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Happy Thanksgiving! We have had a great year and we have a lot to be thankful for! I hope each of you has a great Thanksgiving holiday!

  • Special Announcement: Download of Griff Interview
  • Feature Article: A Coffee Mug is Worth How Much????
  • The Queen’s Update: LAX Boot Camp Teleseminar
  • Lynn Recommends: Julia Wilkinson’s Free Auction Resources

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November 23, 2006 Volume II, Issue 17

Hello everyone,

I hope you and your family have a fantastic Thanksgiving! It is just me and the kids this year–my mom is up in Washington with my sister and my brother is going to stay in Los Angeles instead of spending hours and hours in traffic. And besides, we all celebrated with an early Thanksgiving last week when my dad was here visiting.

I am excited to just spend the day with Houston and Indy. We may participate in the “Turkey Trot” which is a 5k Run (well walk for us) on Thanksgiving morning. I’ll let you know next week how that goes.

The radio interview with Griff was a blast (as usual), please see the special announcement section for a free link to the download.

While I was preparing for my interview with Griff, I did some research on coffee mugs. While I wasn’t able to talk about it during the interview, I realized it would make a great feature article. So here’s to that stash of mugs you may have in your kitchen! Their value may shock you.

As some of you may have noticed, I have decided to do it. I am jumping in with both feet. I am going to publish this ezine every single week! I have received so many wonderful emails from you thanking me for sharing what I have learned (sometimes the hard way) that I want to help you even more! And besides, I love writing it and this gives me an excuse to break from the monotony of eBay listing (Did I say that out loud?).

Finally, don’t forget to check out more information on the LAX Bootcamp Teleseminar. The special early bird pricing ends at midnight tonight–Turkey Day!

Happy eBaying!

Lynn Dralle,” The Queen of Auctions,” Creator of the best-selling six-week “How to Sell on eBay” eCourse.

The eBay Radio Interview with Griff (Dean of eBay Education) lasted about 10 minutes and as always, he is the best host! He told me that I don’t look like the dowdy real Queen at all and that I should also be known as Princess of the People. What a great guy! We discussed my workflow, how I keep track of over 4,000 items and how we make it all manageable.

Here is a link to the free download. Here is the link to eBay Radio.


“A Coffee Mug is Worth How Much????”

by Lynn A. Dralle, “The Queen of Auctions”

As I was prepping for the Griff Interview, I started making a list of unusual things that I had sold recently. We usually talk about some of the crazier items and I remembered a Starbucks travel coffee mug that I had sold for over $20 this summer. Who knew? I had originally learned of the non-vintage coffee mug potential during my first eBay Boot Camp that was held in Palm Springs this past summer–Thanks CJ

Starbucks Bas Relief World Map Travel Coffee Mug that sold for a little over $20!

And, in More 100 Best Things I’ve Sold on eBay Money Making Madness, I discuss a coffee mug that originally came from my grandmother’s kitchen cabinet. Now, I knew this coffee mug had potential because it was vintage and jadite. Here is that excerpt from the book with story #49. The text of the story is in a larger type below the image.

The Story

I have never had a cup of coffee in my life. OK, I take that back. I had one cup of coffee in Paris in 1985, and it was laced with brandy. It was snowing, I was freezing, and my friends Juliette and Vicki said it would warm me up. It did warm me up, but I still can’t stand the taste of coffee. Instead, I drink about six Diet Cokes every day to get my dose of caffeine.

It’s funny, but I didn’t realize where I learned NOT to drink coffee until I was writing this story. This jadite green coffee mug was in my grandmother’s kitchen cupboard for years and years. It finally dawned on me that my grandmother NEVER drank coffee. No wonder I had no desire to try it or like it. I was following the lead of my favorite role model.

Anyway, I inherited it in one of my boxes. I thought one coffee mug was never going to sell for very much but decided to do some research anyway. I knew it was jadite by Fire King. Fire King was a group of ovenproof lines launched by Anchor Hocking in the early 1940s. Jadite was named for its green color which resembled jade; it became a signature item of the Fire King line. When I got on eBay, I found that these are super collectible. Three of the jadite coffee mugs together had recently sold for $100! Each mug’s handle curve is named for different letters of the alphabet–there are “c” and “d” curves. I guessed that mine was a “c” handle.

I put it on eBay with all of that information in the title. I started the bidding at $9.99 (my usual) and couldn’t believe it when it got ten bids and sold for $36. It was shipped to Japan and the buyer paid $14 more for airmail shipping. My grandmother would have laughed and laughed over this one. She would have gotten such a kick out of it!

Another thing that she would have gotten a big kick out of was that she and I were appearing in an article in the Antique Trader that very same week. I had interviewed Sharon Korbeck, the editor of the Antique Trader, for my McGraw Hill book, and she thought that my grandmother and I would make a great story. It was written in the spring of 2004 and published at the end of July.

