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As you read this ezine, Mo (Maureen) and I are setting up our booth at eBay’s Salt Lake City offices for the Certified Provider’s Fair.

  • Lynn Recommends: Ask Campaign February 27th with Lisa Suttora
  • Special Announcement: Six Steps Online Course has launched!
  • Feature Article: Power of 10 Product Sourcing by Lisa Suttora!!
  • The Queen’s Update: We want to hear your eBay success stories!

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February 21, 2008 Volume IV, Issue 8

Dear eBayers,

Mo and I can’t wait to share all your concerns over the new eBay policies with eBay management. I will let you know how it goes when we return next week.

Remember a few weeks ago when I bought all those Native American Pottery pieces and none sold for very much? Well, I had a very nice surprise a few days ago. You won’t believe what this one little spoon sold for!!! Very exciting.

Click here to see what it sold for.

And remember that flatware from last week that I waited so patiently to purchase at 1⁄2 price. I spent $87.50 for one shoebox full. Now, normally flatware takes a while to sell and doesn’t usually sell the first time out at auction. I always tell my students–“Don’t get discouraged because it will eventually sell out of your eBay store.” But boy was this my lucky week. Those 61 auctions ended on Tuesday evening with 42 of them closing with bids. Grand total was $453.61!!!! What a major coup!!!


Speaking of amazing, that is what the Live Boot Camp experience will be for those of YOU lucky enough to attend. We have already sold six seats!!! And with almost seven months until the event–you know that this will sell out completely. I don’t want YOU to miss out–please read more here.

Oh yeah, we had another baseball tournament this past weekend but at least it was here in town. Our first game was at 10 am on Saturday, so my mom and I only had about 1 1⁄2 hours to hit the sales. We only made it to one in Indio that was a community sale. You have to check out this Wedgwood honey pot that I bought for $15 (way more than I would normally spend) but honey pots always sell. Whenever you see a honey pot–buy it! You will always get at least $10 for it.

It turns out that this beautiful Wedgwood piece may be quite rare. I read somewhere that only 300 were made.

Click here to see what it is up to and the starting bid price I used to protect my investment.

Let’s see how high it goes!!! Maybe as high as bees fly? Or do they fly very high?

Houston’s baseball team had a major rally comeback. After losing their two games on Saturday, Houston pitched a no-hitter on Sunday morning to get them back in the race–many thanks to his awesome teammates for backing him up with NO errors! Then they went on to knock out the number one seed!! What a tournament. We finished in 3rd place and I am so proud of all the boys!

In the Lynn Recommends section, I am very happy to announce that we are doing another Ask Campaign with my friend and eBay Guru, Lisa Suttora. She is so incredible and so inspiring that I am really excited for next week’s call. Since Lisa is coming back, I asked her to write the feature article this week. Don’t miss that article.

This week’s feature article by guest author Lisa Suttora is all about the Power of 10 when doing your product sourcing. I love this article because Lisa teaches more about selling commodity items in addition to unique one-of-a-kind items. We have great synergy and I know that by having her helping us out, we will all get smarter and make more money on eBay!

I would also like to take this opportunity to announce that we will be posting and sharing quite a few more articles from Lisa on my website in the next few months. Too cool!!!

Finally, I get emails from many of you that want to buy my full Boot Camp in a Box but just can’t afford it. The one that I listed last week was ended early by eBay due to someone bidding with a stolen ID–Sorry guys!!! So I listed one on eBay this week starting at 99 cents. It ends Friday, February 22nd at 4:27 pm Pacific time. Click here to place your bid.

Here’s to Successful eBaying!

Lynn Dralle, ‘The Queen of Auctions,’ Creator of the best-selling eBay Boot Camp in a Box and Boot Camp in a Box Lite.

eBay Certified Consultant Lisa Suttora

We all want to find more good merchandise to sell on eBay. Lisa Suttora is an expert at spotting trends for what people want to purchase this year and into the future.

So fire away with your questions here!

This is one teleseminar that you will not want to miss.

This teleseminar and transcript are free for Queen’s Court Members and is your extra gift this month. If you are not a member of the Queen’s Court and would still like to listen in, receive the download, and get the transcript, we do have a special introductory rate. Click here to sign up.

Even if you can’t make it to the call, drop by and ask your question here. The more questions we have, the more we’ll learn on the call. I am really excited about this call and we are SOOOO Lucky to have Lisa for an hour or so on February 27th!!!

I am thrilled to announce that my ecourse has been overhauled and updated. It even includes the changes that were introduced to eBay just this week.

It is called Six Steps to eBay Success and covers all you need to know to get your business up and running on eBay. And for those of you who already have your business running, the course is full of great tips to maximize your eBay profits.

This is a great course where you learn right at your computer while you are actually doing the work described in each lesson.

And for launch week we are offering the course at an amazing discount. You can’t afford to miss out on this deal! By midnight on February 28th, you can sign at the introductory price and save over 60% off the regular price. To take advantage of this awesome opportunity, click here to purchase.

