Wanted For The Store…& White House Easter Eggs Worth $100s?

Thank you to EVERYONE who participated in the Breast Cancer Ribbons of Life Raffle.  Together we raised $690 from ticket sales!  There were two additional cash donations, so grand total of $890 will be donated to Ribbons of Life….Can’t wait to present them with one of those BIG checks!  Anyone know where you get one of those?

Jane, one of our favorites, won the raffle and she even rode the bike home!  LOVE THIS SO MUCH!

In more store news, we are looking for the following items for consignment:  PLEASE text 760-880-3535 or email me LynnsVentura@gmail.com pictures before bringing your items in.

Should be in very good to excellent condition.  Dark wood furniture is not selling very well so think Lighter, Beachy, Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware etc.

Dining Room Chairs
Dining Tables
Farm Tables
Matching Pairs of Table Lamps
Floor Lamps
Coffee Tables
Night Stands

Thank you!

And in Lynn Dralle news (yes that’s me) I am looking for an office setup for my new house!  So excited to finally have a dedicated office space again.  This is a set that I bought back in 2006 when I lived in Palm Desert.  I soooooooo want to find one just like this in white.  Although, I am fine with painting it in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, so hit me up if you have something similar.

Since I am moving, I would also appreciate any packing boxes and/or packing materials.  Thank you!!!

In addition I am also looking for a kitchen corner nook bench set. Something like this….

And finally, in some super fun eBay news….I bought a bunch of White House Wooden Easter Eggs at a Tattoo Mark Estate Sale in Palm Desert a few weeks ago.  I probably paid $50 to $100 for the lot of 14.  Hard saying, not knowing… since they were in a big box of stuff that I paid $350 to acquire.

The auctions end today in about 3 hours.  Check them out!  Exciting stuff!

Here is a link to see them at auction.  But hurry!  The Auctions end today (Sunday) around 5 pm.

Hope you are having a great weekend!

Pictured…Ktea, Sandy, Indiana, me, Val, Adolio, Peggy and Mor Mor! Come in and see us!

Tues-Sat 11-5
Sun 11-3

Thanks for reading my ezines! I appreciate it….as always!

eBay with Heart & Design with Heart……Lynn

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P.S.  We have only sold 6 tickets so far……  Please helps us sell at least 100 if not 1,000 for this great local charity!

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P.P.P.S  For those of you who don’t live close to Ventura…don’t forget you can shop our store online!