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Once again, as I write this ezine I am traveling on an airplane. Seems like that happens a lot! We are on our way to Denver for the triple crown baseball tournament. After Denver, we will fly to Washington state for the rest of August.

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July 28th, 2011
Volume VII, Issue 12

I plan to finish writing Volume Two of the Flatware Success eBook while in Denver and Bellingham, Washington. Flatware is still a mainstay of our eBay business and is flying (just as we are flying into Denver) out of2nd HQ! I love it for many reasons but mainly because it is easy to find, easy to sell, and even easier to store and ship!

Just sold these two silverplate serving spoons as I was writing the ezine.

You can see this listing here.

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind. I don’t remember my life ever being this hectic. Maybe it is because I have two teenagers and we just moved into a new house. Thank goodness my mom came down to help us with the move.

Everything is out of the old house (what a relief!) and we will have to wait to get settled until we return from our summer safari–what else can I call it? I did manage to pass a boat driving test this past weekend with the commodore of our yacht club and now I am an official yacht club member! Pretty fun. I took Houston, Indy, and Indy’s best friend Paige out for a spin on one of the boats. We took a picnic dinner of Sushi and Pizza and it was awesome!

Houston is wearing my Grandpa Leaf(Cheryl Leaf’s husband and the love of her life)‘s hat that I found in the move. Isn’t it cool?

Here I am with my friend Hass in a thrift store.

In between moving, visiting friends in Santa Monica, doing my Powerpoint for eBay on Location in Florida (Indy did most of the work–go Indy!), Queen’s Court calls, high school basketball, high school baseball, travel baseball, and piano (Finally something for Indy ), my mom and I managed to hit an estate sale. And what an estate sale it was! Seriously, I think it is the best estate sale I have EVER been to in the desert.

It was run by a team out of Los Angeles. My mom and I couldn’t even find parking. There were so many cars lining the street that we could barely drive down it. But we made our way inside. I immediately found a table full of Villeroy & Boch dinnerware. I asked, “How much for all of it?” The estate sales professional said, “$225, no questions, no comments and take it or leave it.” to be honest with you, I liked his style. I said, “I’ll take it!”

We have already sold over $285 worth and that was just for three pieces. I think my mom and I hauled out over 60 pieces! YAY. Score!

See this listing here.

This is a lasagna baker that sold for a lot of money at auction!

My mom and I had barely gotten it loaded into the car when we had to jump on the freeway for a baseball tournament in Rialto. We (It cracks me up when I say “we” since it is really Houston and his teammates) ended up winning both games and were ahead 11 to 0 in the last inning of the second game. They put Houston in to pitch the last inning of the last game to get him warmed up for the Sunday championship.

One of the opposing team members got a huge hit off of Houston, but our amazing outfielder (I think it was Bradley) was able to throw it into first for the out. Houston just loves playing ball and he had a huge smile on his face. The other team’s head coach was so rude he actually said to Houston, “What are you smiling for? That kid just roped one off of you.” Houston looks at this 55+year-old man and said “Coach, that’s not nice.” Good for Houston!

Then the coach had the audacity to reply back to a 15-year-old…”Hey Rabbit, put your ears back in your hat and mind your own business.” Our coaches went crazy and so did the umpire. Somehow Houston kept his composure and finished the game. I was very proud of him. I guess now we can call him the “Goose” and “Rabbit” ;). Not really.
We love his nickname “the Goose” and when we were in Bellingham with my sister in July we realized that she gave him that nickname and he gave her her nickname. My sister was Houston’s nanny while I ran my grandmother’s antique store until he was three. She would call him Housie Goosie and the Goose nickname just stuck. Houston couldn’t say Auntie Kristin and started calling her Kiki. Now we call him Goose and her Kiki. I love both of those nicknames.

Kiki and The Goose.

But back to that baseball tournament. The bigger test for Houston was going to be the next day (Sunday) when we met that same team (and that same rude coach) in the championship. It was Houston’s game to pitch and hopefully win because Karma can be wonderful. Even under the pressure of showing how well he can pitch in front of the Bully Coach, Houston pitched fantastically well and we were winning 2 to 0.

There were two errors made by infielders in the top of the 7th, and the bully coach’s team went up 3 to 2. Houston got pulled and DBeck got to finish pitching the game. We headed into the bottom of the 7th down by one run. Karma was on our side and we scored two runs to clinch the championship! What a roller coaster ride. Karma and the Rabbit (oops I mean the Goose) win again.

