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As you read this I am setting up for my only Live Boot Camp of the year. Wish you were here! This was a week of reflection as we honored those who lost their lives on 9/11.

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  • Feature Article: Fenton Glass Shuts its Doors
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September 13, 2007 Volume III, Issue 35

Dear eBayers,

I feel sad this week as we remember those who lost their lives on 9/11. We watched the Extreme Home Makeover 9/11 edition and all cried on Sunday. My heart goes out to all of those whose lives were changed forever by this event.

My entire week was spent preparing for my only Live Boot Camp of the year. I take this event very seriously and put my entire heart and soul into it. We will have an update for you in next week’s ezine but I know it is going to be a blast and a huge success!

By the way, I ended up selling 18 of those 1980s band pins last week for a total of $96.50. Pretty exciting! And I still have about 55 of them left to put right into my store at a fixed price. I think that they will all sell this holiday season. Here is a photo of the pin that sold for the most.

Simple Minds enamel pin. Click here to see what it sold for.

Some of you may not have seen the email this week for the best of eBay 3 put together by eBayer Dave Lovelace. If you didn’t see that email, please read the Lynn Recommends section to learn more. This incredible offer ends on Wednesday at noon PDT. You won’t believe what I have given as my product offer!

While out garage saling on Saturday, we found the most perfect desk for Indy’s room. It was huge and only $75.00. I really wanted to buy it for her but didn’t think it would fit into her room and how was I ever going to get it home? As we were driving away, my mom goes, “Ask them if they will deliver it.” I said, “OK,” and thought to myself that if they will deliver it–we will make it work.

I couldn’t believe it but the guys said, “No problem–we will deliver it.” I paid the $75.00 and gave them an extra $5 for gas. When we got home from garage saling, there it was in my driveway! What a score!

Here is a picture of the desk with a built-in bulletin board, light, and computer drawer. I will share a picture with you later of how she decorates it. She can’t wait to put her WebKinz on the upper shelves.

The reason I wanted to mention this to you is that you shouldn’t always just be looking for eBay items. When you are out garage saling don’t forget to look for items to decorate your home. You can find some incredible bargains! That desk would have cost me $500 in a traditional retail establishment. I never pay full retail anymore! And you shouldn’t either!

Speaking of being sad and retrospective this week because of 9/11, my feature article is about the Fenton Art Glass Company that is shutting its doors on September 30th after 102 years in business. This makes me upset because my grandmother used to carry Fenton in the gift department of her antique and gift store starting way back in 1950 and I have a lot of memories tied to Fenton. Don’t miss this article.

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This week we have another great story about the things you all have sold on eBay. Read below to hear the story of a dumpster salvage turning into big bucks.

Here’s to Successful eBaying!

Lynn Dralle, ‘The Queen of Auctions,’ Creator of the best-selling eBay Boot Camp in a Box.

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The product value totals over $699. I encourage you to check it out here.

Fenton Glass Shuts its Doors

by Lynn A. Dralle, ‘The Queen of Auctions’

When my Antique Trader arrived on August 29th, I couldn’t believe one of the feature articles, “Fenton Art Glass Meltdown” was the title. I read with sadness that the 102-year-old company would stop taking orders on August 31st. I immediately called the order department to see if I could place a last-minute order to help save the company. My last order had been in 2004 and unfortunately, no one called me back.

I learned all about Fenton Art Glass when I was about 6 years old. I would be visiting my grandmother and of course, she would put me right to work. I loved it when the big Fenton shipping boxes would arrive with their brown oval signature on the sides.

She would let me carefully unpack each item from its brown box and place it on the gift shelves that ran the front length of the shop’s side window. Fenton items always came in their own specially sized brown box. We would keep those boxes to use later for shipping and packing. Each item always had a price tag already on it–straight from the factory–which made this a very easy job for a six-year-old. I loved arranging the colorful glass pieces in a beautiful display.

Fenton didn’t start actually signing their items until 1973, so don’t overlook anything that appears to be Fenton Art Glass just because it isn’t signed.

As a kid, I remember Fenton as specializing in small animal figurines, their famous boots, and shoes, Burmese glass, Gone With the Wind lamps, and white milk glass hobnail.