The Antique Trader was my grandmother’s favorite magazine; she read it faithfully cover to cover every week. She would have been thrilled to pieces to be featured in this publication. I now include this wonderful article in each box that I ship out to my eBay buyers. I have heard such nice comments from my customers. Things like, “The article adds such a personal touch,” and “I feel like I know you and your grandma!” I’ll bet they don’t know that neither of us ever drank coffee!

If you liked that story, you will love the rest of Money Making Madness, the second book in my 100 Best Things series. Click here to order in time for Christmas–It makes a great gift and we offer a discount when you buy in quantity!

Another type of coffee mug that I have had success with is anything Disney. Check out this Large Cheshire Cat Coffee Mug that I bought for $1.50 at my favorite thrift store this past October. Check out the final results here.

When you are shopping your thrift stores and garage sales, do not overlook the coffee mug sections. I think there are a lot of sleepers to be found in this arena. (By the way, a sleeper is what my grandmother used to call a bargain–just waiting to be found!)

I have always told you to be wary of cups and saucers (they just don’t sell as well anymore) and the trend is just what this article is about–coffee mugs are the collectible item replacing the teacup and saucer collectibles of yesteryear.

As I was doing my research (last two weeks completed auctions on eBay), here are some more types to be watching for…

  • A Bazooka Bubble Gum Fire King mug sold for $129.05!
  • A Snoopy Red Baron Fire King mug sold for $99.00!
  • A Burger King Fire King mug sold for $91.00!
  • A Google Coffee mug featuring Dilbert for $41.72!

Bottom line: Try anything in a unique or fun coffee mug. They are usually cheap–25 cents to $1.00–and I don’t think you can miss! And remember, even if it doesn’t sell at auction, move it into your eBay store at $9.99 and I bet it will eventually sell!

Speaking of eBay stores, watch for my new special report–“15 things you must know and DO to run a successful eBay Store” to be released on December 1st. For more information and to pre-order it at a special discounted price click here.


See Lynn’s past ezines here.

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My three-day eBay Boot Camp at LAX on November 3rd, 4th, and 5th was a huge success. We all had a blast and learned a ton! Our teleseminar last Thursday night was a lot of fun and very informative.

Here is a note from one of my students…

Hi Lynn,

I just wanted to extend a huge THANK YOU to you, Lee, and your mom for such an inspirational eBay Boot Camp. I have attended other seminars but never have I had such a hands-on experience where I left with a sense of accomplishment and the UTMOST confidence that I will succeed. Your method of teaching is so effective, the way you taught us to step by step EXACTLY what to do and then actually had us DO what you taught us – as you mentored us through the entire process!!! It was just amazing!! I learned so much!!! Your class is invaluable! You were right…you don’t charge enough!!….


Great teleseminar the other night! Everyone had such great stories! Very exciting.

-Cathi Lender, Florida

Another of my studentsKim East from Northern California, sent in this note about the Teleseminar…

Thank you so much for the teleconference the other night. It was so much fun to catch up with everyone from boot camp. I had sooooo much fun in LA. Working with you, Lee and your Mom was such a great experience, I haven’t stopped talking about you. My husband is so jealous that he couldn’t be there!

The teleseminar I did with these awesome graduates took place last week. It was great to hear their success stories, challenges and questions. To order a copy of our conference call (almost two hours of audio) at a special early bird discount (that expires at midnight on Thanksgiving), click here.

eBay Power Seller and third-generation antique dealer, Lynn Dralle, is the creator of the online e-course “How to be up and selling successfully on eBay in less than 6 weeks”.

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My friend, Jim Kamnikar, owner of and PriceMiner-(my favorite research site) has just released a really neat DVD called “An Insiders Guide to Antiques and Collectibles.”

I watched it the other night and it is really interesting and informative. I encourage you to check it out. For more information click here.

The DVD features dealer experts on a variety of Art, Antiques, and Collectibles topics. Host Jim Kamnikar takes you straight to the source to learn what to look for in each specialty discussed. Learn how to use cutting-edge technology to assist in the process, keeping you one step ahead when buying – whether adding to your collection or sourcing to sell.

Featured Dealers and Topics:

  • David Crockett, Artifacts – Tips when buying Paintings
  • Ray Kisber, Ray Kisber Designs – Modernism and Art Deco
  • Alan Grodsky, Adele and Alan Grodsky – Tiffany, Pairpoint and Handel Lamps
  • Michael McClintock, Artful Eye – American paintings featuring New Hope artists
  • Jack McAuliffe, Fancy That Antiques – American Art Pottery and Art Glass
  • Aurora Dugan, Toulouse Antique Gallery – Fine Antiques including Linke furniture, Dresden and Royal Vienna
  • Michael James, The Silver Fund – Georg Jensen Silver

Another of my friends, Julia Wilkinson, author of the super cool book The eBay Price Guide (click here) has also just announced a really neat section on her website.

Here is what she has to say about it…“Need a one-stop-shopping place to find newsletters, blogs, communities, and other resources about auctions, eBay, and selling online, all on one convenient page? Check out the new site, Julia’s Auction Links here.

And I am featured! Too Cool.

Happy Buying & Selling!



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