Before that Sunday championship game, my mom and I managed to squeeze in another trip back to that amazing estate sale. I bought quite a bit including a collection of perfume bottles, a chess set, and a paperweight. I don’t know why this paperweight called to me but it just did. Everything was half price that day and this piece had originally been priced at $25, so it was $12. I picked it up and there was a lot of damage. Dings, bruises and a chip. The estate sale leader said, “Another dealer was looking at that but passed on it because of the damage.” For some reason I bought it, and boy am I glad that I did! (Check out my feature article for my top five tips for following your gut instincts when out shopping.)

See this listing here.

Mo calls this one a serious Bingo!

A special announcement…We will be hosting two more garage/yard sales for my sister on King St. in Bellingham on August 6th and 20th. Please mark the dates if you will be in the area and come check it out and say Hello.

Speaking of Announcements, as we (the girls and I) have analyzed the space at headquarters to figure out seating capacity for Live Boot Camp, we have realized that 12 is our MAX number. It is going to have to be a very small group of select students. Congrats to the eight of you that have already reserved your spot! Can’t wait to see you!

And FYI, this year’s Live Boot Camp at HQ is going to be more important than ever before. The many eBay changes and how to deal with them will be our focus. You can reserve your seat now (remember, only FIVE FOUR spots left). Read more about it in the Special Announcement section. The detailed information page can be found here.

A very important topic that we will be covering at Live Boot Camp and on last month’s QC call, was the multiple auction listing regulations that are being enforced. I had several auctions shut down a few weeks ago because my sell-through was not 30% on multiple auction listings. This has changed our strategy for listing. Mo and I have been having fun with it and believe that it will be saving us eBay fees in the long run.

The Queen’s Court has become an even higher priority for me and we have some great news in our Lynn Recommends section. Don’t miss reading this section!

Happy eBaying!

Lynn Dralle, ‘The Queen of Auctions,’
Creator of the best-selling eBay Boot Camp in a Box.

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My Five Top Tips for Following Your Instincts When Sourcing
by Lynn Dralle, The Queen of Auctions

I have had some incredible sourcing successes lately and I wanted to share my five top tips for following your instincts when out in the field.

  1. A flashback to a Childhood memory

When I pick up something at an estate sale or garage sale and it reminds me of my childhood and it is cheap. I buy it!

My grandmother taught me that we are all trying to rebuy our childhoods. We all want to relive those idyllic days, don’t we? Today as I sit in the dugout (because it is pouring rain during the Colorado tournament) writing this, I am amazed at how much fun the boys are having. I am also amazed that the coaches are letting us sit here. This will probably never happen again!

But back to the boys, someday, these boys will want to rebuy these golden days. Now that we are in the 2010s, the baby boomers have money and are trying to rebuy their childhoods. So think about those toys that were popular 20, 30, and 40 years ago.

Here is an example of an item I bought for 50 cents a while ago that totally reminded me of my childhood. It’s a Wham-O Magic Window. It sold for a lot of money! Over 100 times what I paid for it. You can read about it in story number 59 in The 3rd 100 Best, Ka-Ching!

  1. You recall that people collect these items

My friends Lori and Lou (Indy’s best friend Paige’s parents) collect a lot of things! Their house is decorated amazingly well with antiques and collectibles. When you are in their house you don’t feel like it is overrun with their collections. It is very tastefully done. My grandmother always taught me that if you were going to collect and invest in antiques, you should enjoy your collections and display them.

So, as I was turning that pink and white paperweight over at the estate sale to check it out more closely, my mind went to the collection of paperweights that Lou and Lori display on an antique organ in one of their hallways.

And I also remembered that my Grandmother loved loved loved paperweights and also collected them. FYI paperweights were made to hold down the paper items on your desk to keep them from flying away in the breeze. It is amazing to me that over the years this utilitarian item has become a work of art–but only in certain cases–like mine!

Also, pink was my grandmother’s favorite color. How could I pass up a rare pink and white paperweight? Funny thing was, I didn’t realize it was rare until much later. Once again, I was following my gut instinct.

Most millefiore (it means thousands of flowers) paperweights are colorful–often in primary colors. It didn’t dawn on me until the emails started coming in that there was something very rare about a pink and white paperweight.

