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I finished writing the book this past Monday! Now it goes to press. I will be in New York on May 30th autographing Galley copies for Book Expo. What a relief. It turned out awesome and the cover is a lot of fun. I can’t wait for our book launch and promo in the middle of June!

  • Lynn Recommends: USPS New Rate Chart
  • Special Announcement: 4-Part payment plan for Live Boot Camp
  • Feature Article: 5 Top Tips for Selling Plush for Profit
  • The Queen’s Update: Requesting more stories from YOU

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May 21, 2009, Volume V, Issue 10

I have finished writing the book, but I still need to record the audio version! I try and do the audiobook before we actually go to press, because that way, I find the last of the tiny editing problems. I like my books to sound like I am talking to you and by recording them before we go to press, I find the mistakes. Well, most of them anyway!

Please watch for our special launch

email promotion on June 16th!

It has been so long since I have written an ezine that I don’t know where to begin. Let’s see, Indy got to join a softball team at the last minute and it has been a blast watching her play. She loves it!

For once this ezine has more pictures of Indiana in it than Houston. Too cool! She finally figured out she needed to play a sport also.

The teleseminar last week with Debbie Ybarra of was incredible. I learned soooo much about selling plush toys and clothing. The Queen’s Court members loved it! In fact, Debbie was so knowledgeable and nice, that she agreed to write the main article for this week’s ezine. DO NOT miss it. Debbie’s five top tips for selling plush for profit!

And if you missed the teleseminar, the instant download is still available here at a very reasonable price. Order now before the price goes up. I guarantee that you will make back the price of the teleseminar with your growing plush sales!

I did! Check out one of my plush scores that I bought at my local thrift stores the morning after the teleseminar. During the teleseminar, Sally K emailed and said, “I want to go shopping right now”! I felt the same way, so I did my shopping the next morning.

I paid $3.00 for this Vermont Teddy Bear. It turns out that he is Jack Frost without the hat or boots. Click here to see what it is up to. This is so much fun and we have a new source of income!

Debbie’s Teleseminar even motivated me to FINALLY get all of Indy’s Groovy Girl Dolls listed in a big lot. Click here to see the auction.

I have finished doing my first EVER webinar workshop for eBay. As a certified provider for eBay, this is something really cool that they asked me to do. It was yesterday (Thursday) at 10 am. If you are receiving this newsletter after the fact, you can still check it out here.

Here is the description: Topic: New to eBay? Learn how to sell on eBay by turning your household items into cash on eBay. Plus, Lynn will share her tips on how you can find items in your local area to sell on eBay and start generating extra income.
Please join Lynn Dralle, The Queen of Auctions and published author of The 100 Best Things I’ve Sold on eBay book series, as she shares her tips, success, and insight for new eBay sellers, part-time sellers, and even experienced sellers seeking additional advice.

In the Lynn recommends section, I have the USPS International Rate Chart updated, both front and back and I have a special price for those of you who just bought it in January. I wish the Post Office would do just one price change per year. No, make that one price change every OTHER year!

In the Special Announcement section, our 4-part payment plan for Live Boot Camp ends in five days and there are only 8 seats left. Please reserve your spot now, before it sells out. We want to see you in La Quinta this August!

Finally, we are looking for more of your stories. Read below to find out how to submit your stories for consideration.

Happy eBaying,

Lynn Dralle, ‘The Queen of Auctions,’ Creator of the best-selling eBay Boot Camp in a Box and Boot Camp in a Box Lite.

The USPS Shipping Cheat Sheet has been updated. First-class international and domestic prices were raised. Media also increased. A digital file of the front of the sheet will be emailed to all Queen’s Court members as an extra gift this month and a Thank You for being so awesome!

Speaking of awesome, check out this darling purse set that Reta (a Queen’s Court Member) sent for Indy and I. Reta is very helpful in identifying items on the Queen’s Court and I really appreciate her and this thoughtful gift. Check out her auctions and store at Linncountylady’s Collectibles. Her daughter designs and makes these purses with real Swarovski crystals for her company Walnut Creek Studio. Too cute.

Since the chart has changed slightly on the front side, Media and 1st Class International, and the back has changed completely, I am offering the laminated version for sale here at the usual low price (shipping included).

If you had already bought the chart in January, I am offering the laminated version for 25% off, click here.

And remember, Queen’s Court members may use their discount.

Hopefully, that is all for this year!

Our ONLY Live Boot Camp of 2009 is coming up soon. Friday, August 28th, Saturday, August 29th, and Sunday, August 30th at the world-famous La Quinta Resort! There are only 8 seats left!

Our 4-part payment plan ends in just five days, so please click here to get your special invitation. When you email just let Mo know if you are a Boot Camp in a Box owner, a prior graduate, a Six-Steps to eBay Success owner, or none of the above.

By holding it the last weekend in August, we were able to negotiate super great room rates for all you future students and the resort will not be very crowded. We will also be able to get the meeting rooms that we want.

