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Only one week until eBay Live in Chicago and so much to do! And in the midst of all that madness, I am still trying to list 200 items a week on eBay and we started filming our Educational eBay DVD set! HECTIC…..

  • Lynn Recommends: The Queen’s Live Boot Camp in La Quinta
  • Special Announcement: Ask your Questions NOW for us to take to eBay Live
  • Feature Article: Top 3 tips to know when is it time to let your merch go
  • The Queen’s Update: I am teaching three Classes at eBay Live!

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June 12, 2008 Volume IV, Issue 23

Dear eBayers,

This past Saturday after garage saling, Houston’s baseball team held a golf tournament and silent auction. It was a lot of fun. Check out Indy in front of the winner’s board.

Some of the silent auction items were not selling for much so I decided I could help out by buying them and then selling them on eBay. Well, I got a little carried away. So check out some of the rounds of golf that I have up for sale and the Tony Romo signed football. All the auctions end Friday, so look quickly.

One of the rounds of golf. Morgan Run in Rancho Santa Fe, CA.

I also have some rounds of golf up for sale in the Phoenix, AZ area, here and here. And one in Rancho Mirage, CA here.

The Tony Romo Football–pretty cool!

Since I am very focused on cleaning out my garage this summer, I have been power listing. Trying to hit 200 items per week. To move that much merchandise out of my garage and into my eBay room has been an extreme challenge.

One of the benefits of listing these items (that were just sitting on the floor of my garage) is that I have actually found some really nice things. In fact, one of the sculptures that I have up for sale this week turned out to be a C. Jere and I didn’t even know it.

Learn more about it here.

I am including a photo of my garage as it is now because it is so embarrassing! And this will motivate me to get it cleaned up ASAP and show you the new improved photo! With my car actually parked inside…..

Luckily, Mo and Carmen came up with a great idea. Get rid of slow-moving merchandise. That is the subject of this week’s article. So don’t miss my top three tips to know when to let your merchandise go.

We started filming our three DVD sets “On the Road to eBay Live” this week. Two of the DVDs are educational and one will be just for fun! We need your participation in one of the educational DVDs. Please read the Special Announcement section to learn more about how you can be involved!

My ONLY Live Boot Camp of the year is going to be in La Quinta is less than 3 months. There are a few seats left but it usually sells out during eBay Live. I encourage you to read my Lynn Recommends section to learn more and sign up before it sells out. With the economy the way it is, eBay is still a sure thing.

Once again, I am super excited to announce that I have been selected to teach two computer labs and co-teach one seminar at eBay Live this year in Chicago. Please read the Queen’s Update section to learn more. I want to see you guys in those seats!!!!

Here’s to Successful eBaying!

Lynn Dralle, ‘The Queen of Auctions,’ Creator of the best-selling eBay Boot Camp in a Box and Boot Camp in a Box Lite.

Check out this email that I got from Diva Dawn–she is to my left in the photo below!


I just wanted to write to tell you what a wonderful day I had yesterday. I sold $350.00 with 40 auctions that were ending. And, I can specifically attribute over $330.00 of those sales to attending Boot Camp! Although I have never doubted your advice and theories, yesterday they were proven tried and true, over and over again. Bill (my husband) was amazed and astounded.

I just wanted to write and express my gratitude to you once again for empowering and inspiring me. I’m slowly growing my eBay business. From not having EVER sold anything on eBay before Boot Camp, and then only sparingly in October, I am approaching receiving my turquoise star for 100 feedbacks and am having a great time. I can work at three in the morning — or during the day — or at eight at night — whatever suits my schedule that day. The freedom is intoxicating.

Again, Lynn, — THANK YOU! You have helped change our lives — and we are so grateful. I can’t say enough about what you have done for me. Fear used to motivate me — but not anymore!

Dawn Ralston

Don’t let FEAR motivate you, either. Take a chance!

…and Diva Dawn will be returning to join us in La Quinta this September for Live Boot Camp. Will you join us too?

The invitations have gone out for the ONE and ONLY Live eBay Boot Camp of 2008. It will be held (once again) at the amazing La Quinta Resort here in the Palm Springs area.

If you are a Six Steps to eBay SuccessBoot Camp in a Box Lite, or Full Boot Camp owner–you are eligible for a special price as promised. Let us know if you need another invitation.

To get the best room rates for my students (and myself!), it will be held the weekend after Labor Day: Friday through Sunday, September 5th-7th, 2008.

This Boot Camp will sell out especially with eBay Live next week, so I encourage you to reserve your seat as soon as you can.

Click here to learn more.

