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As you read this I am on my way to Las Vegas and then Omaha, Nebraska. I am starting to feel like a part of “Where in the World is Carmen San Diego.” Maybe it should be “Where in the World is Lynn Dralle?” Just kidding!

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  • Special Announcement: Jewelry Teleseminar with Kathy Flood
  • LIVE BOOT CAMP: 3-Part Payment plan ends in ONE Week
  • Feature Article: What’s that Smell?’ It’s the scent of money!

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June 17, 2010 Volume VI, Issue 11

I am just back from Albuquerque and Los Angeles. Now I am off to Nevada, South Dakota, and Nebraska. Wow!

Last Monday, I had the wonderful experience of being able to take my best friend from college Juliette, Houston, and one of his buddies, Ian, to a Dodger VIP game experience.

Here are the four of us on the field pregame.

Rewind…Last year I went to a fundraiser for the local middle school and there was a silent auction. One of the items was a Dodger Baseball VIP experience where you would get four tickets and an on-field VIP experience before the game. I won it for less than what the four baseball tickets would have cost!

So on Monday, June 7th we went to see the Dodgers play the St. Louis Cardinals. The pre-game experience was PRICELESS. Houston and Ian got autographs from almost all of the players.

Check out this photo of Houston and Ian getting Manny Ramirez’
autograph. I guess he never signs and we got lucky!

Then after Manny signed Houston’s ball, he dropped it! Check out that look of surprise on Houston’s face as Manny reaches down to pick it up.


Then we had a huge milestone. Indiana graduated from Elementary School. Here she is with her bouquet of flowers and a reluctant brother posing behind her. I am so proud of her! And now it is off to middle school. They grow up so quickly!

When I drive to Las Vegas for the eBay Radio Party this time I am taking the back roads. Thank you to DivaDawnLV for the directions. You are a doll! I will be speaking there on Thursday, June 24th. I hope to see you there.

Here is a link to learn more.

As I was working on my presentation for the eBay Radio Party, I got to do some research out in the field. My favorite! I attended a huge estate sale and bought this collection of perfume and cologne.

I did so well with this bunch of vintage items that I decided to write this week’s feature article about perfume and cologne. Check out this older cologne from 1970 that sold for a small fortune. I paid 50 cents. Crazy!

See the listing here.

Don’t miss my article “What’s that Smell?” and my top five tips for selling vintage perfume and cologne.

Our jewelry teleseminar last night was amazing! Kathy Flood has a wealth of information. Check out the Special Announcement section to read about it. It is available for purchase and instant download, too.

About six months ago we found out about from Queen’s Court member Jarsie. Thanks, Jarsie! Please read the Lynn Recommends section to learn more. We NEVER go to the US Post Office anymore.

Many of you have asked about the Shipping eReport on dinnerware that will be available for purchase for those who own the Dinnerware Success eBook. I have been working on it for three weeks. I am sorry that it is not finished yet! It will be finished soon and an email will be sent out.

LIVE BOOT CAMP is filling up, we ONLY have seven seats Left for 2010. If you are considering joining us, we recommend that you reserve your spot soon. This one will sell out. Here is a link to read more. We hope to see you there.

Happy eBaying,

Lynn Dralle, ‘The Queen of Auctions,’
Creator of the best-selling eBay Boot Camp in a Box.

There is a free (yes I did say free) account available for eBay users. In our office, this account allows Carmen to print all our USPS labels (even 1st class International) so that we can put everything out for the Post Office to pick up. Yes, it is true, we never have to go to the post office again. I want you to be able to do the same thing! Eric Nash of has some information to share with us on this great service.

Our free eBay program allows you to print shipping labels just like our full paid version of the software. The main difference is how you get the data into the software for the delivery address. The fre e eBay program requires you to import the package delivery data from your eBay account using our “batch import” process. To do that, your account must be connected to your eBay account. Once that connection is established, importing data is as easy as clicking on the “refresh” button. But other features such as printing on envelopes, printing stamps, etc. are turned off.

