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For once in my life, I was not in a buying mood this past Saturday. You will have to read on to find out why. Also, my heart goes out to all the Californians who have lost their homes in these terrible fires. Let’s see what we can do to help some of our fellow eBayers.

  • Lynn Recommends: Helping our fellow eBayers
  • Special Announcement: La Quinta Boot Camp in a Box Coming Soon
  • Feature Article: Buying Burnout and Fake Roseville
  • The Queen’s Update: Our 34th 100 Best Story from YOU

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October 25, 2007 Volume III, Issue 41

Dear eBayers,

I am so upset about all the devastation from the fires here in Southern California. At the time of my writing this ezine, 1,600 homes were lost. I would guess that a few of those homes belong to our fellow sellers on eBay. Can you imagine losing all of your inventory and your way of making a living? It is beyond tragic.

Please read the “Lynn Recommends” section to find out ways that we may be able to help them.

I was definitely NOT in a buying mood this past Saturday. As you all know, this is quite strange for me. You will have to read my feature article about “Buying Burnout and Fake Roseville” to see why I didn’t want to spend any money. The funny part of this story is that even with me being in a non-buying mood–Look at how full I filled my mom’s mini-van.

There is even a big bike in there that I bought for Houston!

In the Special Announcement section, I am excited to share a little bit about the La Quinta Boot Camp footage. It is really awesome!

This week we have another great story about the things you all have sold on eBay. This week’s story is about a toy bonanza.

Here’s to Successful eBaying!

Lynn Dralle, ‘The Queen of Auctions,’ Creator of the best-selling eBay Boot Camp in a Box and Boot Camp in a Box Lite.

The fires in Southern California have been beyond devastating. I have been racking my brain trying to figure out how we could help some of those eBay sellers that have lost their homes and businesses. I think I have come up with a great idea.

I would be happy to donate boxes full of merchandise to sell on eBay–things that would be easy to ship to them–clothing, books, paper goods, wooden items, etc.  Things that I have not had a chance to list on eBay yet. And I am betting that some of you would be willing to do the same.

All we have to do is find out who these people are. If any of you know how we can find their names and how to contact them–I would love to know. This way we can start preparing items to help them. Maybe they need a digital camera or a computer and maybe some of us have extras of these items lying around also.

Let’s work together to help out our fellow eBayers. I look forward to hearing from you! Help me spread the word and make “The Queen’s Court Cares” drive a success.

The La Quinta Boot Camp footage is almost finished. My assistant Carmen’s husband Jason filmed it. He is a pro and did the Shipping DVD that is also so much fun and so informative.

This new Boot Camp footage is totally up-to-date; showing the new sell your item form and changes that I have made to my system. If you already own Boot Camp in a BoxBoot Camp Lite, or are a graduate of a Live boot Camp–Please watch for an email coming soon with a special offer just for you.

Check out this email that I just got from a Boot Camp in a Box owner:

Hi, Lynn!

I am so excited I just had to share this with you. I bought an

antique picture frame at my local thrift store for $1.00 and I just sold it on ebay for $45.01! I had to keep staring at the sold item email as I just couldn’t believe it.

I’m so happy I bought your Boot Camp in a Box.

-Phyllis H.

Emails like that give me goosebumps and help me to see just how powerful the Dralle Method is for those who put it into practice!

Be on the lookout for an amazing La Quinta offer to be announced next week.

Buying Burnout and Fake Roseville

by Lynn A. Dralle, ‘The Queen of Auctions’

OK, I admit it. I am burned out on buying stuff. I can’t believe I really just said that, but it is true. All summer long I was buying and now that we are into the high season out here, the garage sales are staggering. There are twenty or more each Saturday just in Palm Desert; another twenty-five in Palm Springs and then who knows how many in La Quinta, Indio, and Rancho Mirage. There are just plain too many!

I was able to park in my garage for three days last week and now my car is out in the driveway again. My living room is full and the dining room table is filled with new merchandise direct from the manufacturer. I am branching out and trying multiples. I will never give up my “one-offs” because the margins are so high and they are so fun to sell but I am going to do a little test. The madness must stop!

Or so I say…but you all know me better than that. I was invited last week to purchase an entire collection of Department 56 Villages. Here is a photo of that amazing collection.

So, even before the weekend of garage sales started, I had already spent several thousand dollars (on the villages and at a different estate sale) and was in no mood to buy any more.

However, I did get all the villages listed on eBay–what a job! It was quite exhilarating to get so much stuff listed. By the way, I have set a goal for myself this holiday season. I want to list 300 items each week (Like Leeann Samples of Tennessee Treasures by Leeann did last year). She is my inspiration. She accomplished this after last November’s LAX live boot camp and sold $11,800 in December alone–using the Dralle Method!

If Leeann can get motivated using my method and accomplish so much–then so can I! So I have Maureen (Mo) listing 100 things a week and my mom listing 100 clothing items a week. Our high point was just this morning when I had 450 items listed at auction!! Too cool! Thanks Leeann!

