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Happy almost Halloween! If you haven’t gotten your Halloween items listed at auction–now is the time.

In my interview with Griff this week, we talked about what is hot for Halloween. As usual, it was a fun and lively exchange between Griff, Lee, and I. Click here if you missed it.

  • Lynn Recommends: Boot Camp in a Box LITE
  • Special Announcement: Teleseminar with Joel Elad–Your eBay Business
  • Feature Article: Unpack for Profit
  • The Queen’s Update: Our 32nd 100 Best Story from YOU

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October 11, 2007 Volume III, Issue 39

Dear eBayers,

Since my crazy busy September has ended–I decided we needed a major overhaul of my garage. If you know anything about me–remember this–I always need a huge project in my life–as if listing and selling 100 plus items on eBay each week isn’t enough! So, I called up Mo (Maureen) and asked her if she would help out. “Of course!” she said. Please read my feature article about how we unpacked this week for profit!!!

Check out the mess in my driveway as we hauled everything out to regroup!

The low price for Boot Camp in a Box LITE goes up 25% at midnight tonight. If you are a Queen’s Court Member–remember to use your 15% discount coupon. Read more about it in the Lynn Recommends section.

Another neat thing that I want to recommend to you this week just came out from my friend and fellow eBay Guru–Mike Enos. It is called auction TNT and is really slick. It is a web-based program that will allow you to host photos, add audio and video to your auctions. I think it is awesome. Check it out here.

For those of you that participated in the 3rd 100 Best promos back in July, Jim Kamnikar of Go Antiques and PriceMiner has announced the three winners that will each receive a year free of the PriceMiner service. I love PriceMiner and use it almost every day. The winners were Michelle Shores of Evansville, MN, Delores Lechitner of Wakansa, IN, and Kelly Gordon from Ramsey, MN. So if any of you three winners haven’t emailed Jim back to get started–please let us know so that we can help you start using this amazing pricing and research service. Congrats!!!

In the Special Announcement section, I am excited to announce that I am finally doing a teleseminar with Joel Elad. Joel is one of my good friends and fellow eBay Guru. He is the real deal and has written many books. Our teleseminar is scheduled for Tuesday night, October 16th–so please read more about it. Joel specializes in things that I know nothing about–so we will all learn a great deal.

This week we have another great story about the things you all have sold on eBay. This week’s story is about a cross between Christmas, Teddy Bears, and Candy Canes. Read about it below.

Here’s to Successful eBaying!

Lynn Dralle, ‘The Queen of Auctions,’ Creator of the best-selling eBay Boot Camp in a Box.

I recently received this email from one of my Live eBay Boot Campers from the La Quinta event:

Hi, Lynn!

Thanks for all your powerful information. I have made $550 since my return and have nearly 400 things in my store. Now when I visit thrift stores I have confidence. I have a much clearer idea of what to buy.

-Becca Reed, FL

Emails like that give me goosebumps and help me to see just how powerful the experience is for those lucky enough to attend a live event! We have been racking our brains around here at The Queen of Auctions on how to get the Dralle Method to more of you.

My eBay Boot Camp in a Box has been a huge success and has helped many of you, but we wanted to find a way to make it more affordable. So here is what we have done. We have invented eBay Boot Camp in a Box LITE!

To be able to offer this at such a great price, we have removed the bonuses, the gift bag and the audio CDs. The handouts are now available on a disc for you to print out or read on your computer.

So what you will get will be the 11-disc DVD set of the Bellingham Boot Camp plus the disc of notes and handouts.

We are confident that this will get you started doing business with the Dralle Method and put you on the road to success–just like Becca!

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I am excited to announce that My friend Joel Elad and I will be doing a teleseminar on Tuesday night, October 16th. It will be an ‘Ask Campaign’ so you can submit your questions ahead of time and I will pick the best ones and the ones that are asked the most. Click here to learn more and to ask your question.

Joel and the gang from eBay Live!