There are LESS than 15 seats left so I encourage you to reserve your seat as soon as you can!!! I don’t want YOU to miss out.

I am so excited to have another fun bunch of students meet us here this Fall. I hope that you will be one of those students.

Click here to reserve your spot now. Or email us to ask for a new invitation.

We announced our new Queen’s Academy DVD set in last week’s ezine. Unfortunately, the link to pre-purchase it at the introductory price didn’t work. That turned out to be a blessing in disguise and I will tell you why…

Now we are going to take your questions with us to eBay Live! That’s right, visit this page to ask the pressing questions you have about your eBay business and the future of eBay. The new and improved Road to eBay Live DVD set now includes three DVDs chock full of educational and entertaining information that you need to know.

Here is the rundown of this awesome DVD set:

Disc 1: Ask anything you want and we will take your questions to eBay Live and get you the answers you are looking for…..This Q & A will include your questions asked to Lynn, other PowerSellers, some of the eBay Certified Providers, and hopefully some eBay employees. Please click here to ask your questions now. Even if you don’t purchase this product you can still ask any question you want. Please include your user id and first name as we will repeat this on the DVD giving you added exposure. At least an hour of great learning information!!! Regular price after promotion: $29.95

Disc 2: We have been given the green light to film both of Lynn’s eBay classes. You can be a fly on the wall and learn all her tricks for garage saling in her seminar class and research in her lab class. Approximately two hours of intense and interesting instruction! Regular Price after promotion: $29.95.

Bonus Disc 3: For purchasing Discs 1 and 2 at our amazing low price, you will receive this extra DVD which includes at least an hour of the Behind the Scenes Reality before, during, and after eBay Live. The drama, authors’ luncheons, after-hours parties, and the humor of Mo, Carmen, and Jason. You don’t ever have to watch this but trust us–it is worth the price of the two instructional videos alone! I have seen some of the footage and it is hysterical!!!

Our introductory preorder offer is only good until noon on June 22nd. Order now and you will be first in the queue to receive your copy. We expect this to ship out sometime in July.

This year’s eBay Live in Chicago is going to be a blast and you can be a fly on the wall with Jason Badham’s new DVD “On the Road to eBay Live with The Queen of Auctions”.

Jason is Carmen’s husband and many of you know what a great job he did with the Queen’s Academy Shipping DVD. This is the 2nd DVD package in that series and you won’t want to miss out on our special pre-order offer.

From now until we return home from eBay Live–on Sunday, June 22nd at 12:00 noon–you can pre-purchase three DVDs full of fun and learn for a super special introductory price. Click here to order now because you know we only come out with awesome products!

Click here to order now. Click here to ask your question.

Top 3 tips to know when is it time to let your merchandise go’

by Lynn A. Dralle, ‘The Queen of Auctions’

To make space in my eBay room, Mo, Carmen, and I decided it was time to really clean the house! We were embarking on a huge Spring Cleaning task!

The eBay room is a pretty big room in my house. It was originally a rec room and now houses the 6,000 or so plus items we have listed at auction and in my eBay store.

Back in November of 2006, we started labeling our shelves in the eBay room beginning with the letter “A.” We are now at “JJJJ.” That is 88 shelves! Yikes. Makes sense though. We use about one shelf per week and since November of 2006, it has been 20 months or about 80 weeks.

Here is our original shelf “A“. How cute is that?

So, after talking it over we decided that we would start taking things out of the store that was not on lettered shelves. This way we know that they have been in the store for almost 2 years (24 months).

Tip #1: If an item has gone through two Christmas seasons and has been in your store for over two years it is time to let it go!!

This past week, Mo and Carmen have taken literally 100s of items out of our eBay store. We started piling them by my front door and I called several local charities to see who would come and pick them up. One would only pick up on Thursdays and another was ready to come the next morning. Guess who I picked? And just think of the time, money, and effort I saved by not borrowing my mom’s mini-van, loading it all up myself, and then driving it to the charity and back.

Tip #2: Find a local charity that will come to your house and pick up the items. Make sure you get a tax-deductible receipt.

Here is a photo of some of the items I donated. Look closely and do NOT buy any of these patterns or items! (Just kidding!)

I was a little nervous when I saw the truck back into my driveway for the pickup. I was worried because when I had talked to the driver on the phone he had said: “We are very picky and may not take everything”. Luckily, he was thrilled with what I had out for him and couldn’t stop saying “Thank you Thank you.” And I got a great tax-deductible receipt.