For sellers who are only selling on eBay, the free eBay program is probably all they would need. Here are the basic features of the free program:

All USPS Services at your Fingertips

  • All mail classes including Priority®, Express®, First Class®, Media Mail® and International Mail (including First Class Mail International).
  • International customs forms integration
  • Tracking available on every package
  • Free Delivery Confirmation with Priority Mail®

USPS Shipping Rate Discounts

  • 3% – 14% off USPS retail rates for Express Mail® and Priority Mail®
  • Up to 8% discount off international rates for Express Mail® and Priority Mail®
  • 10% discount on package insurance
  • Insure packages up to $2500 in value

Rapid Order Processing

  • Retrieve order data directly from eBay
  • Batch label processing
  • High-speed thermal printer support
  • Automatic post-back to eBay

Valuable eCommerce Features

  • Hidden postage
  • Automatic address correction
  • Presets for commonly shipped products
  • Return shipping labels for easy customer returns
  • Bulk acceptance scans/SCAN forms

For customers who upgrade to a paid $15.99 per month account, they’ll get all the same features above as well as these additional features:

Import Sales Order Data from Ecommerce Marketplaces

Along with importing sales order data from eBay, the subscription program offers customers that ability to import data from other marketplaces/platforms such as Pro Merchant, Google Checkout, PayPal and Yahoo! Stores. We also have shopping cart software being added (ZenCart, OSCommerce, Magento and Xcart).

Import Sales Order via ODBC or XML file formats.

Easily manage and print labels for orders from multiple sources (ecommerce store, ODBC data source and XML file) – all from a single interface. Retrieve data in various formats including CSV, Excel, Access, SQL database and Oracle® via an ODBC connection.

Enhanced Reporting

Get wide-ranging visibility into how your company is using its account. The Reports Tool collates and organizes all of your important expense and postage-use data into one interface, allowing you to analyze your postage spending habits by mail class, month or special services expenses. View your expenses and prints in both graphic and tabular formats.

Print Postage on Your Envelopes

Print postage, delivery address, and/or return address directly onto your envelopes in one simple step. You can even customize your envelope with a logo, image or marketing message at the same time. It’s an easy way to give a professional appearance to every envelope you mail. Got a windowed envelope? can handle those, too.

Print Postage Stamps

Pick the exact postage value for your exact postage need! NetStamps have no date or address restrictions, and can be used on any class of domestic or international mail. Print on demand or print and use later. Print custom sheets with multiple different values. Use them exactly like any other US Postage stamp!

Address Book Integration directly interfaces with most PC address books including Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Act!, Quicken, Windows Address Book and more. If you don’t currently have a PC address book, has one built right in. You can also print addresses and postage directly from Microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfect.”

Thanks, Eric and Please sign up here for the free basic plan if you aren’t already using this amazing service!

Please sign up here for the upgraded plan at $15.95 a month if you use multiple selling platforms or want advanced reporting tools.

We love! It really saves us time, gas, and the hassle of hauling our packages to the Post Office every day.

Countdown to Live Boot Camp

70 days left until we kick it off!

7 Seats Left!

3 Part Payment Plan ends in one week!

Here is your link to read more.

Do you remember that wonderful ezine article from April 22nd by guest author Kathy Flood, titled “Jumping into Jewelry?”

Kathy Flood joined Mo and I for last night’s teleseminar. It was awesome! The audio is ready for instant download. Click here to purchase.

Remember this score from Ka-Ching story #49?
I paid $2.00 and it sold for $152.50!

This fantastic teleseminar is the Queen’s Court Gift for June. If you are not a Queen’s Court member you can still purchase the teleseminar here. I personally can’t wait to get out there and start looking for costume pieces. This teleseminar can give you that extra insider information that you need to be successful.

To purchase NOW, click here.

Here is a little bit of background about Kathy, written in her engaging and entertaining style.

I was a regular magazine journalist who somehow, like Alice in Wonderland, found myself in a different world … of antiques and collectibles. After covering everything as an editor and reporter, from death row to spring training (please tell Houston that Jim Kaat taught me how to chaw) (and spit) (but the Cardinals manager at the time wouldn’t let me stand in and take a pitch inside), I somehow slid head first into Barbies, Beanie Babies and costume jewelry. Still not sure how it happened, but I do love jewelry.

Like you, Lynn, a lot of the best part is sharing what’s been learned, so everyone who’s having a tough time (so many people now!) can have a better life. Every night when Katie, Diane or Brian on the evening news show people losing their homes or businesses, their hopes and dreams, I always scream at the screen, “Take up costume jewelry!” It can pay for everything from a trip to the grocery store to a ticket to college.

I want to point out to people that being aware of costume jewelry can make a difference in a person’s or family’s life. With not much luck, someone can make $50; with some luck, $500; and with a lot of luck, $5,000. (I mean in one crack.) It’s a field worth learning and pursuing.

Here is the cover of Kathy’s new book. If you order this valuable resource, you will be entered into a drawing for a very expensive piece of costume jewelry. If you win, you might sell it on eBay and maybe make a small fortune!