Here are my 2008 Graduates! Not everyone sent in a photo but for those who did it made it easier for Carmen, Jason, Lee, Mo, and I to get to know you all faster!

Don’t you want to see your photo on this board next year? I want to see you in La Quinta. Please let us know if you didn’t receive your special invitation. Contact us here.

My mom will be returning to help this year and we look forward to having her back with us for 2009!

Before we get into Debbie’s article, I want to update you on how my clothing sales from the last ezine turned out. None of my lots went for very much and most did NOT sell. I asked Debbie to explain why during the teleseminar and what she said made perfect sense.

In fact, she has had to adjust her clothing sales and strategies to adapt to the current economy. What she told us was brilliant! Here is my lot that sold for the most:

Finally, I have a new story in “Home Run” that is about a Boyds Plush Teddy Bear. I thought that here would be the perfect time to give you a sneak peek at the new book and share a story!

Home Run Story Number 38:

Click here to read the story…

By the way, It turns out that Roberta Hill is the one who submitted the awesome title and she wins our contest for naming the new book. Roberta, thank you, I love this title!

Now on to Debbie’s article….

‘My 5 Top Tips for Selling Plush for Profit’

by Debbie Ybarra

Bellyzover Boutique

Plush toys and stuffed animals are a great source of income on eBay! You can find them in any part of the country, they’re unbreakable, and they’re easy to ship. Here are my top 5 tips for selling plush toys on eBay:

1. You don’t have to memorize brand names. Virtually any and all brands of plush toys will sell. Often the lesser-known, hard to find and more obscure brands can sell for a lot more profit than the bigger names. Think of those stuffed toys that are made in China that fill the giant “claw” games at many restaurants these days. If a child were to become emotionally attached to one of those toys, chances are their parents would have no clue how to replace it if it were lost. eBay is the answer!

The only two types of plush toys I will not buy are Ty Beanie Babies and Ganz Webkinz. As cute as they are, the market is saturated with them and they are not worth listing. Here is an example of a plush toy I sold that was made in China and had a funny brand name:

See the auction here.

2. Plush toys do not have to be Mint With Tags (MWT). They can be gently used and will still sell! It should be clean and fresh smelling, but other than that a “tush tag” is just fine. A tush tag is the fabric tag near the “tush” that is sewn into the toy. Most of the plush toys I sell only have the tush tag. Here is an example of a listing with a picture of the tag:

See the auction here.

3. I like to list plush toys via auction the first week, and then they go into my store with a Buy It Now price (and Best Offer option). Most of my plush toys are sold through my store. Don’t get discouraged if they don’t sell the first week! It can take time and patience for the “right” buyer to come along and find your listing. I price my plush toys based on availability on eBay and Google.

The more rare it is, the higher it’s priced. This pink unicorn I listed didn’t have any watchers the first week in an auction. A month or so after being in my store, it sold for $24.97 (my asking price):

See the auction here.

4. Don’t overpay for plush toys! Your best bet for finding great deals is at garage sales. Just this morning I was at a sale with – let’s face it – a lot of junk! That is until I spotted the huge pile of stuffed animals on a bedsheet in the yard. WOW – there must have been at least 50! They were clean and many had their paper hang tags (store tags) still attached. I asked, “How much if I take all of them?!” The wide-eyed seller looked at me, then looked at the pile and said “How about 7 bucks?” SOLD! I figure I paid about $0.15 each.

5. Before you list your toy, do a Google search on it. You might come up with a recall warning in which case you should not sell it on eBay. You might also find an eBay Want It Now posting in which someone is looking for the exact toy you have! You can then list your toy and “answer” the Want It Now eBay ad. It’s a great way of connecting your item with a buyer right off the bat. Here is an example of a toy that had a Want It Now ad posted for it, and the buyer offered me $30 (I believe my asking price was $39.97):

See the auction here.

Thanks Debbie! Click here now to get a copy of my teleseminar with Debbie at a special low price. It was a great session. Don’t miss out on this one!

Like anything on eBay, selling toys is a numbers game. The more plush toys you list, the more you will sell. Get out there and offer to buy up a garage sale seller’s entire supply. Get them listed and watch the bids and offers come pouring in!

Happy eBaying!


We are looking for your eBay success stories to share with our ezine readers and possibly make it into a book of our reader’s best eBay stories.

A big thanks to everyone who has already submitted a story! We are looking for more great stories of your eBay adventures. We know there are many great tales out there, so please submit your story along the lines of the stories from the 100 Best Books and a great side story with photos will help. If we use your story, you will receive a $35 merchandise credit on my website and you will have your story featured–along with your user ID–in my ezine! It may also eventually end up in a published book!

By the way, when I mention my ezine readers’ user IDs with links to their auctions–it actually helps their sales! Amazing how that works. Click here for the guidelines for submitting your stories.

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