about the thread on the eBay discussion board. Many of you took to the time to write and I couldn’t possibly respond to all of you–so I will do it here! Your support and encouragement meant the world to me. You guys rock!!!

eBay Live! was a wonderful experience as usual. It was my mom, Melanie (my best friend), Dee (one of Melanie’s good friends), and me manning the booth. To those of you who we got to meet in-person–thank you so much for stopping by and making it such a fun time!

eBay Live!

The closing gala was a blast with Kool and the Gang playing all their old hits. I got to meet a really neat eBayer from Texas, Stephanie Inge. She was lucky enough to catch the white towel that the lead singer used to wipe his face at the end of the concert. Stephanie has it up for sale on eBay with 30% of the proceeds going to charity. She was so sweet that she even let me pick my favorite charity–Toys for Tots! Here is a link to that auction.

Stephanie and me with The Towel.

(Thanks to Kelly from Socks and More Outlet Store for

sending us this photo. Visit her store here.)

At eBay Live! I was interviewed for the French equivalent of USA Today. Here is the photo from the article.

I have no idea what it says, but I hope it is nice!

We are getting lots of pictures from eBay Live posted on my website–be watching for the next week.

The radio interview with Griff & Lee was a lot of fun–as usual! Please read the Lynn recommends section to find out how to listen in and read about a really neat event coming up in October in San Francisco.

In our Special Announcement section, I am pleased to announce that there are just 10 seats left for the ONLY Live boot camp this year. I am so excited to see those of you who have signed up to join me this September in the Palm Springs area. We have actually secured the location for the event and I am super duper excited.

While I was at eBay Live, I had some crazy dinnerware sell. It really got me thinking about whether it is the pattern or the manufacturer that is more important. Please don’t miss this article.

The great story from last week about the poker chip came from Dave and Debbie, who stopped by to meet us at eBay Live! How fun was that?

Finally, this week we have another great story about the things you all have sold on eBay.

Here’s to Successful eBaying!

Lynn Dralle, ‘The Queen of Auctions,’ Creator of the best-selling eBay Boot Camp in a Box.

Listening to the download of my Griff & Lee interview on eBay Radio taped live from the eBay Convention Hall in Boston. I was the first interview with Griff and Lee and it was awesome!

Click here to listen in.

I get information on lots of conferences, but there’s a new one on the horizon I thought was worth mentioning. Our friends at The Chase Group are producing ONLINE MARKET WORLD, in San Francisco, October 4th & 5th, 2007. You may recognize The Chase Group as the company that ran eBay Live! in 2005 and 2006.At this new conference, there’ll be lots of information worth gathering for online businesses trying to grow. eBay and the USPS are just two of the sponsors. Do me (and yourself) a favor, and visit the show website here to read more.

Mark with my mom and me at eBay Live

If you have questions, call Mark Furrer at 408-688-0844. Tell him Lynn sent you! Mark has become my friend over the years and he is even mentioned in my new book–Ka-Ching! Watch for his name when the 3rd 100 Best is released on July 24, 2007.

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We have chosen a location and (drum roll please), it is going to be held at

The world-famous La Quinta Resort.

This is the resort where old Hollywood used to come to escape. Greta Garbo’s winter home is on the property (some say it is haunted!) The hotel rooms are amazing and so is our meeting location. Come prepared to relax, rejuvenate and revitalize your eBay business as well as yourself.

“I just wanted to extend a huge THANK YOU to you, Lee, and your mom for such an inspirational eBay Boot Camp. I have attended other seminars but never have I had such a hands-on experience where I left with a sense of accomplishment and the UTMOST confidence that I will succeed.”

“Your method of teaching is so effective, the way you taught us to step by step EXACTLY what to do and then actually had us DO what you taught us – as you mentored us through the entire process!!! It was just amazing!! I learned so much!!! Your class is invaluable!

“You delivered EVERYTHING you promised – actually you OVER delivered!!”

Cathi A., Florida

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“I came back from the seminar and I turned in my notice at work – that’s how much I believe in your system! We became Powersellers exactly one month after we attended your course. I know it works. I really enjoyed meeting you – we had a blast!”

Anne Schnurman, Gig Harbor, WA

To learn more about my Live Boot Camp, click here. See you soon!

Is Pattern more important than Manufacturer?

by Lynn A. Dralle, ‘The Queen of Auctions’

As I sit down to write this article, it almost feels like I am asking that age-old question, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” I have often wondered if the pattern is more important than the manufacturer, and I think I got my answer this week while I was at eBay Live.

Several years ago I bought a really neat set of china made by Block Spal from Portugal. It was geometric and red, white, and blue. I paid about $15 for the set and it was quite faded. I still thought it was neat so I tried it on eBay at auction.

It didn’t sell That was back in the days before I had a fully stocked eBay store, so it went to sit in my garage waiting for a garage sale (learn more about eBay store strategies here). Well, my $1 each garage sale didn’t even clear it out. My mom said she really liked the pattern and asked if she could have it for her beach house. Sure, why not? So she hauled it to her Palm Desert home and put it in the garage. It never made it to her Bellingham beach house but did stay in her garage for several years. She is Cheryl Leaf’s daughter and is a packrat just like the rest of us!

Fast forward to last month when my mom was moving from one Palm Desert home to another and she asked me if I wanted it back. She knew that with my eBay store it would have a better chance of selling.

So I said sure and got it ready to list. Here is what the pattern looks like. Remember that it was really faded so even though the dinner plates listed for $19.99 each on Replacements–I priced them quite cheaply as you can see.

Here is a photo and a link to my recent auction.

I had never found another set of Block china in all my nine years of doing garage sales. But last Friday, before eBay Live, we went to an estate sale, and there in the Kitchen was a set of Block Spal Portugal in a yellow floral pattern called Daffodil. Funny how life works!

Even though I hadn’t sold the red, white, and blue (the pattern is called Chili) set yet, this pattern looked interesting, there was a lot of serving pieces and it was only $25. Sold!

I listed the Daffodil pattern the same week as the Chili pattern. This set was also very very faded, especially the dinner plates. I made sure to mention this in the listings. While I was at eBay Live, I sold 14 out of the 22 Daffodil listings for a total of $235.01. WOW!!!!

This is the piece that sold for the most money.

Click here to see how much.

The red, white, and blue Chili pattern once again did not sell at all! These pieces are now listed in my eBay store at fixed prices along with the eight auctions of Daffodil that did not sell.

My conclusion (and I have been leaning towards this outcome for a long time) but now have some very good evidence: Pattern is more important than Manufacturer.

People don’t buy dinnerware just because it is made by Wedgwood, Fitz & Floyd, or Gibson. They buy it because they like the pattern and the way it looks in their homes. Sounds pretty obvious, doesn’t it?

My final advice to you–buy dinnerware patterns that you think will appeal to your buyers–not just by the manufacturer’s name on the bottom.

To learn more about what to be looking for when out garage saling–please consider joining us for Live Boot Camp in La Quinta, California this fall. Click here to learn more.

Happy eBaying,



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