Joel is the author of eBay your Business and is an expert on many things that I know nothing about! Too Cool.

Books that Joel has authored:

So fire away with questions about types of businesses, licenses you should have, how to get yourself set up, and more. In addition, Joel is a whiz at buying travel at bargains on eBay. Every time I run into Joel at an eBay event he has gotten some incredible travel deals on eBay. Joel is also the lead instructor for the Learning Annex in SF, LA, San Diego, and NY. This is one teleseminar that you will not want to miss.

This teleseminar and transcript is free for Queen’s Court Members and is your extra gift this month. If you are not a member of the Queen’s Court and would still like to listen in, receive the download, and get the transcript, we do have a special introductory rate. Click here to sign up.

Even if you can’t make it to the call, drop by and ask your question here. The more questions we have, the more we’ll learn on the call.

Unpack for Profit

by Lynn A. Dralle, ‘The Queen of Auctions’

OK, before I get started on this week’s adventure/article, I want to update you on what happened with the offer on the golf mugs from last week. One sold for $32.77 and the other for $26.77. Now, if you recall, I was offered $100 for both. I left $40.46 on the table. A bit of a disappointment, however, I still believe in my policy to NEVER add a Buy It Now and end an in-demand auction early.

I also received this great email from Kathy which made me feel better about my decision and policy:

Hello Lynn,

Your last Ezine was sooooo true!!

NEVER, EVER end an auction early or add an immediate Buy It Now price the first time you list an item.

Get excited any time someone writes and asks you to end an item like this. Here’s why. Back in 1983 I attended an antique auction in New England and purchased a beautiful little cobalt blue vase hand painted with white cherubs and angels. It was made in Meissen Germany with the crossed blue swords mark on the underside. The auction was well attended by knowledgeable antique dealers. At the time, I paid $125 for this vase as I just had to have it. It was really gorgeous and in excellent condition. It stood just 6″ tall.

Read on to see what this Meissen treasure brought on eBay!

In 2005 I decided to sell the vase on eBay. I figured the price must have increased during the 22 years I had it and took it to Skinners Auction Gallery where they told me it was worth about $400-600 as it was only one of a possible pair.

I put it on eBay for $9.99 with a $400 reserve. Within HOURS of the auction being listed, I got two emails from bidders, each with a great excuse of why they needed to have it ‘right away,’ asking me to end the auction and offering $1,000 and $1,200! Well, that was more than double my reserve and much more than the auction house told me it was worth. However, I have learned from previous experiences on eBay to NEVER end an auction early and I didn’t.

Within 24 hours my reserve price was met and by the end of the auction I had 60 people watching it. In the last 10 minutes of the auction, the vase closed at $3,550!!!! Had I sold it for $1,200 I would have lost $2,350 in additional bids.

Every item I have been asked to end early has done incredibly well. Thanks for your informative newsletters. I just wanted to share my experience with you and back up what you said 1000%! Besides, it is not fair to other bidders to end an auction early without allowing them the chance to bid. People who ask you to end early are really looking to beat the system and ‘steal’ the item for as little as possible, knowing full well that they will not win it for anywhere near their offer price.

Best Regards,

Kathy Duchesneau” Please patronize Kathy’s auctions here: got2findit4u

Thanks to Kathy for the wonderful email!

Now, back to our regularly scheduled feature article. All about Unpacking for Profit! So, as you can see from this photo–my garages have gotten out of control. My best friend Melanie was here visiting and she said to me: “What you really need are those Costco baker’s racks down the center of your golf cart garage–instead of that table. The table holds nothing and those shelves will allow you to unpack and organize.” Well, Melanie is brilliant and an executive with IKEA–so I finally listened to her.

I asked my mom to go to Costco and pick up 6 of the shelves this past Thursday. It took her two separate trips because these shelves are so darn heavy she didn’t want to ruin her mini-van. Well, like my mom, Mo, and I started pulling everything out of the garage on Friday morning–we realized that we could use another 3 shelves. So off my sweet mother went to purchase 3 more.