As ecourse student Auntie Suzi says:

Without this course it would have taken me years to learn what I now know. I am so very grateful. Time = Money and that’s what I got from this course – more sales, sales, sales!!!

Click here to order now!

The Power of Ten

Guest article by Lisa Suttora, owner of and eBay Certified Provider

Are you stuck in a product line rut?

Selling the same things over and over again, but experiencing little business growth?

Are your product offerings ho-hum and your sales flat?

Then it’s time to expand and reenergize your product line with Power of 10 Product Sourcing™!

What is a Product Line?

In its simplest form, a product line is a group of related products that appeal to the same customer base. For example, a very basic sewing-related product line might include sewing machines, sewing accessories, fabric, patterns, and thread.

And while a very basic line of products will get you started, it’s not enough to really pack the ‘Wow!’ into your sales!


Because your product line must always be fresh, exciting, and dynamic in order to sell more products with each sale and to bring your customers back to buy from you time and time again!

With a continually fresh product line, you’ll sell more products to the same buyers, more often.

You’ll also foster a LOT of repeat business.

Now people often think that building a product line is a difficult task, but with the right strategy, it can be easy and fun to do! And today I’m going to show you how to use Power of 10 Product Sourcing™ to do exactly that!

Ready, Set, Expand!

Even though are thousands of new products manufactured each year, all too often people find themselves at a loss as to how to expand their product line.

Let’s look at an example –

Chelsea has a part-time eBay business centered around the highly profitable sewing niche. She currently sells two types of sewing machines, some vintage fabric, and sewing scissors. She sells about $4100 worth of products a month.

Chelsea wants to take her business to the next level but finds herself at a loss as to how to expand.

Because of Chelsea’s limited product line, she has very few repeat customers. Her customers are satisfied with their purchases, but she simply doesn’t have much else to sell them.

And while she is still attracting new customers, she knows that she could sell a lot more if she had more products to offer her customers.

Enter Power of 10 Product Sourcing™!Chelsea is about to open the window and see options for her business she never knew existed!

What is Power of 10 Product Sourcing™?

Power of 10 Product Sourcing™ is a product sourcing strategy I developed at that shows you how to identify at least ten related products or services for every product you sell that will appeal to your current customer base.

When you see this in action, you’ll start to realize the potential for your online business.

And the great thing about this strategy is that it can be applied to any business model, any niche, and any product line.

Power of 10 Product Sourcing™ in Action

Using Chelsea’s product line as an example, let’s look at how Power of 10 Product Sourcing™ has the potential to transform an OK product line into a robust and thriving business.

(Remember, Chelsea currently sells 2 types of sewing machines, some vintage fabric, and sewing scissors.)

Chelsea’s Current Product: Sewing Machines

Chelsea’s new product line possibilities after applying Power of 10 Product Sourcing™:

o High-end sewing machines

o Kids quality sewing machines

o Embroidery machines

o Quilting machines

o Stitch computer machines

o Carrying cases

o Sewing tables

o Craft tables

o Sewing machine cabinets

o Ergonomic sewing chairs

o Natural lighting

o Fabric and accessories storage systems

o Software packages for sewing machines

o Step-down sewing machine voltage converter

Chelsea’s Current Product: Vintage Fabrics

Chelsea’s new product line possibilities after applying Power of 10 Product Sourcing™:

o Imported fabrics

o Vintage quilting squares

o Vintage table cloths

o Garment steamers

o High-end irons

o Dress forms

o Unique buttons & fabric closures

o Patterns

o Sewing eBooks

Chelsea’s Current Product: Sewing Scissors

Chelsea’s new product line possibilities after applying Power of 10 Product Sourcing™:

o Ergonomic support gloves

o Sewing accessories chest

o Scissors sharpener

o Electric fabric scissors

o Cordless powered fabric scissors

o Craft kits

Now here’s even more power with Power of 10 Product Sourcing™ – within each of the potential new products and product lines, Chelsea listed are multiple brands, styles, and versions of that product!

Chelsea can take her business to the next level by simply expanding the styles, levels, and brands of sewing machines she carries and then adding in some up-sell and cross-sell products.

This combined with all the other products/styles/brand names on her list and Chelsea has laid the groundwork for a business where the sky is the limit!

Getting Started with Power of 10 Product Sourcing™ in Action

The first step in Power 10 Product Sourcing™ is taking stock… What are you currently selling and how well is it selling?

While this step sounds amazingly simple, you’d be surprised at the number of eBay sellers who have products “hidden” in categories in their eBay store that they pay no attention to and have forgotten that are there. These could be an excellent starting point to building a new product line.

The next step to successful Power 10 Product Sourcing™ is to write a profile of your target customer.

Why? Because you have to understand who you are selling to before you can figure out what else they might want!

Then you’re ready to sit down and start brainstorming additional products to bring into your product line!

Before you know it, you’ll be on the road to a growing and thriving business.

To learn more about Power of 10 Product Sourcing™, visit


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