So, here is one of the Dept. 56 Villages that quite a few people seem to be interested in:

Click here to see what it is up to.

As you can imagine, I was a little overwhelmed with so much stuff in my house and garage when my mom and I set out this past Saturday. Well, the first sale we hit had an enormous collection of Pfaltzgraff and it was a pretty pattern. And it wasn’t their typical stoneware–not the bone china–but a smoother stoneware.

The pattern was Garden Party. Two enormous boxes with serving pieces were priced at only $25. And I could hear Mo’s little voice ringing in my ears, “Some Pfaltzgraff does well, some Pfaltzgraff does well.” So I bought it and a set of Yorktowne for $15. Well, we will see if what Mo says is right–won’t we.

Here is one of the unusual serving pieces in the Garden Party pattern:

110183229168 Click to see what it is up to.

Mo tells me that the unusual pieces and the serving pieces will pay for the whole set. She also tells me that even the regular pieces like bread plates and bowls will sell if they are in good condition. However, watch for those pesky utensil marks that are quite common on Pflatzgraff and are very hard to buff out.

Those first purchases got me going and I ended up filling up the minivan. It is all your fault Mo! At the very last sale of the day, I bought 10 pieces of African art for $90 and as I was leaving I spotted a Roseville vase on the shelf. I asked “how much” and she said “$8”. I’ll take it. I also spotted a green Roseville vase and she wanted $10 for that–so I bought it also.

You can see the blue vase poking out of the minivan here and one of the big pieces of African Art. Leon, if you are reading this–can you tell me anything about this? Is it old or new? Any good? Leon is one of the live Boot Camp students from Anacortes and an expert in African art.

Well, as we got into the car, my mom says, “Score!” and I say, “I don’t know. I have a funny feeling about this Roseville. It just doesn’t feel right. I think that they are reproductions.”

As I examined the vases closer, I could see that the pattern was not done with glaze but had been painted on and that some of the paint had chipped off. It was also a very sloppy job–paint was all over the embossed areas and did not follow the pattern at all. I was right. Darn it!

I had been reading about these Roseville knock-offs out of China for years but had never seen one in person. It was amazing to me that from just picking up the vase and carrying it to the van, I could tell that it wasn’t authentic. It was light and hollower than it should have been.

When I got home, I immediately started doing some research. Here is a great site for more info on these reproductions: The Roseville Pottery Exchange.

The Roseville Pottery Exchange was kind enough to share this information with us….


The glaze on most fakes is very dull and lacks depth. The glaze is flat and does not usually reveal the clay color underneath. Handles on the repros tend to be thicker and details are not as refined. Most shapes vary significantly from the originals. Leaves on real pieces are brighter and stand out from the background better. Most of the background colors vary significantly from the original colors and the color of the clay is usually whiter than the originals.

“All pieces I have seen have “Roseville U.S.A.” (usually very low relief on the USA) or “Roseville” on the bottom, even if they were not marked on original pieces. Initially, the Roseville fakes had a raised (“in relief”) “Roseville USA” on the bottom. Apparently, U.S. Customs had a problem with that, so the ones being produced now just say “Roseville”, with a space below that word where “USA” would have been. Huxford’s book lists the various trademarks that Roseville used. According to that reference, “Roseville” (without “USA”) was used only from 1932-1937 and only as an impressed mark, never in relief. If a piece has “Roseville” in relief without “USA”, I’d say that’s close to a dead giveaway that it’s a fake, particularly if there’s an empty space where “USA” should be. On the other hand, the use of “Roseville USA” does not guarantee that it’s authentic.

“Brown, dark blue, light blue, and lime green are most common for fakes, but I’ve recently seen some pink (iris) and grey (white rose) ones.

“Remember, almost every dealer in the country knows what Roseville is, if the price seems too good to be true then it probably is. Know your stuff, don’t take anyone’s word for it, if YOU are not certain.”

Here are photos from the Roseville Pottery Exchange site of the Green Zephyr Lily Vase that I had purchased along with a photo of a real vase. The differences are quite clear and shocking!

Once again, here are photos from the Roseville Pottery Exchange site of the blue 8″ orchid vase that I bought along with a photo of the real one. The differences are amazing!

The Roseville Pottery Exchange is a great website, not only for finding out if your piece is real or a reproduction but also because they show photos to help you ID your pattern. Thanks to Mark Gonzalez and his great website!

Check out all the books that Mark has written:

Taylor, Smith and Taylor China

Fiesta, Lu-Ray & Other Colorware

By the way, I am not sorry at all that I bought the fake pieces of Roseville. I may sell one on eBay (as a fake–if that is allowed–I will have to double-check) and keep one as an example to share with my live boot camp students.  My grandmother always kept one real piece and one reproduction piece in her home because she taught antique classes and by touching both pieces she knew it was the best way to teach.

I am not sorry about the Roseville, now let’s see next week if I am sorry about the Pfaltzgraff……

Happy eBaying!


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