Lynn’s eBay Ezine Volume VIII, Issue Number 2



As my life slowly gets back to a new normal, I am going to ease into writing the ezines. I am also writing the final section of the flatware eBook and my goal is to have it out sometime in June. The ezines will look a little different and will hopefully evolve as time passes.

May 4th, 2012
Volume VIII, Issue 2

I am very excited to announce that I will be teaching a course on sourcing at eBay on Location in Denver, Colorado on Friday, May 25th. How fun! The title of the course is What Do I Sell on eBay? My favorite subject.

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I am also really pleased that eBay radio has invited me back to Las Vegas this June to speak at their Ninth Anniversary Party. I will be in Las Vegas on June 20th and 21st so hope to see some of you at either event.

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My mom was here visiting in April. On one Saturday afternoon, we attended a ladies’ tea at the yacht club in my complex. We had to wear hats. It was hysterical and fun.

Before the tea, she and I went to a garage sale that I had been to last year. It was awesome! This year again I got some great clothes for Indy; Roxy, Abercrombie, Hardy, American Eagle, Charlotte Russe, etc. Can’t even remember all the great brands. And some awesome Polo, Claiborne, etc for Houston. I bought 211 pieces for $200. Total score. Can you even imagine what those clothes would have cost in a store? Probably at least $3,000 to $5,000. Anyway, my mom and I brought home six garbage bags. The kids had a blast trying them on and picking what they wanted to keep.

Here are the kids sitting on top of all the clothes before they went through them to pick out what they wanted and do a fashion show for us.

Indy kept about 70 pieces and Houston 25. I still have about 115 to list which will bring in at least $1500. Great fun day! Here is a photo of the kids all dressed up because it was hysterical and fun for all of us to have a laugh and be happy.

Here is a photo of the clothes that I get to sell left on the table. And pretty much all for free since the clothes I sell will more than pay for everything. I love eBay!

After the kids picked out their pieces, I was left with 33 men’s pieces, 72 junior’s pieces, and 10 women’s pieces.

I have quite a few listed and still have about 40 more to list. I have bid on quite a few already. Awesome! If you can pick up great designer brands at $1 each, I highly encourage you to do so.

Here are a few of my auctions with some action.

See this listing here.

See this listing here.

This Cache top doesn’t have any bids, but it will eventually sell for quite a bit. It is a great brand.

See the listing here.

To learn more about clothing, you should check out our clothing teleseminars for new clothing and our Debbie Ybarra plush teleseminars for more info on used clothing.

Some sad news. Carmen is no longer working with us at HQ. We really miss her, but it was time for a change. She will always be a part of my family; and she, Mo, and I have plans to have lunch soon.

Since Carmen has left, I have taken on more of the shipping role. It is an EYE OPENER! I don’t buy any odd-shaped items anymore unless they are going to sell for at least $50. I also love flatware, clothing, small items and non-breakables more than ever. I am recycling and saving money on all of my shipping supplies. It has actually been really fun!

Here is a photo of my remodeled shipping area. It is so efficient. I can sit on a stool and reach every single thing I need to ship quickly. We LOVE it!

To help you learn as much as you can on a budget, we are having a Mother’s Day Sale. Click here to learn more and get your coupon code. The sale ends on Wednesday, May 9th, so if you are a Mom (or not ), get those hints out to anyone that may need a gift for you! And we will make sure that it arrives in time.

So with all of this going on, my mom and I went to a super high-priced estate sale where she picked up Escada, Citron, and other great brands for $1 to $5 a piece. And I got a huge collection of Stuart Abelman. Here is one of the Stuart Abelman listings.

See the listing here.

He is an amazing artist. For those of you who have More Money Making Madness (the 2nd in my 100 Best Series), you can read more about him in story #58.

My mom got a few pieces listed once she flew home and then called me last Thursday with serious stomach pain. She went to her doctor and they immediately admitted her to the hospital for emergency surgery for an intestinal blockage.

The morning after the surgery, I called her and she was sitting up in bed, requesting her computer and completed I Sell sheets from her home be brought to her because she was going to list from her hospital bed as she wanted to be, “Just like Lynn Dralle.” Really mom?

She is a trooper and an awesome mom.  Happy Mother’s Day Mor Mor. Amazing! She came through with flying colors and after five days in the hospital, she is back at home. She called me this morning to tell me that of the expensive clothing items she purchased, three of them already have bids and are up to $444. Wow! Keep in mind that used clothing is easy to find, usually cheap to purchase, and can yield incredible returns.

If you haven’t listened to the “Thrifting With the Boys” teleseminar, you must check it out.

Here are some of my mom’s scores.

See this listing here.

See this listing here.

On a fun note, we were finally able to adopt a boat. Here is a photo of our boat that must be fixed up within 60 days. My dad is now in town and he is going to help us get it in seaworthy shape. Fun project!

However, poor Houston had to row it across the lower lake all by himself and then row it from the top of the upper lake to our dock after playing three hours of baseball. Yikes! He has been hitting, fielding, and pitching really well and the Freshman and JV teams that he plays on are both undefeated in their divisions.

Here is a photo of Houston on the field.

This upcoming weekend our Saturday is going to be crazy. At 7 am we take Houston to the high school so that he can get on a bus to go to La Verne for a JV tournament, then we drop off Indy at 8 am in La Quinta because she was chosen for math field day. Then my dad and I drive to La Verne to watch the JV game. We will leave La Verne at noon to drive back to the desert for Indy’s first piano recital.

Indy is so excited (so are we ) and is such a great piano player. If you remember, she has only been playing piano since January of last year (2011). Pretty incredible. She will be playing a waltz and a Frank Sinatra song this Saturday. Then we will drop Indy off at a Bar Mitzvah and then attend a Cinco de Mayo party at the yacht club. I don’t think there will be any time for garage sales this Saturday. Bummer!

But even with everything going on, my eBay business is stronger than ever. I am cutting corners, saving money where I can, and focusing on my business’ bottom line. We encourage you to do the same. Don’t miss our Mother’s Day sale to help you improve your business. Click here to learn more.

Happy eBaying,


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