I have to share a story about my grandmother and the shop here. My favorite days of working with her were when we had big projects (I told you so) and these would typically take place in summer. There was nothing like driving my little green bug over to the shop on an early summer morning knowing that I got to spend the day doing a fun project with my grandma. That smell of a Bellingham summer morning still stays with me and I swear as I got out of my car this past Friday to start on this project–It was the same smell! It brought back great memories.

I knew that it was going to be a fun day. We worked so hard and you won’t believe the results. What I really learned this day was that I have bought too many items lately. Just Kidding! but I did learn that it is impossible to sell and list without going through all of those boxes and getting organized.

I have been buying like crazy and just piling the boxes inside my garages. I can barely fit my car inside. Once the 7 new shelves were set up in the garage (we put two more inside in my indoor eBay room)–it was time to unpack and start sorting. This was actually really fun.

We now have entire dinner sets together on the shelves–where before a few pieces were in this box and a few in another. There was no way I could sell them or list them like that.

Here are some of the other categories that we sorted by so that now when I go to the list–I can pull an entire shelf full of similar items and my listing time will decrease immensely.



Blue Onion


Wood items



Single Cup and Saucers

Colored Glass

Clear Glass

Coffee Mugs




Covered Boxes





Salt & Peppers






Lamp Parts

Collector’s plates


Kitchen Utensils

Harley Davidson Items

Here is a photo of what the new shelves look like. I told Mo and my mom that it was just like Christmas–seeing all the neat things that I have been buying this year. It was also starting to look like my Grandmother’s antique store!

So my advice to you all is this:

  1. If you have merchandise still in the boxes and bags from thrift stores and garage sales–Unpack it.
  2. If you are just grabbing a box from here and a box from there (like I used to do) you are not getting economies of scale–start sorting now!
  3. If you are sorting on a table–consider replacing it with shelves.
  4. If you don’t think you have enough wall space for shelves–consider setting up these baker’s racks back to back in the center of the room. We had been doing this in the office but didn’t consider it for the garage until Melanie suggested it.
  5. By doing this I was able to find all the Halloween items. I am listing them this week.
  6. I am also able to find all my Christmas items and I will start listing them immediately. The season will be over before you can blink.
  7. If you don’t have the space in your home or garage, consider getting a small storage unit close to your home. Put up a ton of shelves and take your garage sale purchases directly there to sort and then take home what you will be listing that week. This is what Mo did recently.
  8. If you don’t want to rent a storage unit close to your home, consider getting one of those 12 by 12′ sheds for your backyard. My brother has one and they hold a ton of merchandise.

Getting organized by unpacking all of these things has been very liberating for me. I don’t feel as overwhelmed when I go out to the garage to pick the items to list each week. Also, now when I come home after garage saling or thrift store shopping–I can unpack the items into the correct section. It has been awesome!

Finally, when we were sorting, Mo found a box of Villeroy & Boch china that I had bought ages ago. I had forgotten about it in my mess but she immediately brought it inside for me to list. She said, “Villeroy and Boch sell like crazy.”  I said, “I knew that, but I thought these were from their restaurant ware line and won’t sell for much and I had only paid 50 cents to $1 for each plate.” She got on and found out that a dinner plate sold for $65.99 and they had none in stock! And I had 8 of them. You can better believe that I got that set listed that evening.

Click here to see the price that I started this dinner plate at. They go for so much on Replacements and I am happy to wait for the right buyer if it doesn’t sell at auction.

I typically cherry-pick my items each week when I get home from garage saling and tend to just focus on what I just bought to list that week. This week taught me that I have some incredible items that I forgot about. In fact, I had bought the entire contents of an estate for about $4,000 earlier this year. Most of it has never seen the light of day. Check out these amazing pieces that we uncovered that I can’t wait to get listed.

I uncovered this stash of paperweights.

I hope you all see the power of unpacking and sorting for profit

Happy eBaying!



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