When I was doing my research for this article, I couldn’t believe that a piece of white Fenton hobnail sold for an incredible amount of money. It was a chip ‘n’ dip tray that was only made for one year – 1970. Check it out: click here to see what it sold for.

In the 1970s Fenton joined the collector plate craze and my grandmother was probably one of their best dealers in the country! We had 1000s of Fenton plates in the carnival, blue satin and white satin in our fireproof basement room for years (The Tank, as some of you, may recall). They all came in brown or white boxes with a free wooden plate stand. Well, my grandmother was no dummy (as she would say) and she made us pull out all of those wooden plates stands to sell separately.

Here is a photo of what that plate stands to look like. If you notice in almost all of my auctions that have plates in stands–they are in the Fenton brown wood stands! We used to sell these for $1.95 in our antique store. Now, I keep every single one I find in the boxes I inherited! To me, they are priceless.

Here is a photo of a Fenton blue satin mothers day plate that I bought at an estate sale recently and just sold. Click here to read for how much. You can’t miss it if you pick up these collector’s plates for $1 to $2 each.

In later years, Fenton really got into the hand painting of limited edition pieces and in 1994 they launched a family series that was featured on QVC.

Let’s take a quick look at Fenton’s long and wonderful history. The company was founded in 1905 by Frank L. Fenton and his brother John W. Fenton in Martins Ferry, Ohio. They began by buying glass blanks from other factories and hand painting on those blanks. They moved the factory to Williamstown, West Virginia when they decided to produce their own glass. The first pieces were made on January 2, 1907.

From 1905 to 1920, Fenton was influenced by the art glass kings–Tiffany and Steuben. Do you remember story #73 from the 1st 100 Best? Here is a photo of that vase.

I thought that this piece that I inherited from my grandmother might have been Fenton. Click here to buy the 100 Best Things downloadable ebook if you don’t have it already because you won’t believe what this sold for.

In 1907, Fenton introduced its iridescent glass, now known as carnival. Check out this extremely rare Fenton carnival bowl that sold in the $1,000s. Click here to read more about it.

During the 1930s and 1940s, Fenton survived by going after the utilitarian market–producing bowls and tableware to survive the Depression and its aftermath.

Around 1950 (the year my grandmother opened her store), the top three members of Fenton management passed away. This left Frank Fenton (only 33) and Bill Fenton (only 25) to take over the company. These men did such a great job and led the factory over the next 30 years to a pinnacle of success.

In 1986, the 3rd generation, George Fenton, took over the business. There were nine other Fenton family members employed by the company along with 150 other employees who all worked incredibly hard to produce the amazing handmade art glass that is collected by connoisseurs around the world.

In the article I read about Fenton going out of business, still reigning company president, George Fenton blamed foreign competition, rising fuel prices, and changing tastes of the middle class. I would also like to add my two cents. I think that the Internet and eBay also played a role in the company’s demise. Fenton would not allow any of its dealers to sell on eBay below their published suggested retail prices.

This issue is always a delicate subject for me. I know that because of eBay, I don’t have to have an open store anymore and that I can work from anywhere in the world. This is an incredible gift. However, on the other hand, I miss having my grandmother’s antique store where we all used to gather and hang out. eBay and the Internet have given me tremendous opportunities but they have also taken away many of the small mom & pop local businesses. It is both a blessing and a curse.

In a quote from the Antique Trader article, Scott Fenton said in 2006, “We sold to twice as many storefronts a few years ago, and our primary focus right now is how to get the market shifted back there….The mom-and-pop antique and gift shops–although still out there and we are doing well with many of them–there just aren’t as many as before.” Just what I thought.

I am extremely sad to see any long-standing American business have to shut its doors. Especially one that I feel such a personal connection to. However, I do think that Fenton pieces will certainly increase in value in the future and I encourage all of you to be on the lookout for Fenton pieces.

We have sold Fenton catalogs for good money on eBay. Can you even imagine what the older catalogs and pieces will sell for in the future?

This is story number 63 in my first 100 Best book.

Buy some books on Fenton and increase your knowledge. Knowledge is money on and off eBay.

My best to the Fenton family and their wonderful contribution over the years to the world of art glass. An American tradition has come to an end. You will be missed.

Happy eBaying!



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