There was something on the bottom of the receipt that I wanted to pass along to you. It said, “We would like to inform you that the IRS now requires that all donations be in good used condition and be itemized by the donor.”

Luckily, I had Mo pull all of my original I Sell sheets for the donated items. Now, I have an I Sell (should really say “I Didn’t Sell–haha) notebook full of them which will serve as my “itemized” list. Very handy and a huge write-off!

Tip #3: If you have a dish set that has been on for less than 2 years and all that is left are the teacups and saucers–you may want to let those go after a year.

When looking at dish sets, Mo came to me and said, “What do you think about losing all the teacups and saucers that haven’t sold? Especially if the rest of the set sold long ago.” I agreed with her and if you look back at that photo of our pile for charity, there are a lot of cups.

Here’s to your Spring Cleaning and making room for new and more desirable merchandise. Treat your eBay room just as you would precious floor space in a retail store. I know it is hard sometimes to let go of things and possessions so it really worked for me to just let Mo make the decisions. Thank you Mo, Carmen, and Haley for all your hard work moving it out!!

Happy eBaying!


WANT TO USE THIS ARTICLE IN YOUR EZINE OR ON YOUR WEBSITE? Yes, you may – just as long as you include all links as they are and append this complete blurb with it: The Queen of Auctions and eBay Power Seller, Lynn Dralle, publishes ‘eBay Tips & Tricks’ a weekly ezine with 10,000+ subscribers. If you’re ready to jump-start your eBay business, make more money and have more time, get your FREE tips now at

I am excited to announce that I will be teaching one class (Twice now!) and co-teaching another class at eBay Live! I have been asking eBay if I could do this for years and finally my dream is coming true!!! The classes are 90 minutes long each.

I can’t believe that eBay Live! in Chicago is just 21 days away. Yikes! I have so much to do. In addition to the classes, we will be in a 10′ by 20′ booth–Booth #538. Carmen, her husband Jason, Mo, and I will be manning the booth. Mo’s sister Mary Beth will also be helping out. Can’t wait!

The first class that I am teaching–on my own–is called “How To Research Quickly & Effectively When Selling Higher Profit Margin Items.” It is a computer lab course. I have the dates and times now for all the classes. This one will be taught on Thursday, June 19th from 10:00 to 11:30 am and then again on Friday, June 20th from 1:00 to 2:30 pm. I just found out that this class will be held in a room that has 25, 50, or 75 computers.

To get the larger room here is what needs to happen. Because there are no advanced sign-ups for any sessions interested students CAN go to the Agenda Builder after they register for the conference and build their agenda, showing they will attend your session.

The more people that indicate interest through the Agenda Builder, the larger the room they put the session in. They are not held to their choices, however, so if they change their minds no one will hunt them down! Here is more about the class:

I will bring in ten unique items–typically higher profit margins from the antiques and collectibles category. As an example, a flatware set (just one piece), dinnerware set (just one piece), antique vase, etc., and show them on the computer where to go and find values and identify patterns fast! I will use Google, PriceMiner, eBay and Replacements.

The computer lab classes are workshop classes where attendees can get hands-on experience. They are limited to 100 attendees sharing 50 computers. Lab presentations are similar to Seminars, but have more step-by-step instructions and screenshots/images, so attendees can follow along on the computer. I hope to see you there!

The second class that I am co-teaching with Herb Oberman is called “From One Item To A Truckload – How To Source High-Margin Items Locally.”

My section is about shopping garage sales and thrift stores. This class will be held on Friday, June 20th from 10:30 to 12:00 noon.

Here is more about the class:

If you are looking for ongoing sources of merchandise that are not imported, or want to see how you can make significant profit off of low-cost items, this is a must-attend seminar! Join Herb Oberman and Lynn Dralle aka The Queen of Auctions, to learn more about locally sourcing high margin items that have not flooded the eBay Marketplace. Herb will talk about finding companies in your area that sell products at rock bottom prices which you may then resell on eBay. Lynn will show you how to quickly and effectively shop garage sales and thrift stores to find those unique items that can sell for big bucks on eBay.

It is a Seminar. These are lecture-style classes for large groups of attendees. Seminars look like your classic presentation – with a mixture of bullet point content and screenshots/images. Can’t wait to see you at either one!

eBay PowerSeller and third-generation antique dealer, Lynn Dralle, is the creator of Boot Camp in a Box, the home-study course where you can learn to implement the Dralle Method to maximize your eBay profits.

If you liked today’s issue, you’ll love this step-by-step course that is guaranteed to be the most complete and enjoyable guide to selling on eBay that MAKES YOU MONEY.

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Happy eBaying!!


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