Click here to order her new book.

This is what Kathy has to say about the piece being offered in the drawing to one lucky person who purchases her book from this email:

It is a heavily jeweled vintage 1960s necklace. The crystal colors are ruby and pink, with emerald-cut art glass cabochons treated with an Aurora Borealis finish. It looks just like the work of DeLizza & Elster. I was sure it was a ‘Juliana’ piece, but evidently not. Value: $150

Boom! The Red – No White – No Blue drawing
will be held on the 4th of July. So buy your book now and get entered into the drawing. This blazing red necklace causes … fireworks!
Its explosive colors dazzle around a neck! It is a really cool necklace!

Once again, a very BIG Thank you to Kathy Flood for sharing her jewelry tips and tricks!

Check out this link to the Antique Trader’s Blog about the Teleseminar. I LOVE the Antique Trader. It was my Grandmother’s favorite Antique Magazine!

P.S. Kathy is the jewelry columnist for the Antique Trader. She knows her stuff!

P.P.S. Costume jewelry can be found for low prices and can reap great rewards. Why not add this exciting category to your online business?

To purchase the audio for instant download, click here.
Click here to order Kathy’s new book and a chance to win the necklace.

What’s that Smell? It’s the Scent of Money!
by Lynn Dralle, The Queen of Auctions

What in the world is this article about? It’s about selling perfume, empty perfume bottles, men’s cologne, and other bathroom items on eBay. This is a frequently overlooked category and I just couldn’t resist writing about it!

Here are my five top tips:

1.     Never pass by the bathroom at estate sales (I know, I know, this is a little weird).

I was at an estate sale last week. In the bathroom, there was a huge amount of vintage perfume and cologne bottles. They were priced starting at 50 cents and they went all the way up to $20.00.

The $20.00 bottle was a Lamborghini cologne/aftershave in a leather case that was made in France and England.

Here is that bottle.

2.     Buy in Bulk

By the way, I didn’t pay $20.00 for that bottle. I made a pile of all of the pieces I was interested in. I asked the man holding the sale to please make me a better bulk price. I ended up getting all the miniatures for $2.00 each (instead of $3.00 each), most of the men’s colognes for $1.00 each, and the Lamborghini pieces for about $12.00 each. Grand total for this pile was $76.00.

Please keep in mind that buying in bulk spreads out your risk. As you can see in the pile above I got about 27 pieces for that $76.00 investment. That is only $2.81 each.

3.     Miniature perfumes are a good bet

There are quite a few collectors for miniature perfume bottles. Remember this Kobako Perfume from story #10 in my first 100 Best Book that sold for $278.00? Wow!

One of the miniatures that I bought at the estate sale last week also sold for a nice price. Check it out here.

4.     Men’s cologne, aftershave and soap on a rope sell better than you may think

My mom’s really good friend Kay Faulkner (Live Boot Camp Graduate) is always telling us that Men’s stuff can sell much better than Women’s stuff on eBay.

I think we have validation with that Jovan Musk Oil After Shave (shown in the introduction) that sold for a small fortune!

Also, check out what this Faberge Soap on a Rope sold for! Do you remember this stuff? What a trip down memory lane.

The listing is here.

5.     Vintage, New, and even Empty can all sell well

Memory lane leads us to this section. Vintage really does sell well in perfume and cologne because people are trying to purchase their childhoods or memories. Nothing brings back a memory better than a certain scent.

Because these items that I was selling were vintage, notice how I worded the listing descriptions so that I wasn’t taking responsibility for how the liquid would actually smell!

Check out the description on this bottle of men’s cologne that also sold for quite a bit.

See this listing here.

Newer perfumes and colognes can also sell really well. My mom bought an entire box full of bathroom items at a garage sale out here for $5.00. She sold one of the full newer perfumes for $57.00.

As an ending note, empty perfume bottles can be very collectible. Many perfume bottle collectors are looking for figural bottles that may have been made by Lalique, Baccarat, and other famous makers as works of art.

Check out this amazing figural perfume bottle that recently sold on eBay for over $2,500. I want to find one of these!!!

See the auction here.

(Thanks to the eBay store Collectibilities for letting us use their photo!)

In conclusion, my $76.00 investment turned out great! I sold $282.50 worth of these colognes/perfumes/aftershaves at auction. I have another $359.82 listed in my eBay store at fixed prices with the Or Best Offer Feature. $642.32 total (let’s hope)!

Do not pass by the Bathroom! I hope you have some scores to share with me soon.


Happy eBaying!


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