Here is another photo of the paperweight. My original title was Vintage Paperweight Venetian Millefiore Italy RARE Art Glass. As you can tell, I really knew nothing about it. It didn’t even turn out to be Italian!

Here is the first question I received about an hour after listing the paperweight.

“Will you please end this listing and accept my offer of $150?”

I replied that “No, I can’t end this auction early as I have had too much interest and don’t want to upset my customers. Thanks. Lynn”

Then this email came in the next morning from a different eBayer. (There are some real nice people on eBay, aren’t there?)

“I just want to let you know that this is a rare paperweight and people are going to ask you to shut down the auction early and accept offers. I recommend that you don’t do this.”

I asked that eBayer why it might be rare and here is their response.

Dear thequeenofauctions,

I think it may have been made by the Gillinder Glass Company in Pennsylvania around the 1860s or 1870s.

Wow! With that info, I was able to change both my title and description since there were no bids. If you can believe it, I started this auction at only $24.99!

New title and description:

OLD Glass Millefiori Paperweight RARE Pink Gillinder

Vintage Art Glass Millefiori Paperweight. This piece has some damage as can be seen in the photos and described below. We have been told that this is most likely an American Art Glass Paperweight by Gillinder Pennsyvlania and done in the 1860’s to 1870’s. 2 1/2″ by 2 5/8″ tall.  6 BRUISES and nicks to the inside of glass. Could be popped bubbles on the inside.  CHIP on base.  Pink and white with clear glass.    Neat piece.  Shelf WS.

With my gut instinct to always buy what people collect, all that great info from eBayers, and my ability to change the listing, my $12 investment turned into over $400 with just 6 bids. Amazing!

  1. Less than $50–but use your own judgment and have your own floor limit

OK folks, yes I have upped my floor limit. I don’t do $5 anymore, I don’t even do $10 nor $20. I will spend up to $50 on a whim WITHOUT research. You will have to decide on your own your limit of how much you will spend, but for me, I have raised mine to $50.

Here is an item that I invested $25.00 in to buy quite a few months ago. They were new-in-box Harley Davidson boots. Why not? I had to hold them for a while in my eBay store but they just sold this week for a nice return.

You can see this listing here.

  1. Unique

When I see something that is so unusual that I have never seen anything like it before and the price is right, I will buy it quickly.

Unique, unusual, or strange is always worth buying and usually sells well on eBay. I saw a set of three plush stuffed animal trophy heads at a garage sale this past December. They wanted $15 for the three. I thought that was a lot for them but I had never seen anything like these before. If you don’t think used plush sells on eBay you should really check out my teleseminars with Debbie Ybarra. Actually, I need to invite her back for an update.

Instant download Volume I, $19.95
Order here.

Instant download Volume II, $19.95
Order here.

In any event, used plush sells incredibly well and I just sold two of these trophy heads for $30 each (I paid $5 each) and this one sold a few days ago at a different price point. Seriously amazing!

See this listing here.

  1. Batch Buying

Let’s go back to that amazing estate sale where I got the paperweight on a Sunday. On that same Sunday, I saw a set of 21 perfumes that had been marked $295.00. The man running the sale said that I could have them for $75.00.

Well, I love buying in bulk, I also know that perfumes are highly collectible and at an average of less than $4 per piece, this was a no-brainer.

Here is the perfume collection that I got for $75.

Here is one of those 21 perfumes that sold already. With getting ready to go out of town and finish my move, I only listed one out of the entire set. Oh well, it sold for over $50. Almost paid for my entire purchase. Yay!

See the listing here.

And while sitting in the dugout during the rain in Denver, I got a couple more perfumes listed while writing the newsletter.

See this listing here.

I had to share this really wonderful view from the dugout. I will probably never be allowed to do this again. That is Houston #22 leaning against the fence and I love the rainbow behind them to the right.

Love the rainbow behind the boys!

Remember, if you follow my five top tips for following your instincts when outsourcing, you will be successful selling on eBay. And also remember, my grandmother taught me you make your money in the buying. If you buy right, you can hold your item and wait for the right final purchase price. Don’t be afraid to hold onto a wonderful item and get the highest price you can!

She also taught me that you can ALWAYS lower your price, but it is very difficult to raise it. I hope you find lots of rainbows after the rain and lots of great items to sell on eBay. I can’t wait to hit the four thrift stores I saw while driving around today. Wish me luck!

Happy eBaying!


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